Milking-Gate: Colby Keller Responds To Controversy Stemming From His Treasure Island Media Appearance


Gay porn superstar and safe sex advocate Colby Keller has gone into full damage control mode by defending his work for controversial bareback studio Treasure Island Media.

In an interview with Nightcharm, Colby Keller dismisses the criticism of his Milk It performance, rejects the accusations that working with TIM stands in contrast to his personal commitment to safe sex, and even goes so far as to call his involvement with the makers of Fucktards and Slammed “enlightened”!

I admit to still not knowing much about TIM’s policies when it comes to testing in anal scenes, but I’ve worked for and continue to work for a variety of companies that do/don’t require testing and for all scenes in which I’ve participated in anal sex, my partners and I have worn condoms. This will continue to be my personal policy in porn. I think in some ways my affiliation with TIM might be enlightening. I have known my scene partner for the TIM shoot for a while before the scene and we have had conversations about our sexual practices and sexual health. The studio provides a fantasy for some people who prefer unprotected sex and my “milking” scene shows a way one can engage in hot sex that is less risky than anal sex. I think it might be helpful for people to see that you can be involved in scenes/communities that are “piggier” than what you’re normally used to and still have hot “safer” sex within those scenes/communities.

Given that Treasure Island Media is so ideologically opposed to Colby Keller when it comes to safe sex and condoms, it’s great that they could find some common ground in their mutual pursuit of providing “enlightening” gay porn.

Has Treasure Island Media lost its edge by allowing a condom supporter into its organization?
Has Treasure Island Media totally rolled over and abandoned its principles just so it could land a big name star?
Should Treasure Island Media start using condoms in its upcoming movies?
Does Colby Keller’s ultimate goal of being “helpful” to his audience put his work with TIM into a justifiable context for you, or is this “milk” still too sour?

Read the full Nightcharm interview, and don’t forget to watch Colby Keller in Milk It from Treasure Island Media!

[Treasure Island Media]


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57 Responses to “Milking-Gate: Colby Keller Responds To Controversy Stemming From His Treasure Island Media Appearance”

  1. pornfreak says:

    Colby Keller is hot!

  2. DPS says:

    Hopefully he will lose some fans, after supporting this horrible company. People shooting each other in movies and video games are “fantasy”. People shooting loads into each other in porn is reality. Everybody needs to stop fucking calling it a “fantasy”. I hope that condom law happens in S.F. as it did here in L.A.

    • V.O Reason says:

      You bring up an interesting point. Regardless of whatever “fantasy” the actors and companies offer an audience, it is also a documentation of an actual act.

    • Seaguy says:

      You must be a Republican! Either that or a communist because it seems you want to force condoms in porn and it’s your way or the highway. Not very American where we have rights and freedoms! Thought not written in the constitution one of them is to not use condoms, if you don’t like that fine but don’t impose your way on others.

      • Gnormie says:

        Yes because all Republicans want to see condoms in their gay porn.

        • V.O Reason says:

          I love the use of the word “Communist” by people who have never read Marx or even visited a Communist country. They approach it from the Joe McCarthy/ Rock IV perspective of not knowing what the hell they’re talking about.

  3. ril0 says:

    I know someone who hooked up with him and his boyfriend in Baltimore, and condoms were NOT required. It’s hilarious how porn stars are expected to be safe sex advocates when most of them only use condoms because they want to work for certain companies.

  4. Toby says:

    A girls gotta work!

  5. telling says:

    This will continue to be my personal policy IN PORN

    Is it just me or does this statement have greater meaning? And outside of porn Colby?

  6. DD says:

    It’s his choice to either do it or not, same as it is our choice to watch or not. I don’t get my cues for life from pornstars nor would I expect them to be my guiding light. Even the hot sex moves they do in films I could only wish to recreate in real life. Do you and best believe, I’m doing me!

  7. Winterhell says:

    A lot of words and nothing said. He would have done better by keeping quiet.

  8. Tom Walsh says:

    No anal sex. just milking. what’s the big deal. it’s hot

  9. Jesse says:

    Colby Keller was one of my favorite porn stars. I liked his blog, his ability to express himself, of course he’s handsome and a great performer. I hate TIM and how they glamorize unsafe sex. Now, unfortunately, the two worlds have collided and I must say good-bye to Colby. Fucking Keller!

