The Swordies Box Cover Of The Year Winner: Chris Tyler And His Three Balls, Body Shop


[Note: The Swordies are here! From now until the end of the year, I will be sporadically giving out awards in a variety of categories to the best (and the worst) in gay porn. How are The Swordies determined? Who votes for The Swordies? Don't worry about it! It's this simple: Whomever and whatever I want to win, wins.]

Box Cover of the Year: Body Shop

The only thing better than two balls? Three balls. And Chris Tyler has three balls. Before you go screaming “Photoshop!” GayPornBlog has already vetted the authenticity of Chris Tyler’s magical three balls, and each one of them is real. Also, polyorchidism is an actual thing. Until now, Chris Tyler’s three balls have played second fiddle to bigger stars, but now, finally, Falcon has put them front and center for everyone to fully appreciate. Marvel in the triple ball realness:

To be fair, this would be a strong contender for Box Cover of the Year even if Chris Tyler only had two balls (or even one ball!), because, uhh, look at him. Regardless, The Swordie for Box Cover of the Year goes to Falcon’s Body Shop! Congratulations!

Watch Body Shop.

And because Chris Tyler’s Body Shop scene isn’t online yet, here he is getting fucked in last month’s Cabin Fever (Chris Tyler might be Hottest Bottom of the Year, too…):

[Cabin Fever: Boston Miles Fucks Chris Tyler]

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19 Responses to “The Swordies Box Cover Of The Year Winner: Chris Tyler And His Three Balls, Body Shop

  1. sxg says:

    Love this guy he’s one hot little fucker! What surprises me is that he doesn’t have massive cumshots, which I thought he would considering the amount of balls he has lol.

  2. Idol says:

    This article should also win The Swordie for “Best Blog Post of the Year” if for no other reason than it pushed the photo of James Huntsman and whatever that was with him off the front page of your site.

  3. J2 says:

    There’s such a medical condition where people have extra cocks, never mind extra balls. Try googling up videos of “man with two dicks” and “octocock”. That’s straight porn though.

    • sxg says:

      wow that is insane! What I’m glad to see is that both dicks look completely normal in the videos I’ve seen. I was afraid that one of them would look completely alien-like lol

  4. phallus says:

    Hmmmm, anyone think his third “ball” might well be a tumor?

  5. Legend says:

    He and Malachi Marx should do a scene. Together, they’ll have the right amount of testicles.

  6. says:

    wow, a crease in the ball the sack is a ball?

  7. MaV says:

    I’ve seen Chris Tyler in other websites, he’s very sexy!

  8. Spongey says:

    Ol’ Chris Tyler (aka Nikko) has cleaned up and looks good with some fur on his chest. The three balls are a bit weird, but I can overlook it.

    Also, I vote for 34 on the CC b-day guess? Although some think he’s closer to 50. LOL!

  9. kayak says:

    OMG, is it weird I find him even hotter with 3 balls? LOL

  10. chris tyler xxx says:

    i want to thank all my fans out there. i love all you guys and keep watching there will be more to cum ;) if you have any request please email me at thank you again i love you guys

    • sxg says:

      I have a request: get a twitter account! so your fans can cyper stalk you! :)

      • He has a Twitter Account : @ChrisTylerXXX Stalk along with us at Falcon Studios. This is an amazing release and Chris Tyler is definitely one of the reasons…and for more than just the cover shot.

  11. SuperGay says:

    Yeaha Chris-Tyler when he’s not engage in domested violents with his girl-friend and going to jail for it.As reported on another porn blog like Men of Porn which is why he probably change his porn name to the one he has now.To keep porn fans from googling his old porn name with his police record I will at admitt I don’t know him on a personal level but beating your lover dozen’t make you a nice person doze it.Even though he claim to be Bi and going gay-porn who knows maybe his girl-friend didn’t like the facts he doze gay-porn and has sex with other men just a thought?

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