When Were They Hotter: Christopher Daniels And Rafael Alencar

On the left, a pre-porn Christopher Daniels and Rafael Alencar, together at an event six (six!) years ago. Christopher says he was just a fan back in 2006, though one presumes his cocksucking skills were just as award-winning back then. On the right, Christopher Daniels and Rafael Alencar reunited (this time as scene partners) on set this week for an upcoming NakedSword movie. [photos via.]


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26 Responses to “When Were They Hotter: Christopher Daniels And Rafael Alencar”

  1. nhuixnhuix says:

    That is so awesome! hahaha

  2. Tony says:

    I just know there are going to be nasty, judgmental & insulting comments coming instead of simple answers. So allow me to say I think they both are hot in both pictures. Christopher is handsome & has a great smile in both shots. Nowadays I think he’s a great performer with a hot lean-muscled build. Very sweet too.

  3. Ben says:

    Hm, well, they were and still are to me ;)

  4. sxg says:

    Chris of now definitely. His old self is too slim for me. And as far as Rafael goes, neither. I can still see that fake ass of his in the old pic and his hair is just terrible. I’d say I have to go back to the beginning of Rafael’s porn career to find him attractive for me.

  5. Jorge says:

    Christopher was a FUG, he looks better now

    • Zach says:

      you’re fug

      • I think its perfectly acceptable to post comments about models being FUGLY and how gross their “fake asses” are as long as you post a pic of your face next to your comments so we can all laugh at your busted ass mug. Fair is fair people.

        • Tanner Tate Fletcher says:

          I agree. Most of those judgmental people either hate their fugly selves and deflect or just need a hug. Ok, no hug from me. Christopher, you are beautiful.

        • nhuixnhuix says:

          Actually I thought your slightly nerdy-looking self was SUPER cute.
          Now you are handsome but I totally would have taken old you in a heartbeat as well

          And I was totally fugly then and still am now :)

        • N says:

          If you didn’t want to be judged, then being in gay porn is probably not what you should be doing. I don’t think saying people who comment on people in the public eye, mind you, need to post pictures of themselves first is remotely fair. We’re not the ones fucking on camera for an audience.

        • Absurdist says:

          If it’s neither lame nor cliched, I’d have to say Christopher Daniels was adorkable, in a sort of Zooey Deschanel way.

        • MJ says:

          that’s really you then?! I seriously would’ve never guessed it.

  6. DPS says:

    Christopher is such a sweetie, but PLEASE stop with the facial fillers. You don’t need them. Rafael Alencar is so foul, his ass implants alone ruin every scene. Dude also never shuts the fuck up either during a scene.

  7. watbetch says:

    Dang… he was like 120 pounds soaking wet 6 years ago? Kinda hard to imagine.. but he got hotter as he got older so, I’m mad tho.

  8. Mr Man says:

    Did he really have a butt implant?!?

  9. DD says:

    Chris Daniels has been rocking my world for a minute now. He is one sexy-ass white boy. Damn!

  10. jessi says:

    This is going to sound vain, but I prefer the new roided up Chris. He was way to skinny before and in desperate need of some testosterone, which it looks like he found. Not all men are created equal when it comes to male hormones and some men need help to be all the men they can be. Good for him. I’ve been thinking about whether I should get hormone replacement therapy from my doctor and now this has helped me make up my mind. I look like Chris did in 2006 and now I want to look like a grown man, especially since I am in my 30′s now.

  11. Luke says:

    We were all hotter 6 years ago
    But this thread is insulting. Both are fine and not a huge difference from 6 years ago.
    There are much better extreme examples of gay porn stars 6 years later. This is not one of them.

  12. Evan says:

    I wish some of these porn workers would realize this business has a shelf life..(hint hint Rafael)..LoL

  13. Rocco says:

    Rafael looks the same and Christopher has gotten better with age.

  14. seaguy says:

    Christopher looks like he has butched it up a bit with age. Both are hot in either photo and are ageing well.

  15. StarScream says:

    The only reason I watched a scene with Alencar is because he was fucking Johnny Rapid ..

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