  10. Tyler Reed says:

    Keller has not compromised his principals. He has created a fantasy for you to enjoy (hopefully he did too!!). T.I.M. isn’t the issue and neither is unprotected sex. Education, medical/health practices, informed behaviour, and personal morals combined to form decision making are important. Colby clearly stayed within his personal tenants.

  11. drumstick says:

    I think Colby is right. He can show that there are lots of ways to get off that are TOTALLY hot! I cannot wait to try milking on my BF.

    I think this is much ado about nothing. The gay porn media is hyping this big “war” between condom and barebacking sites. I don’t think that the folks at Treasure Island are at war with mainstream pro-condom studios, however the latter are under financial pressure to go bareback.

  12. Seaguy says:

    Hopefully we can just let him work for what ever studios he wants since this is a free country contrary to how some of the anti treasure island condom nazi’s seem to want things to be. They might want to look at moving to North Korea where freedom is not allowed and view of others are forced upon the public. People want bareback as evidenced by the free market if you cannot deal with that tough, because your not the dictator of America.

  13. Colby is hot, his ideology stands unbreached. TIM can continue with their fantasy provision for those that want it. Viewing a type of porn, doesn’t mean that you practice the same in your personal life. Milking is safer (to a point) than bareback anal penetration.

  14. Lukes says:

    I don’t get the outrage. People don’t like bareback porn because it can be a vehicle to disease, right? So, if in this scene there is no sexual act that could lead to disease transmission, why should Colby Keller be accused of anything?

    The polemics in porn/out of porn is also preposterous: why would ANYONE (porn starts included) be forced to justify what he does in private life, especially to people that will never engage in sex with the person in discussion??

  15. Gnormie says:

    My problem isn’t that he went to a studio that doesn’t use condoms. If he went to say Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody no problem. It’s just that he went to a skeevy studio like TIM. I’m fine if he went to a studio that regularly tests their models but doing a scene with TIM seems like a tacit endorsement of their being bug chasers.

    Hopefully he will just steer clear of them in the future and keep his fans. This in and of itself isn’t enough to dump on the guy I guess since he didn’t actually film bareback.

    • Jay says:

      How do you know what T.I.M’s testing policies are for their films? Where have they ever given specific details? It seems like you are assuming. Perhaps T.I.M’s policies simply place HIV positive models with other positive models or such. You don’t know, because they haven’t gone into detail. You are assuming.

      Colby hasn’t done bareback porn, he has not changed his stance as of yet. I don’t see what all the outrage is over. If it is simply because of T.I.M I find that a bit ridiculous. For all we know, SC and CF could be placing positive models with positive models for *their* bare porn.

    • TrueWords says:

      You sound like an idiot and defiantly biased against POZ men…the fact that T.I.M. studio puts these men together and maybe they do not feel the need to share that they “test” their models…for all people know the men at SeanCody are HIV+…I am so FUCKING tired of the treatment of openly POZ men…either they are bug spreading assholes or they are disgusting looking with no proper place in porn…

      How about this SeanCody and Corbinfisher test to make sure to only pair their models with other POZ men…that’s right ALL of the men at SeanCody, Corbinfisher, Belami and other studios that have bareback sex are ACTUALLY POZ and they want to make sure not to infect someone who is NOT…

      They are on medication and you know these days if you start early enough you won’t get that POZ identifiable look…

      • bullshit says:

        Well, I’ve never met a POZ person who got HIV from using a condom. So there is some logic to this “biased” assumption. And with many of the studies and testimonials of men who are actually POZ, they do seem to get it from risky behaviors.

        Stop being bitchy queens just because some guys aren’t interested in fucking poz guys. It is not a crime, nor is it a form of prejudice. It is their partners right to know and right to ask. Nonetheless, if you can’t deal with someone’s lack of interest in having sex with you, grow some thick skin. Go find other partners who are.

