Hot House Out-Milks Treasure Island Media With Bizarre And Shocking “Anal Milking” Video


If you were offended by Colby Keller’s recent trip to the dairy for Treasure Island Media, you will definitely throw up, throw your computer out the window, and then possibly throw yourself out the window after watching this “anal milking” fisting video from Hot House. Warning: NSFW video of gallon of milk shooting out of an asshole below.

Has Hot House finally gone too far?
Does this make Treasure Island Media look like a softcore porn producer?
Is gay porn star Jed Athens a modern day milkmaid?
How did gay porn star Tanner Wayne fit this much milk up inside of his asshole?
Is Tanner Wayne secretly a cow?

Click here, if you dare, to watch Jed Athens fist and milk Tanner Wayne in Punch In, Punch Out.

[Hot House: Jed Athens Fists & Milks Tanner Wayne]



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29 Responses to “Hot House Out-Milks Treasure Island Media With Bizarre And Shocking “Anal Milking” Video”

  1. HI-sterical ...... says:

    Jed Athens reaction in that gif ?? SOOOOOOOOOOO fucking funny. No, I don’t want to watch the scene …..

  2. LadyBoyBunny says:

    Copycats. Treasure island did the same thing ages ago.

  3. Name says:

    Is that where ~homogenized milk comes from

  4. ggreen says:

    Steven Scarborough excels at turning anything/everything sexual into something resembling a rejected act from Cirque du Soleil. Aside from the (unintentional?) acting and awkward posing this has little to recommend it even as a camp spectacle. The supposed fisting top’s technique resembles an Armenian woman digging for potatoes. Similar passion and yet none of the expertise.

  5. Rob. says:

    I am wondering how much they have to pay these guys,attractive guys no less, to do this kind of bizzare crap in front of a camera. Yes, I am being judgemental, and no, I don’t care .=)

    • Eddie says:

      This is a capital question in porn: ” How much money worth this filth? ” I was watching the scene and thinking about it too. Some say they do porn because they want to fulfill a fantasy or they like sex so much or they are to exibitionists but the whorish question remains…” How much for this filth? “

  6. Dutch Courage says:

    I would rather watch Vermeer’s The Milkmaid …..

  7. half porco says:

    I already saw this on a mexican porn site a long time ago and I think it’s pretty sweet.

    Love the facial expressions and the fact that the bottom looks very bossy in the preview!

    It’s certainly better than those bareback vids where people trade their HIV strains and where the cum comes out brown.

    Loved the question ” Is he secretly a cow?” :)

  8. opi says:

    Jack McBrayer ala Kenneth The Page does fisting porn, with milk!

  9. Raelk says:

    This is so nasty and disturbing…. ugh…

  10. sxg says:

    LadyBoyBunny is right it was done on Treasure Island Media in Bone Deep about 3 years ago. Although the scene had no fisting in it, the hot muscle bottom squirted the milk all over a guy’s face, into a glass where the guy drank out of it, and the guy also drank out of it from the tap. He also gets fucked all while the milk is gushing out of him. Call me weird, but I found the scene to be hot.

    Dark Alley also did a movie called Crude, where they used what is believed to be motor oil as lube for fucking and fisting. In the first scene Owen Hawk is filled with so much motor oil he makes it squirt long distance out of his ass.

    • LadyBoyBunny says:

      Both are hot. HH is just reusing old ideas. It was nice to see the guys in TIM drink the milk and act like they were really into it.

  11. the looker says:

    that is a great scene,i hope they do more

  12. jay says:

    That was gross but i had to watch it…is there really any pleasure in that?

  13. FFFAN#1 says:

    That’s fucking hot, I can’t wait to watch the scene!!!! Christian has been putting out some great movies for Hot House!!
    Here’s to many more……

  14. Eddie M. says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority (and frankly I don’t care) but that was G.R.O.S.S. and your description of the scene was pure comic genius! Although, that guys’ ass was about as sticky as what I would guess Spiderman’s ass would be if he had diarrhea.…

    • sxg says:

      Although I think this is kind of hot, I can easily tell you that you are not in the minority. The majority of people will not be attracted or aroused to this at all. It is, after all, a Club Inferno production. So it already has the stigma of being a fetish video, and fetishes always have a more exclusive audience.

  15. Barbara Walters says:

    Next up, Jake Genesis has sex covered in bees while Marcus Mojo collects honey in HH’s “the Queen Bee is a keeper”

  16. CtopherDaniels says:

    I agree… they should have used Eggnog and made this more of a festive fisting scene. Doesn’t everyone use J-lube and eggnog to fist in December? Also, Jed’s facials are priceless.

  17. Steve Cruz did this in a photo shoot for a hefty Joe Oppedisano coffee table book about five hundred years ago.

    It was hotter with Steve doing it – and it was pretty not “shocking.”

  18. Absurdist says:

    I hope a bitch ain’t lactose intolerant.

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