Comment Of The Day: “I wanted to prove that it’s possible for an HIV Negative model to be flexible…”


Just because Dean Monroe doesn’t have HIV doesn’t mean that he can’t work for Treasure Island Media.

Following the outrage over his decision to work with the controversial bareback company (even though it was an “oral only” scene—or was it?), Dean Monroe has responded with the following comment:

I have worked in this industry for 13 years and seen it change dramatically. I’ve always been a strong advocate of safe sex and regular testing professionally and privately. When Treasure Island approached me I agreed to only work with them with a solo and oral scene and with a choice of my own scene partner. Harley [Everett] is a friend and model I’ve worked with many times before. I wanted to prove that it’s possible for an HIV negative model to be flexible and versatile in the studios he works with, while feeling comfortable in his actions and being able to choose his partners. I continue to work with condom only studios who require testing and proud of all my work no matter who it’s with.

That sort of reminds me of Colby Keller’s Treasure Island explanation after his milking debacle. Remember?

I think in some ways my affiliation with TIM might be enlightening…The studio provides a fantasy for some people who prefer unprotected sex and my “milking” scene shows a way one can engage in hot sex that is less risky than anal sex. I think it might be helpful for people to see that you can be involved in scenes/communities that are “piggier” than what you’re normally used to and still have hot “safer” sex within those scenes/communities…I’ll continue to advocate that people practice “safer” sex and to be informed in their decisions.

Treasure Island Media: the go-to studio for safe sex advocates with something to prove. Who knew?

Doesn’t anyone do gay porn simply for the fun (or at least the paycheck) anymore?


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31 Responses to “Comment Of The Day: “I wanted to prove that it’s possible for an HIV Negative model to be flexible…””

  1. half porco says:

    I think he just wanted a paycheck :)

  2. TheBrutalKremlin says:

    This is all part of a greedy bunch of pornographers out for profit. No wonder the HIV rates in the 20-something age groups is back to 1984 levels. This si irresponsible and should be banned. If you promote this crap, you;ve got blood on your hands. Karma’s a bitch.

    Silence (still) = Death. (albeit slower, and more drawn out with years of sickening medication)

    • Dutch Courage says:

      I think it is delusional to think that if you forbid bareback gay porn the number of new HIV infections will drop considerably. And besides, in many West European countries the number of new HIV infections among gay men is relative stable. How do you explain the big difference in the number of new HIV infections in Europe versus the USA?

      • Ltb22 says:

        “How do you explain the big difference in the number of new HIV infections in Europe versus the USA?”

        Tina… Apart from London and Berlin, it still is very very marginal in Europe… You barely find it in Paris, and it is impossible to find in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Brusells, etc… The clubbing scene has not been completely ravaged by it. Thus the younger ones still can have “safer drugs” without loosing it when partying.

  3. Ghost Chelsea says:

    I’m not sure what was ‘flexible’ about his scene. He says he made sure he was completely in control of every aspect of it, from what he did and who he did it with. Sounds ‘inflexible’ to me. He should just state the facts, which is ‘I’ll work with whoever I want to, bitches’.

    Now, his double penetration scene … THAT was flexible …..

  4. get real says:

    Still a hot guy. But with this, he’s going in a direction that I’m not the slightest bit interested in. I hope he stays healthy.

  5. TrueWords says:

    Honey…it is ALL about the money and the “fame” which is fleeting in gay porn…you are up one minute and down the next…the fact is bareback is NOT going anywhere anytime soon…so it makes sense for someone who makes their “living” having sex and as long as Dean has been doing it to venture into that arena…everybody is doing bareback from the BIG STUDIOS to the little guys having sex for free on X-Tube…the bottom line is HIV rates are still climbing in ALL pockets of the gay community because at the end the day there is NO cure and it is ONLY SAFER SEX…there are no guarantees…just reducing the risks!!!

  6. TrueWords says:

    one last thought…I think most gay men want to know these “porn stars” HIV status as so to dismiss them and make assumptions…I mean we all know that they are gay which takes care of most things in most gay men’s minds, once that is determined it is a downhill slope, no one is wondering what is their favorite TV show or latest book that they read…the only thing left to determine is their HIV status…if they are negative they are HOT…if they are positive they are NOT…it really boils downs to that…it is a judgement call to say…see I AM NOT LIKE THEM, they are NO LONGER HOT…or I am better or pity them for their decisions that led them to be HIV+…

  7. Max says:

    …Blah Blah Blah…..just say it was for the money… u’ve been in porn for 13yrs…u’re beyond over exposed!

  8. Nick says:

    He says he’s hiv-…this is the internet LoL…

  9. Marvel says:

    Treasure Is. and its advocates — always out there justifying Death Sex. What a world we live in!

  10. Dean Monroe says:

    I’d finally like to add that I dont need to prove my HIV status to anyone.
    I get tested once a month with TALENT TESTING SERVICES and APHSS, the 2 largest adult performer testing organizations in the US
    that keep an online database for all studios to view. When a lot of mainstream studios (BEL AMI included) have dabbled in the barebacking field, who’s to say what studio is the right or wrong one to work with. I’d like to think that every model makes informed and responsible choices like I have for many years and will continue to.

    • David E. says:

      When are you filming “Dean’s 50 Load Weekend” and having a frozen cum-ball stuffed up your ass?

    • Say What? says:

      None of that changes the fact that you chose to associate yourself with the sub-human scum that is TIM. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by this, inasmuch as your partner himself is TIM scum.

