The Top 10 People Who Went Too Far In 2012


If 2012 will be remembered for anything, it will be remembered as the year when everyone tested the limits. The limits of what, exactly? No one knows, and no one cares. And yet, everyone cares. If you didn’t do something controversial in 2012, did you even exist?

In 2012, everyone crossed the line. Even if you didn’t, all you really would have had to do was literally walk over a line drawn in chalk on the sidewalk and that would have earned you a blog post on The Sword. In 2012, everyone took things to another level. Everyone pushed their own personal boundaries. And everyone finally went too far. But who went the furthest?

Here are the Top 10 People Who Went Too Far In 2012.

10. Will Wikle Finally Goes Full Frontal and Shows Partial Peen: He Went Too Far

9. Next Door Studios’ BAMBI Lashes Out at Model: He/She Went Too Far


8. Hot House’s “Anal Milking” Video: Did Hot House Go Too Far?

7. Sean Cody’s Sheldon Shoots Insane Cum Geyser Up To The Ceiling: He Shot Too Far

6. Bel Ami Model Gets Fucked With A Bull Horn: Bel Ami Went Too Far

5. Cody Cummings Uses His KNEE To Massage Donny Wright’s Butt Cheek: Did Cody Cummings Go Too Far?
4. Treasure Island Media Gives Away Chocolate To Promote African-American Bareback Porn Bruthaload: Treasure Island Went Way Too Far

3. NakedSword Scene Depicts Hookers Using Illegal Drugs: Did NakedSword Go Too Far?
2. Sean Paul Lockhart Abandons Mainstream Acting Career In Favor Of New Life As Transexual Drag Queen “Mena”: Did She/He Go Too Far?


The #1 person who finally went wayyyyyyyyy too far in 2012 is…

1. Chi Chi LaRue Released Criminal Cocks, Fucked By Our Dads, Twincest Porn, & Old Bareback Interracial Porn: In 2012, Chi Chi LaRue Finally Went Too Far



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12 Responses to “The Top 10 People Who Went Too Far In 2012”

  1. hhj says:

    wow gr8 site, love your attention grabbing threads/posts :-)

    • Belize says:

      You should also be impressed at how well he tries to fashion his blog into the Hipster Runoff of gay porn. XD Peen? Seriously?! So 1999 if not for HRO’s recent post on Ke$ha.

      • Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

        methinks someone may be nuzzling HRO’s taint and silently snapping on bitches’ shoes as a Dollar Tree holiday greeter

  2. Wonderer says:

    I thought Jake Genesis said it was Dick Cleavage?

  3. Ilyman says:

    Will Winkle did not go far enough!

  4. Freder says:

    To me, all gay performers and studios moving into bareback is also “going too far”. I cannot dream about them anymore. Barebacking is the stupidest and most criminal behaviour. Too far… !

    • Never too far says:

      Well, many of us are extremely glad that you’re not in charge of or producing gay porn. Have you looked into this topic at all or are you just voicing your stupid opinion on a topic that you know nothing about? Most production companies have rigorous testing procedures in place to prevent anyone being infected by a co-star. And, they only pair up those who share the same HIV status.

    • LadyBoyBunny says:

      Get off your fucking soap box. To each their own. If someone wants to watch BB porn then so be it.

  5. Willy says:

    Hot…Chi Chi LaRue…#1

  6. Liberace says:

    I think you’ve finally gone too far with these best/top of 2012 posts

  7. robirob says:

    Interesting that Zach didn’t nominate himself and his ‘Miiiiiiiiiiiick, Miiiiiiiiiiiick! IloveYou! Where Are You? Miiiiiiiiick!’. Talking about going so far that you reached the edge of our universe.

    But the Sword Blog would be nothing without the ‘going too far antics’ of Zach and people in gay / gay4pay porn. You can get porn pretty much everywhere, but it’s only the Sword Blog where you can get porn drama in highly concentrated form.

  8. Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

    My favorite ‘Criminal Cock” was usually filmed as ‘Criminal Ass’ The pathologically evil Tim Barnett. Anyone remember that vgl big butt blond? Too bad he hung himself in prison. That population would have torn his hole up. What kinda self-hater is a serial rapist in suburban Boulder, CO apartment complexes? His ass was huge & rocking though! I must stroke one to him on a tube site!!

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