        I think Colby’s points signify a lot of the issues and fear between gay men. And his attempt at using a handjob, as a means for sex with POZ performers is an acceptable practice. Although, in my personal opinion, handjobs are bullshit… if I wanted get my dick jerked off, I can do it myself.

        • I have always been fine having sex with POZ men. And I like not having to have to worry about anyone’s HIV status when I decide whom I want to fuck. This is only possible because of condoms.

          So when TIM mocks guys like me as being scared, uncool, or POZ phobic it is a load of offensive bullshit.

          It may help their bad boy image and help them sell videos, but it does quite the opposite to the sex lives of the real men in our community who find themselves divided by this illogical propaganda.

          Supporting TIM supports not only unsafe sex, but some of the worst doublespeak possible.

    • Caine says:

      HA! Categorizing TIM as bug chasers only means you don’t have a clue what the porn is that TIM makes. and as far as MILK IT – the dude gets a handjob – what could be safer than that? You all crack me up.

  16. Catsand says:

    TIM movies almost EXCLUSIVELY feature hideous guys barebacking, but now that we have seancody and to a lesser extent corbin fisher, I dont see why anyone would bother purchasing their videos on barebacking alone.

  17. Nick says:

    I strongly suggest all in here..against/for this man’s choices in life..invest in one of your own..:-)

  18. Mike Dreyden says:

    Our image is EVERYTHING in entertainment, whether it be mainstream or adult. Our affiliations can either enhance or tarnish our image. Sometimes we do things to stand out, start conversation and/or stay relevant. I dont judge Colby for his decision but I am curious to understand why… His statement rings hollow to me. ~MD

  19. jj says:

    Really disappointed in him. But I’m sure he could care less what I think.

  20. MJ says:

    can some explain to me why everyone is making a big deal over him getting jacked off? was there some new study that came out saying that you can get HIV by just touching people now and I wasn’t aware of it? You’d think that we as gay men would be a little bit more knowledgeable and use a little bit more common sense than the average American. How about we save the finger-waving for when he ACTUALLY has unprotected anal-penetration on camera, thank you

    • Nat says:

      I don’t think that is necessarily the reason why people are upset over his decision to work for TIM. I believe the anger is coming from the idea that he has spoken out against bareback sex (though I am not entirely sure that’s true). He sort of has and sort of hasn’t; he struggles with the idea of bareback porn. Personally, I can find bareback porn pretty hot and take this stance: It’s your body, your choice; however, if you have HIV and fail to disclose that to your sexual partner, then you are definitely harming someone else, which is wrong.

      At the very least, Colby Keller said that he gets tested on a regular basis and tries to be safe. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Manhunt Daily on his view of bareback porn:

      MD: Do you have any thoughts on bareback porn? What’s your personal policy on unprotected sex?

      CK: I have always felt most comfortable working with companies that go to great lengths to ensure the health and safety of their models. That said, I can admit to the occasional guilty indulgence in bareback porn. I feel very conflicted about it. I like natural bodies, natural sex and love cum, but also don’t want to see any fellow sex workers put their health at risk for a momentary orgasm. I try to apply the same kind of nuance to my own personal sex life. It’s a calculated risk that I try to avoid, but do fantasize about on occasion. I test myself regularly–every three months–and keep my sexual partners aware of my sexual history. I can only be responsible for my own actions towards others. I hope that my partners would treat me with the same respect I try to offer them.

      Now, unless he has said elsewhere that he is completely against bareback porn, I think it’s a bit over-reactive to denounce him for getting a job with a bareback company. And it’s especially over-reactive of others to judge him for getting a handjob, which is nothing near bareback porn unless the jacker is known to be HIV positive and has a huge gash on his hand.

  21. Say What? says:

    I’ve totally written off Colby Keller for having had ANY type of involvement with Treasure Island Media. I’ve lost all respect for him.

    • Nick says:

      LOl@”SomeWhat” loosing respect for someone the fucks for a living on film and is a prostitute…i shudder to hear your views on serial killers..LMFAO

      • Say What? says:

        If your point is that those who appear in porn and/or are escorts should automatically be disrespected for what they do, I disagree with it.