      • Dean Monroe says:

        Just to correct you i don’t have a partner. I do have a a life long friend who is affiliated with TIM but that has no connection to me

        • Say What? says:

          Your “lifelong friend” (a poz TIM model who brags online about his indiscriminate, unprotected sexual encounters) publicly refers to you as his husband…

          …and to the fact that you are legally civilly united…

          I’d say that amounts to a “connection” to you.

          You are the company you keep. And the company you keep is sub-human scum.

          • THAT'SWhat/STFU says:

            I never leave comments, but feel so compelled after reading this particular thread.
            Whoever you are, ‘Say What?’…is a toilet full of immature negative energy. No person, especially one that you CHOOSE to be aware of, owes you an explanation…for anything.
            I do not know Dean, but obviously he’s a person capable of making decisions for himself without checking in with you & the rest of the cool kids sitting in Mom’s basement tapping your sticky keyboards panting from getting off to the performers & studio you’re ‘poo-poo’ing on. None of the performers or TIM are ‘sub’ anything…but they are people who don’t need your permission.
            You put a lot of energy into unsuccessfully shoving someone (you’ve probably have never met) in a compromised position. Consider therapy…..
            You’ll find once you’re capable of pointing your fingers at yourself, you’ll be less poisonous to the world. Try admitting there are no absolutes. There is no ‘right’ way. Try admitting you’re wrong.
            And who knows, if/when that happens… maybe another human being will find you attractive enough to fuck.

    • sxg says:

      You again have failed to address the main reason why this outrage started in the first place: the few seconds showing Harley Everett penetrating you halfway with his dick. Is that what happened, or is that merely video editing that Treasure Island Media has done to make it look like you were going to get fucked bareback in this scene? I personally feel that if you continue to ignore discussing those few seconds of film, then it means you don’t want to admit that there was indeed bareback penetration going on, even if it’s just the tip.

      • Say What? says:

        Since Dean won’t address the question that you raised, here’s a telling statement posted online by the director of this and other disease-ridden TIM productions:

        “It’s not a “marketing ploy”. I filmed a “cock sucking” scene with Dean, and things went a bit more into ass/fist/cock-play. There was no plan, I didn’t direct them to do it, they just did. Even safe-sex advocates get tempted in the heat of the moment.”

  11. fred says:

    luv him when he bottoms and suck dick, this boy delivers, great kisser too, more of him and to him

  12. So_Sorry says:

    One of the best film ever -may be the very best- is Heaven to Hell where Dean really performed so well with many other stars.
    “Other Stars” include Eric Rhodes and Josh Weston.
    Is Dean willing to be the next on the RIP list?
    So bad for him!

  13. sxg says:

    Dean Monroe has every right to work with whatever studio he wants, but I feel that it looks very bad when a guy who claims he’s been an advocate for safe sex all this time agrees to do a scene with a studio that glorifies bareback sex with HIV+ models, even if he’s just doing an oral scene and with someone he feels he trusts.

    He was already very flexible with so many condom-only studios, I didn’t believe it was necessary for him to work with TIM to show this flexibility. And why now after all these years? TIM has been doing oral-only movies for years now he had every chance to appear in them previously. Maybe he’s just taking everything he can get before the bookings run out, but I think this scene will very much hurt him in the end.

  14. LadyBoyBunny says:

    I don’t think anybody really cares except for the same old tired Queens commenting on this blog. CF, sean cody, bel Ami and TIM are some of the most financially secure companies in the industry so whatever they are doing its working regardless of whether or not you agree with bb porn. The stigma of working with bb companies is not the same as it was 10-15 years ago and the porn industry has completely changed. Dean is a good looking guy, a great performer whose living his life and doing what he’s gotta do to pay the bills. Quit being so fucking pious and give it a rest ladies. My only question to Dean is what did you think would happen?. TIM will usually take any mainstream model and exploit them. What did you expect? Either way you’re a good chap and a fine performer! DM forever!

  15. Absurdist says:

    Does anybody remember the scenes that Michael Brandon did for Treasure Island or HDK? I mean, I realize he was probably tweaking his tits of at that point, but I don’t seem to recall him getting shit over it, and he didn’t even bareback in the scenes.

  16. david says:

    I think the problem is not so much that Dean Monroe made the decision to work for T.I.M. but rather his response.

    He did an oral scene. It is not that big of a deal. I find T.I.M. morally reprehensible. I don’t actually have any problem with the fact that they film bareback porn. My problem is that they filmed an entire movie about drug use. To glorify and put all those men who are obviously in a position of addiction in front of the camera is ridiculous and reprehensible.

    That being said I think Dean Monroe’s response was holier than thou. I think he put himself on some kind of pedestal and in turn put himself “above” everyone else who performs for T.I.M.

    It’s not as if he chose Raw Fuck Club which films scenes bareback but in the more traditional studio setting. He chose Treasure Island, a studio that glorifies drug use and has been known to not care at all about the mental or physical state of their performers.

    He really should have embraced it in a different way. Either no response at all or a response stating that people all make their own sexual decisions and this was his meant to entertain another group of fans would have been more appropriate. Instead he further stigmatized HIV+ people and performers and put himself in some kind of position of authority.

    Not to mention he should stop talking about being in the industry for 13 years. That isn’t something to be proud of. No porn performer I know wants to do porn for 13 years. That’s called overexposure.

  17. Caine says:

    I love that all of the comments about how terrible Treasure Island is
    - is giving detailed examples from their blogs and from the videos themselves.

    But not like you are reading or watching them are you? Yeah that was just research right?
    What a bunch of hypocrites.

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