Johnny Rapid Gets Violated Again (And DP’d For The First Time)


And to be honest, this is Johnny Rapid’s best violation scene yet.

Not only is Johnny Rapid looking even hotter than he did in his previous violation scenes, I can’t find a single flaw in any of the big-dicked violators violating him.*

Leo Forte: Perfect from head to toe and my ultimate violation fantasy.
Rafael Alencar: Great performer (yes, Rafael Alencar has a fake ass, blah blah blah, tell me all about it in the comments).
The other two aggressors whose names I don’t know: Hot.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first time Johnny Rapid has ever been DP’d.

On a scale of 1 to Ass Destruction, this is excellent.

Here’s the sexiest victim of all time getting victimized by Rafael Alencar, Leo Forte, and two other hot violators in a locker room violation fantasy on Click photos to enlarge.


[ Johnny Rapid Gangbang]

* For reasons of affiliate sensitivity, we have removed all references to the R word, even though all of Johnny Rapid’s scenes are obviously R-word fantasies.


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38 Responses to “Johnny Rapid Gets Violated Again (And DP’d For The First Time)”

  1. Bull says:

    I’m so over the rough sex/rape/battered bottom sex. He is cute tho.

    • Stu says:

      He is and always looks adorably innocent, he makes me think of hot chocolate at bedtime not merciless pounding of every orifice.

  2. Max says:

    Can’t do these twinks..No No!

    • Dutch Courage says:

      Why do so many The Sword readers “hate” twinks? I love twinks, twunks and hunks. Muscle Mary’s are vastly overrated.

  3. Estelle says:

    So when does Naughty Laura D. start shooting the Jerry Sandusky parody? Jet Set already opened that door with the the “To Catch a Predator” video. Maybe Jake Cruise could jump studios and do a guest shot!

  4. Nick says:

    @Bull, I so agree with you. Have all the porn companies run out of ideas???? I’m so over the married man, gym, rape, mechanic, warehouse, frat boy hazing , older/younger, daddy, boss/employee, jock fantasies! Could we please have something more simple and realistic!

    • phallus says:

      so what’s left? Give them some ideas here.

      • Nick says:

        When they pay me I will!

      • Archie says:

        I think is actually aiming for more classic fantasyish setups though, as opposed to realism. And imo they do a decent job about making each setup different. But they could still try more to innovate on classic themes, like maybe for jocks.. a pair underneath bleachers, with an appropriately timed sports announcer occasionally making calls and the sounds of crowds cheering, and popcorn falling down around them. Or unexpected twists in the middle of a standard scene, so the audience never really knows what to expect.

        Or even take advantage of the serialized format of individual episodes and turn popular videos into semi continuing series about one particular frat/police precinct/sports team with a sexy hook for what could happen next. Minimal dialogue though.. and none of that would really cost more to create just a bit of planning.

  5. Robert says:

    Rapid is remarkably photogenic

  6. Jai says:

    Thank goodness for youthful resilience. In ten years, and if Rapid doesn’t find another niche, I fear the worst for his hole. It’s all fun and games now, and you’re in demand, until one day you wake up and that anus looks like someone dropped an Arby’s Melt on the face of a toothless Shar Pei.

  7. half half says:

    JOhnny has a cute face but he’s way too skinny , if he gains 30 pounds he will be perfect.

  8. EdWoody says:

    Yup. He definitely “prefers women.” Uh-huh.

  9. robirob says:

    Johnny Rapid, the twink star of (sexual fantasy) rape. Johnny makes rape as a sexual fantasy look hot. Too bad though he doesn’t swallow (yet).

  10. Luke says:

    Love the pictures but a gang bang is not a gang bang without facial cum shots!

  11. danny says:

    Rafael Alencar’s ass is as natural as Ricky Sinz’s Viagra induced erections.

  12. ggreen says:

    Yeah rapists always use condoms. Its like if in the Wizard of Oz Dorothy turns to the camera and says “Just so you know and no one gets the wrong idea, the technicolor sequence you are about to see is only a dream, so don’t get any crazy notions about reality”. ” Now play safe everyone.”

  13. Coke Zero says:

    Yet another straight male fantasy tattooed on the psyche of gay porn by straight directors who don’t understand the sexual vibe between men when we have sex together. We have Rapid playing the role of raped women so common in straight male porn. Gay men are not straight men but straight women don’t understand that.

    • OneOfTheManyChris says:

      That clearly explains it. This scene has nothing to do with the fact that the Rapid/Alencar shower scene is the most-watched scene on

  14. Max says:

    What do you expect from a woman directing gay porn…Oh and btw the shower scene is watch so much because it is free on myvidster LoL

  15. Mr Man says:

    Do people actually do double penetration outside of porn?

