My Audition To Become A Treasure Island Media Copywriter


Headline: Meet The Piss-Drinking, Barebacking, Cum Dumpster Whores Of Treasure Island’s Meat Rack.

(Alternate Headline: Meet The Nasty, Piss-Guzzling, Semen-Starved Fuck Sluts From Treasure Island’s Meat Rack.)

Subheadline: Just look at all of the cum that is dripping out of these gaping holes. Which sloppy and leaky hole is your favorite though? Here is the trailer for the new Treasure Island Media bareback fuckfest, Return To Meat Rack.

Movie Description: Treasure Island’s bareback models aren’t nearly as physically attractive as other bareback models from Sean Cody or Chaos Men, but what they lack in “hotness” they make up for in total depravity. Sure, plenty of pretty boys can take a load or two up their ass, but none of them welcomes a raw breeding with more gusto and more piggishness than the sperm-gargling whores of Treasure Island. Watch as no hole goes unstuffed and man after man after man puts his life on the line (metaphorically!) in his quest to ingest every last drop of creamed cum in existence. The cast of Meat Rack cum sluts includes Hot Rod and Hot Rod’s Cock (a star in its own right), longtime favorite Logan Stevens, Erik Rhodes’ BFF Colin Black, and a bunch of other cock-worshiping moral rejects whose only joy in life is being given the privilege of using their mouths and assholes to swallow stream after stream after stream of the gelatinous white-hot semen that is their lifeblood, their raison d’être, the fiber of their filthy fucking beings.


[Treasure Island: Return To Meat Rack]



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29 Responses to “My Audition To Become A Treasure Island Media Copywriter”

  1. Nick says:

    You just had to make that HIV reference, didn’t you?

  2. BudgieBird says:

    Doesn’t Colin Black work for Lucas and Falcon also?I guess since Marc Dylan crossed over fr Bareback to mainstream all the kids are doing it now. I remember a time when filming for bareback studios one week and then filming for condom only studios the next week was not allowed. I guess in this economy studios will use whomever they $ee as marketable.

    • TrueWords says:

      agreed Brad is NOT your typical bareback model…he is young, buff and attractive…just like the men at SeanCody therefore the ALL mighty dollar prevails…Studios want to use him to get away from the stereotype that porn actors that bareback look a “certain” way…

    • COLIN BLACK says:

      Library; I just wanna say thank you for all your “positive” comments, I think it is very sad that gay men living in this day and age are so completely uneducated about HIV and bareback sex. So much so that at times I don’t even want to leave my house. I am HIV positive and undectable. I like having BB sex with other men who are undetectable and HIV positive. I have not always been HIV positive. I choose to do BB porn because I love the work they do at TIM and other BB studios.

      Guys that do BB films don’t need to make it hot, honey its fucking HOT on its own! If you really think making BB videos vanish from this world is going to some how stop the spread of HIV, your view of the world is quite small.

      For someone to actually think someone today would actually think to say, ” look! that guys hot and positive and does bb, let me go and have sex to get pos too!” is total idiot and has completely made HIV the new racism of today.

      I think people need to start acting like adults and have a little respect. Nobody is perfect. Be responsible for your own actions! Educate!

      Promoting hate and fear is the exact reason people are spreading HIV today.

      I didn’t choose to have HIV its something that happened and have to deal with that everyday, I don’t have sex with guys that NEG guys and don’t plan to mainly because the thought of making someone go through what I have been through and having to defend myself against a group of idiots everyday of my life, makes me want vomit. I honestly find it to be a bit of a turn off. As you can see in this amazing TIM video :) (i heart LITO cruz)

      So if you are NEG and you don’t know anything about research and being a HIV positive man in 2012 I think you should look at everyone like they have full blown Aids, which some off you uneducated radicals already think that, wrap yourself in a full body condom every time you leave the house and 3 times if you encounter a person living with HIV…

      For everyone else please KNOWLEDGE is power, trust me the more you let someone know about your status the easier it is the next time… damn that felt good :)

      A big thanks for all that still support me

  3. DPS says:

    A close friend of mine has watched TIM videos for years. We have gotten in many disagreements about this company. I would try to tell him how much they promote bareback sex and the spread of HIV, but he would always tell me that I was overreacting. One day he finally called me up and told me I had been right all along. He had recently downloaded ‘In The Flesh’. He told me that before the scene started, there was a message on the screen. Talking about how the director receives thankful letters from fans. This is the letter that was shown…

    Sometimes men send me emails. They always express their gratitude.

