Is Treasure Island Media’s New Movie FuckTARDs An Insult To The Mentally Retarded Or Just A Sexy Play On Words?


Treasure Island Media has had a couple of run-ins with controversy before, but has the title of their new release, Fucktards, finally gone too far?

While bareback fans will no doubt find the sex sizzling, has Treasure Island risked alienating its mentally retarded fans by choosing such a provocative title? And what of their new model, John Dahl, who studio head Paul Morris describes as “noble” yet “stupid”? Is he hot, or is he just retarded?

Treasure Island on Fucktards:

FUCKTARDS, Morris’s upcoming fuck flick documenting “the noble stupidity of men at play.” Approach real sex, real risk and danger and you’ll feel your brain start to fog up. Get closer to the fire and your IQ plummets lower, lower, lower until you’re a raving buck-in-rut thinking from your lust-gorged crotch. And I reach out and pull you into the fire: Insania Nobilis.

Urban Dictionary on “fucktard”:

A person of unbelievable, inexcusable and indescribable stupidity. (Stupidity being defined as “knowing how and doing it wrong anyway”). NOT A CONTRACTION FOR “FUCKING RETARD”! Those who are truly “Retarded” are not responsible for their affliction. True Fucktards are 100% responsible for their situation and provide vast entertainment as they are usually blissfully unaware of their own Fucktardery.


New Treasure Island exclusive John Dahl:



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18 Responses to “Is Treasure Island Media’s New Movie FuckTARDs An Insult To The Mentally Retarded Or Just A Sexy Play On Words?”

  1. Neil says:

    John Dahl certainly looks lobotomized. And “The Last Seduction” is one of my favorite films.

  2. Say What? says:

    Offensive or not, It appears they based the title on John Dahl’s face.

  3. Seaguy says:

    That’s so retarded to get offended by the title they are using. People need to lighten up!

  4. half porco says:

    Indeed he doesn’t look too bright .
    Then again it’s a requirement to be in these TIM movies.

  5. V.O Reason says:

    Anyone fooling themselves into thinking that the word “retarted” today means anything OTHER than what most of us know it as are fooling themselves and have no understanding of the social power of linguistics. Just like any slur, it’s not funny, clever, or ironic- it’s an example of how mean spirited people can be, all the while wanting THEIR group or class to be respected. I think Madeline Kahn said something like “Funny doesn’t have to be mean. Mean is just mean.” I see no reason why sex/fun…AND social sensitivity can’t all co-mingle and exist. Mean is just mean. And when people say, “that’s so retarted”…it makes me want to punch their mouth off of their face. Anyone who has ever spent time around someone with mental challenges or learning disabilities knows that these are some of the most loving, authentic people you’ll ever meet. And saying “retearded” or mocking them makes you sub-human in my book. Happy Weekend!

  6. Patriek says:

    “Most gay people are retarded.” –Geoffrey Jellineck

    • Kees van der Staaij says:

      When the light of day goes out, and the night comes out with lamps and
      work or with guns and brass knuckles, it is accompanied by people who
      have lost out on life, mostly women. And, very seldom, very young men;
      for when these young men grow older, they will be worth less to their
      johns than to older women. Who, young or old, are, of course, worth
      nothing to the homosexuals. The whores hustle and the hustlers whore
      through the Prater.

  7. Don Draper says:

    There needs to be an “Offensive and I WILL watch it” option in the poll.

  8. toni says:

    Are Luca Bondi (bareback performer)- the guy who fuck this fucktard in this movie and fabio Stallone (a guy from Hot house Pack attack) the same person? So i guess its no big deal for bareback performers to play in “condom” studios anymore?

  9. SuperGay says:

    If I work in porn and the owner of that porn company call me a { Fucktard } I would tell him to take his porn company and shove the whole thing up his crazy ass-hole for the rest of his sorry life and that mean you ( Paul-Morris )Who has a bad talent for creating all kinds of controversy to sell his bareback porn these days.If he can’t use some real brain cells and learn how to sell his porn without resorting to name calling or try and come up with some other stupid gimmic.Then I don’t see why any gay person with some sense in their heads would to keep buying his porn unless they like his brand of stupid-ness! Some I think Paul-Morris need to get a real life and cut out the foolishness if he is going to run a porn company that want any kind of respect at all end of story.

    • Danny C. says:

      Imagine being that fucktard and actually being an amazingly brilliant person outside of porn. Imagine that fucktard being willing to put up with being called a fucktard and feeling increasingly miserable because he has decided to put up with it. Imagine later being asked to eat your own shit off a tops dick and then taking out your feelings of self loathing out on your boyfriend who is too fucktarded to stop putting up with it because he has known that fucktard when neither of them have been acting like fucktards.

      Your right, that fucktard should tell Paul to shove his porn and his porn company up his ass and never look back. This shit is degrading and I feel pathetic for having allowed myself to have even been mentioned in this video.

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