    • Leo Forte says:

      YES LOTS!!! OMG.. I did 4 DP’s over Pride weekend (Bad boy I know)– not sorry
      by the way; female directors are kicking ass in the industry, and I love to work for them. They produce some of the stuff you guys love, and you don’t even know about it… you think, this most be a gay director cause he gets it, it was probably a woman. ;) just saying. I will however agree on the idea that the same old tired scenarios. The type of sex I have grows from as mild as a roll in my bed, to the back alley, the dance floor, or a dungeon filled with studs… maybe GAY porn should be made by Gay men who are actually are having Gay sex, with Gay actors. any thoughts?

      • ceem says:

        As GAY as fucking women on

        • Leo Forte says:

          My sexual proclivities are not up for discussion, and if it bothers the masses it’s not my problem… however at least i know you are watching. So thank you for that. CokeZero: you are wrong, i don’t have to tell you i like them. I’m honest every chance I get. They are just fun people to be around. If you knew them you would agree. Is it unfathomable that a woman might be able to do a good job at a gay man’s position? Straight companies buying out gay ones is such a mess, I completely concur with you, but being that I have to work in this new industry, i have to roll with the punches. I agree that Joe Gage, who I have worked with knows the true essence of gay sex and will always make better product because of it; however people like him don’t exist anymore, it’s all about making mass product with little production value… something the Mr. Pam goes against, and just happens t be making the type of stuff I personally love and want to make myself one day. Final note, I want to thank you so very very much for being paying customer, you fuel the flickering flame and keep it going, so you fucking deserve your opinion and I’m all ears for it. :0) Ps. Fag Hag Awards was by far my favorite award show this year. Grabby’s and Gayvn awards are bought and paid for… she gives them out for the stupid shit we end up doing and have fun doing along the way. Every other award show i had to be hammered to live through.

      • Coke Zero says:

        In a world of non-stop twitter feeds it’s no secret, which studios or sites are farming out their gay male product to straight women. (It’s still very rare for them to direct straight product – one supposes straight males still get to define their fantasies) Most of the women like to tell us they “love my gays” or are “honorary faggots”. No need to tell us who directs what though. We can see the straight genre claptrap re-engineered with the gay man playing the role of female porn star.

        Of course you have to tell us how much you love working with them. The same way you are supposed to love showing up for the minstrel show “Fag Hag Awards”. Air kisses. Love ya.

        The proliferation of female directors is a direct result of straight sites buying gay sites. The straight men that bought the gay sites don’t like gay men. They don’t want to interact with them. Of course straight men don’t want to direct gay porn. So they hire straight women so they don’t have to deal with gay male directors calling the shots. Homophobia 101.

        Can I tell if Joe Gage vs. Laura D directed a scene – you bet ya. Can I beat off to both? Sure. But I vote with my cash.

        Why am I entitled to my opinion? I am a rarity these days. I pay for gay porn.

    • Chris says:

      It used to be really a rarity to see it in gay porn; now you see it all the time. In these mendotcom scenes alone, I’ve seen Spencer Fox, Johnny Rapid, and Sebastian Keys get DP’d. Straight guy Parker London’s another who has been…well, a bunch. I’ve been kind of surprised how common it is now. I could never do it (meaning, I never want to), that’s for sure.

  16. jack says:

    Oh Johnny, you are a beautiful young man/boy. I think you should stop doing those gay “rape” scenes and do more traditional, sensual, romantic type scenes. It will make your career last longer. Don’t let the studios abuse you. You are a beautiful young man who will be in much demand and you should be able to call a lot of the shots.

    • jo says:

      he’s a porn star
      I don’t think he gives a fuck about what type of scenes he does. pretty sure all he wants is the money and he probably gets paid more for rape secenes.

  17. CC says:

    Johnny Rapid’s adorable and sexy, but I wanna at least see a video where he’s not being someone’s bitch. I, too, am tired of the excessive roughness.

    • Chris says:

      I think he’s very cute. In that Alencar rape scene, though, Johnny seemed…grim when they were talking to him after the shoot.

      I am really tired of this asshole bully routine Rafael Alencar does in every scene now; I understand taste is subjective in these things, and people have different fetishes/fantasies, but he has ruined himself as far as I’m concerned. I wish he’d go back to being versatile and get fucked every once in a while. But PUH-LEESE, stop (pretending) to hit and beat up on people, Rafael! Ugh.

  18. jo says:

    i’m pretty sure every gay porn star is just gay 4 pay

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