Surprise! Colby Keller Makes Treasure Island Media Debut


Colby Keller is an artist, a sex advice vlogger, a safe sex advocate, and the go-to intellectual gay porn star for gay hipsters who want to feel like the porn they are jerking off to has “meaning.” Now, Colby Keller is reaching a new audience by working for a controversial bareback studio that recently released a movie called Fucktards.

Yes, the studio that brought you Fucktards and Slammed is now flaunting the fact that Colby Keller is in their new movie, Milk It. And you better believe that Treasure Island Media is milking it for all it is worth:

Produced by T.I.M. founder and owner Paul Morris, MILK IT encompasses the art of milking in every form imaginable and documents some of the hottest milking scenes captured on video as five brave men submit themselves to hours of relentless edging, bondage, forced milkings, apple polishing, cum control, and cum denial.

“MILK IT is unlike any video I’ve made before,” declared director Sohl. “Watching these men giving up their cocks, their balls, and their control over their own orgasms to another man is one of the most sexually erotic things I’ve ever seen!”

Presented in a full-length, long distance edging marathon version (running over 2 hours long) as well as an alternate “quick milking” version, MILK IT features T.I.M. exclusive DJ, along with Antonio Biaggi, Morgan Black, Tony Bishop, Jack Handler, Randy Harden, Sean Parker, and Steven Shields, and marks the Treasure Island Media debut of porn fan favorite Colby Keller.

Is getting milked a gateway sex act that will lead to Colby Keller making bareback porn for Treasure Island?
Are you upset that the gay porn community’s most mainstream gay porn star is working with a bareback studio?
Are you crying over spilled milk?
What other mainstream gay porn stars should cross over to milking porn?
Have you ever milked your sex partner?
Have you ever milked a cow?

[Treasure Island Media]


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50 Responses to “Surprise! Colby Keller Makes Treasure Island Media Debut”

  1. half porco says:

    Well as long as there is no fucking I guess it’s fine.

    Remember Coldy was the one with the WILL FUCK FOR FOOD cardboard.

    I understand him taking this job.

  2. Mark Taint says:

    If he starts barebacking, then I’m out; I’ll quit. I swear to God.

  3. Tough Call ..... says:

    Since he’s not barebacking, I guess I can give Colby a pass on this one. Whether he should be working with a company that primarily promotes barebacking (even though he, himself, is not doing it) …. that’s the tough call.

    To be honest, I don’t find the concepts of edging and cum denial very appealing, so I wouldn’t seek out this movie anyway.

  4. T-Bird says:

    Before anyone throws a tantrum this just looks like an edging/jack off movie and not the full bb stuff we are used to from TIM. Now as hot as Colby is if he does partake in a bb film like Biaggi and Ethan Wolfe or former Michael Lucas mainstay Logan Stevens then that would be something!

    • Dutch Courage says:

      Being a farmer’s son I can tell you that I have milked cows (the animal on four legs with an udder, not the bitch on two legs with boobs!) I can tell you that the technique for milking a dick is totally different then that for milking an udder. And Zach, did you notice Colby’s beard? Just fashion or …?

      • Huh ??? says:

        Sorry, not understanding the beard reference. For most of his career, Colby has switched back and forth with the beard, hasn’t he ?? I’m used to seeing him with one.

  5. robirob says:

    I seem to recall he had a similiar gig at some fetish site that specializes in edging jerking guys off very very slowly.

    Diego Sans from Randy Blue appeared in one of the Suck Dick Save the World porn movies of TIM getting his dick sucked. Nothing more.

    So far I do not see much of a scandal here.

  6. TrueWords says:

    Why waste your money seeing 214 minutes…when the clip shows it ALL

  7. EdWoody says:

    Any cooperation or copromotion with these monsters is tacit approval, regardless of what he does or does not do in the video.

    Dead to me.

    • TrueWords says:

      Honey he is in the PORN business…sooner or later he was going to cross that invisible line that each person has in their head…relax, grease up and spurt some juice!!

    • LadyBoyBunny says:

      Can you afford to pay his bills? No? So shut the fuck up and get off your high horse. Girls gotta make a living somehow. He got jerked off on camera by a company that does BB. Who cares!

  8. V.O Reason says:

    Who picked that music???????

  9. Nick says:

    No cares..his actions do NOT impact my life, as it seems it does most on here..LoL

    • TrueWords says:

      Agreed it is PORN and while I can get off to many genres the less I know about these “stars” the better…they seem to have many reasons for doing what they do and while I could never do it…I am glad the “pretty” people are willing to do it

  10. Gnormie says:

    working for that studio has….unfortunate implications.

    • TrueWords says:

      Working for any studio has unfortunate implications…but alas I know how much people “hate” T.I.M. and YET they have some the HIGHEST selling DVDs out there on the market…so they are doing something right and the outrage that people say they have must not be that GREAT!!!

  11. William says:

    I’m a 54 happily retired at 45 artist living my dream, not so much into the porn anymore but I read Colby’s blog every day. He is a fellow artist I think his perspective is amazing, he has a sence of humor that makes me smile, check out his blog its fun and giving.

  12. peter says:

    i love colby too read his blog too…but this kind of makes me sad..

  13. aslogan says:

    So what’s the difference between “milking” and regular old handjobs?