    Subject: You made me a bareback cumdump

    Liam. you’re a genius at getting in the mind of a bareback bottom like me. I’ve watched your videos for years – fantasizing about letting tops bareback me. I watched those hot bareback bottoms taking loads and imagined myself offering my raw negative hole up for everyone to breed.

    I started to bareback with neg tops and I was hooked, feeling them in me just made want more. I kept finding more negative tops and sometimes I’d get 2-3 loads in a day and then jerk off watching your vids, imaging it was (hot toxic HIV cum in my ass.)

    One time I was high and couldn’t get hard to fuck, so I let my poz friend fuck me – I was acting out things I had seen in your videos and I LOVED it! I started to get scared about how far I had taken this. I asked him to pull out but it was too late – my hungry hole had already milked all of his seed into me – he didn’t let on that he had been shooting his gift into my thankful hole. When he told me he had to cum, the shock and fear made me clench immediately on his cock. I’d crossed a line and there was no going back.

    I regretted it a little at first, but then I kept watching your vids. I wanted the life of the bottoms I was seeing. You were in my mind showing me exactly what I wanted.

    Later that morning, still out of my mind and watching your vids, I found a poz top online, took his load, this time begging for it. It felt so hot to finally feel comfortable about openly asking for what I wanted. Now I had two poz loads in me and I was free – I was becoming a cum dump. I have no regrets. Id love to be a blindfolded bottom in one of your vids – I’d want other young bareback bottoms to see me taking loads and wish it was them. (Hopefully it would encourage them.)

    • Winterhell says:

      This letter defies human comprehension.

      • Dutch Courage says:

        Probably written by someone from TIM. This company likes to think that creating controversy is the best way to promote and sell its product. And even if it is written by an actual fan of TIM: how do you know it is really true? The internet gives people the perfect cover to write and say the weirdest and sickest things without them being actually true. But I agree that the fantasy is sick.
        Does bareback porn promote unsafe sexual behaviour? Watching bareback porn does not seduce me to have bareback sex myself. At present there is more bareback gay porn available than ever before. But in many Western European countries the number of new HIV infections dropped in 2010 and the preliminary figures for 2011 seem to confirm this drop. So the relation between bareback gay porn and the number of HIV infections among gay man is not so straightforward as some might want to believe.

        • DPS says:

          How does that justify anything? It doesn’t matter if it’s a real letter or not, they are still trying to make catching and spreading HIV look “hot”.

          • Dutch Courage says:

            If you read my answer you could have seen that I wrote that the fantasy is sick.
            Some people like to think that if by some kind of magic all bareback gay porn disappeared from planet Earth the number of gay men catching HIV will drop to almost zero. I find this way of thought very naive because it is a denial of the complexity of human nature and human behaviour.

    • Justin says:

      Oh, I didn’t feel like eating tonight anyway. o_O

    • TrueWords says:

      That same letter COULD HAVE and WILL be (in the near future) written by someone watching SeanCody and Corbin Fisher videos…as EACH company is DOING THE EXACT same thing=GLORIFYING BAREBACK SEX…I feel even more so at studios like SeanCody and Corbin Fisher as they are sending the message passively that “hey LOOK at me” I am young, HOT, muscled and it is LOADS of fun…long live the HIV medication and expensive cost for treatment…I must see about getting stock options in Bristol-Myers Squibb & Gilead Sciences…because they are definitely going to be in business for quite sometime…also would not it be a kick in the pants if there was a “Paula Dean” type situation going on with these porn companies…

  4. Alan says:

    Had some spare time on your hands today, Zach? ;)

  5. sxg says:

    Good to see a TIM video where not everyone looks on the verge of death. I saw bodybuilder daddy Jim Ferro in there, and I think I saw Matt Sizemore too.