        • Nick says:

          I hold no respect for them, just as i hold for drug dealers etc…they both contribute nothing note worthy to society..hence non -respect for them…they both merely serve a purpose for a select group…now teachers, scientist etc :-)))…what i’m saying is lets put these people into realistic prospective!!

          • Scott says:

            Given your grasp of grammar and spelling, I’m not sure you should be so respectful of teachers. They seem to have done you a disservice.

  22. Devin says:

    You guys should get over it. Most of you are doing nothing to advocate for safe sex in the gay community other than bitching on gay porn blogs. So easy to sit on your ass behind a computer self projecting. That’s all you’re doing. If you really cared you’d be out there on the front lines actually doing something about it.

  23. Bull says:

    aw jeez! It’s just a handjob! Colby’s hot, smart and funny..a lethal combination. I actually think it’s a great thing. TIM is a site that most presume all models are positive(I say presume because unless a model has disclosed their status we really don’t know). Showing a SAFE scene between presumed serodiscordant guys might help pozphobia(yea, I just made that up) guys realize it can be fun and safe with poz men.

    • Say What? says:

      Showing an openly serodiscordant wearing condoms and safely fucking would be more likely to achieve what you have in mind, which is a indeed a good thing. Showing a serodiscordant couple doing something that’s safe irrespective of status doesn’t.

      The only thing that Keller accomplished was to make himself some money. Not incidentally, lending his relatively prominent name to TIM, will do the same thing for it.

      • Bull says:

        What I have in mind is that ANY safe sexual activity between serodiscordant couples helps to combat pozphobia. From what my friends, acquantances, posts on various blogs etc. say, it appears that those who are pozphobic do not limit it to anal sex. It seems to apply to having any kind of sex, so they disqualify those who are poz as potential sex partners. Safe, irrespective of status, IS the message.

        And TIM is a good place to start given the reputation they have cultivated. And if TrueWords post is correct, it would have a much larger market to showcase it. For those who find TIM’s product so reprehensible that they would never, ever, ever watch or support them it won’t change. But to those who are not particularly offended, and refuse to consider a poz man, it may just give them pause to reconsider.

        • teeMDV says:

          Let’s not forget HIV can still be transmitted via oral sex, regardless of how the industry and factions of the community try to deny or ignore it. Are the rates lower, yep, are they still very real, yep. People should have the right to choose how much risk they’re willing to accept and shouldn’t have to be vilified and labelled as ignorant or pozphobic. That attitude itself is a form of intolerance.

  24. teeMDV says:

    Bullshit he doesn’t know what their policies are. Does he really think we’re stupid? Apparently so. Whether or not he performed in a bb anal scene isn’t the issue. It’s that he promotes safe-sex, but then uses his “star-power” / “name” to pull in his fan base, potentially introducing a new audience to the kind of unsafe practices he pro ports to be diametrically opposed to. I’m also quite sure there was no intro to the scene instructing that this scene is an educational demonstration how to have hot “safer-sex”. What a hypocrite. Though again, I said earlier the safe-sex “Colby Keller” persona is just that, a persona and not reflective of the man in his private life, so this really should come as no surprise. I fully believe he was just been testing the waters with this scene to see what kind of reaction / backlash he’d get from his fans if he decided to go full fledge bb for them. I suppose time will tell.

    To answer your questions:

    1) No
    2) No
    3) Whatever, that’s a bigger debate that extends beyond TIM, even if they are one of the worst
    4) Hypocritical bullshit / damage control

  25. WOW... says:

    PMSL!..the sword commenters and their egos.LOL…dont know this colby fella, but keep doing what your doing mate,dont let them folks get to you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE bareback sex! Don’t practice it in my private sex life though (i have none lol)…but a mans gotta do what he gotta do…If your letting porn decide how your sex life shud be, or if youve picked up an STI and your blaming porn for it,then youre deluded! Now pull them shorts down, get some vintage falcon condom free scene on and wank away….. :)

  26. teeMDV says:

    @Bull – tell that to my 2 friends who’ve never had anal sex but still tested poz after oral

  27. Mitch says:

    I played with Colby a few years back. He bare backed me. So what’s the big deal. He is an amazin breeder

  28. StevenX says:

    Hillbilly porn.

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