  14. Winterhell says:

    I’ve always wondered. If “Colby” is an artist, where is his work? What kind of art does he do? Is he really good as an artist (this I cannot judge as I do not know much about art, but his peers do)? And if he has to pay his bills, I would not be surprised if he did do bareback.

  15. teeMDV says:

    Frankly I don’t give a shit what he does, but if one actively campaigns for safe sex, then stars in, promotes and brings in new viewers and revenue to a company that promotes that which you decry, I have to call hypocritical bullshit. If you stand for something, stand for it, otherwise, stand down.

    Having said that, anyone who has interacted with him in his private life knows his “real” views on bb. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. #justsayin

    • Winterhell says:

      You got me curious now. What are his “real” views on bb?

      • Catsand says:

        “real” meaning he barebacks… often… off cam.
        Much like Dustin Lance Black…the safe sex advocate who took photos of himself barebacking.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah, that’s what I mostly feel, too. However, it also says something when the producers of the nastiest gay porn you can buy then go and put so much effort into producing stuff with safer sex that completely omits anal.

    • TrueWords says:

      well first off that is why it is one’s PRIVATE LIFE…many huge porn actors such as Aiden Shaw, Tom Chase, Erik Rhodes, Brent Corrigan (now he does movies with condoms), Roman Heart and COUNTLESS others wrapped it up on set because well that was what they were paid to do however if within your “private life” you and another person decide to have BAREBACK sex…that is between you and them….their decision makes them their money to present themselves in the correct manner as so follow the code that is required on the set…that is a simple truth!!

  16. friend-of-colby says:

    “If he starts barebacking, then I’m out; I’ll quit. I swear to God.

    me too

  17. DK says:

    Marcus Iron did some oral scenes for Treasure Island’s online site at some point as well, which translated into scenes on some oral DVDs of theirs. If they have any bareback anal with him, they haven’t released it.
    Michael Brandon showed up in a Treasure Island film receiving oral. I never saw him in anything of theirs after that.

    So previous actors have gone in and done “lower-risk” work with them without doing anything further.

  18. Olly says:

    I really hope this is the extent of Colby’s involvement with that studio. It’d be a shame if he jumped on the bareback wagon.

    • TrueWords says:

      It seems that FAR too many gay men want their BAREBACK sex to come from a studio that presents itself in a nice, clean well lit manner such as SeanCody, CorbinFisher, Bel-Ami and other sites …while Treasure Island Media is the EVIL BAREBACK PORN STUDIO….

  19. Nat says:

    Wow… next to hot makeout sessions, this is the next best thing to watch men do. Damn you TIM for being so hot with this one!

  20. seaguy says:

    This is still a free country people. He is free to work with whatever studios he wants and if he chooses to bareback that is his decision, you can then choose not to buy or view it. That’s how it works. He does not make his decisions based on some condom queens threatening to not like him anymore in case you were not aware.

  21. Nick says:

    The irony is..when these guys escort and 99% of them do..bareback is always in the mix..:-)

  22. Say What? says:

    My love and respect for Colby are done. Whether barebacking or not, anoyone who would associate himself with the scumbag company that is Treasure Island Media is himself a scumbag in my book.

  23. Eddie says:

    I notice in the comments above a certain feeling of disappointment or pity with the news. Something like: ” Oh, no! Not him! How could a so enlightened person, knowing the risks, do a bareback scene? ( we suppose the guy didn’t bareback till now ). I think it’s that way because he gained our sympathy with his blog. A person that we don’t know, he doesn’t participate in our lives…
    If it has the power to touch us what could we say about the loving parents, the relatives who cares, the real friends of a porn star that were uninformed and became informed about the ‘ flesh business ‘? I only can imagine that it’s many, many times more disturbing and painfull. Like a big stone hitting the head. Too much drama? Well, judging by the comments… I only can make assumptions. I don’t have a relative in the porn business.

  24. DD says:

    I love bareback porn. I don’t practice bb sex in my own life but if a performer is going to do it on screen, they have to be aware of any risks. So if they like it, I love it!

  25. lame says:


  26. PhilK says:

    Does milking a goat count?

  27. kevin says:

    Never gotten all the TIM hate: these guys know what they’re getting themselves into. Personally I’d rather jerk off or do anything else than fuck with a condom. what’s the point?

    Colby doing bb: Personally I don’t have a problem with it. His choice. Since porn is about fantasy, I don’t think it promotes unsafe sex anymore than ‘Twilight’ promotes vampirism.

    Colby working for TIM: he’s not taking loads in the butt, for christ’s sake! He’s showing a hot, safe way to get off.

    I never cry over spilled milk, but i hate wasting cum.

    would love to see SC’s Curtis and CF’s Dawson get edged and have their balls tortured mercilessly “oh, please let me cum!” DJ should snatch Brian, another queer marine, from AD.

    love getting teased and milked, and love torturing dudes like that, too.

  28. Forgotten "Friend" says:

    I was friends with this asshole when he was in Houston and broke. I gave him a job at Metro Video News as a camera operator when he had NO experience. He is a self-absorbed ass who will one day be wrinkled and past his expiration date. Most of his intellectual rhetoric is stolen from his own mothers Masters papers. Don’t let this one fool you…he’s 100 percent transparent faux concoction.

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