  6. Daxx Boyce says:

    Love your audition photo, Zack. Now we know whats been up your ass for the past month…

  7. brad says:

    If you guys don’t like bareback porn then don’t watch it. Porn doesn’t make you bareback unless you are just that dumb to not control your mind.

  8. seaguy says:

    My thoughts exactly Brad. I think they crusaders who are always railing against bareback porn just have nothing else to do and watch it makes them long for having any sex because they are too busy railing against bareback porn online when they should just not watch\ it if they don’t like it so much. I mean last I checked America was a free country not a North Korea type place like many of the anti bb crowd seems to want to impose when it comes to porn.

  9. 1209philip says:

    Give me SX Video any day over TIM. It’s bareback sex with much hotter men and better video quality. For some reason, they don’t get the coverage that TIM gets.

  10. BIGMACK says:

    It is like watching a horror flick. The thrill of it and yet your still safe in your home. You can’t do bareback if your sane, but watching it is exciting. That being said I enjoy seeing men who are some like the average Joe on the street and not over pumped roided up having fake sex.(meaning no real emotion,nipple play,sweat,ect.._)The dirty talk is the best out of all the sits!
    The lolipop and twink bare-backing sites are what make me nauseous! We all know at a certain young age you feel indefensible and nothing can happen to you. But it will and does! Tim’s stable of performers have hardcore sex and you know what you paying to see is something that is truly going to make your heart race or make you throw up(depending on your threshold of morals and excitement threshold). I will always get queasy over the sight of sounding and blood but seeing Tims sex scenes make my blood pump like a roller coaster ride. Tim’s movies create debate and awareness and excitement. I say it is a WIN for all!

  11. SFSAILORBOY8181 says:

    I saw a link on TIM’s blog to your post. Well written, Zachary. If they asked you, would you go over to the darkside and write for TIM? That would be hard to imagine. Their blog calls it tongue and cheek – was it? ANyway, keep up the good work.

  12. Asenath says:

    No, Logan Stevens, no!

    . . .I have to go cry now, okay?

  13. Absurdist says:

    Okay, I have at times been a little low-down and dirty with my sex. What Treasure Island is about though, is both vaguely titillating and seriosly revulsive. Watching it objectively, as, Zach suggests, against the more conventional bareback porn with the pretty boys (which is clearly intended to play to a more moderate customer, were I to ecounter a TIM star, I would like to spend a day or two around him just to see if he doesn, in fact, engage in filhty dirty sex all day every doy, I mean, everybody’s got hobbies and things,

  14. TigerMilner says:

    No fucking way SX video even comes close to the type of hot bareback porn that TIM INVENTED! It is a cheap imitation at best, So is Sebastion Studios. I do agree that some of the fetish stuff is a little over the top and not very appealing to me to watch, but when it comes to ass breeding gangbang sex, no one comes close to TIM. I love it. And yes, I am a bb cumdump. I love that too. It is what I was meant for.

  15. Simon 8181 says:

    I heard a rumor today that Paul Morris got arrested for waving a gun around the office. That fucker’s crazy!

  16. John says:

    Why does he use 30 guys, only 5 of which we want to see, instead of using 7 or 8 guys and having them all be worth looking at? WAY too many fuglies. I see hotter guys than most of his stars at the baths. He used to have hotter models when he started out but then decided more was better with declining standards. I also miss TI’s Damon Dogg series.

  17. ProfessortMax says:

    Barebacking is a choice. If you’re adult, you make your own choices. I never had sex with a condom– as they say, like bathing in a raincoat. I’m saddened to hear young gay men say sometimes “ewww…..cum is nasty…dick is disgusting…unless it’s encased in rubber.” I’d rather do without. Queer sex is about REVOLUTION– flouting the conventions of mainstream society. The more we play “only safe”, the more we agitate for “marriage”, the more we begin to look like a same-sex Cleaver family (’50s TV allusion), and the more boring we become.

    I’m HIV positive– I have no symptoms, I take the minimal meds required to control it, I’m as healthy as a horse (my doc says). I disclose to partners or hookups. I feel okay.

    I’m not making recommendations, just sharing.

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