The Swordies Best Sean Cody Model Of 2012: JAREK


Sean Cody models are the unicorns of gay porn. Everyone jerks off to them, but has anyone ever seen one in real life? Maybe if I say that I’m giving an award to the best one, he will come out of hiding to accept it in person?

I want to interview one of the notoriously inaccessible Sean Cody models, so here’s my way of trying to get the attention of the site’s very best model of 2012–by kissing his ass. The Swordie for Best Sean Cody Model of 2012 goes to Jarek. Congratulations, Jarek! You are insanely hot and not only the Swordie winner for Best Sean Cody Model of 2012, but also a potential Swordie nominee for Best Gay Porn Top of 2012, which will be awarded later.

Two years ago, Jarek started out as a lean twink with a huge uncut cock. 19 scenes later, he’s a bearded and barebacking muscular power top with a huge uncut cock. I love his new hair, too.

[Sean Cody: Jarek]

[Sean Cody: Jarek]



[Sean Cody: Dane, Grayson, & Jarek]


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19 Responses to “The Swordies Best Sean Cody Model Of 2012: JAREK”

  1. max says:

    polish sausage :)

  2. theo says:

    WRONG. Curtis.

  3. Max says:


  4. DPS says:

    He is hotter hairless and minus the Sun-In, and plus a condom.

  5. Paul says:

    Have to agree with you…Jarek is extremely underrated and his hotness has only increased with time, which is very rare in porn. He would definitely get my vote as Best Sean Cody Model of 2012, but 2012 isn’t over yet and we have yet to see how far new hottie Daniel goes in his SC career…

  6. jack says:

    Sean Cody has so many hot models. I don’t know how anybody could pick one. Just check out Jamie, Brandon, Pierce, Marshall, Brodie, Dane and at least a dozen others.

  7. grey says:

    He is so gorgeous! i was snobbing this Jarek when he wasn’t looking this yet. Now, he makes me hard by just looking at his hot face. Now i’m torn between my Sean Cody favorites..Calvin, Brandon or Jarek???

    1. How old is he?
    2. Is he really gay or just gay for pay?

    Gaaaah i’m crazy for him now. I’m a top but i would be bottom for him if i could spend a day with him. I wonder if he would date a 20-year old like me.

    • Jay says:

      @grey I thought Jarek was very handsome when I saw him in his very first SeanCody video (the solo). He turned 24 on Oct. 2, 2013. He did, in fact, have a girlfriend in Oct. 2013, whom he referred to as “my girl,” but I’m not sure whether they were still together in Nov. 2013. He also has gay friends and they go clubbing together. And he has a very close male friend of whom he said, “[You are] my closest friend…Love you.” You can let your mind run wild with that one, but I’m not sure if this “closest friend” is gay, bi or straight. My impression is that Jarek is primarily, but not exclusively, straight.

  8. peter says:

    Don’t like long-haired, highlighted Jarek. Preferred the buzz guy who banged Jamie — the best SC model of all-time!

    “Y’all wanna fuck?”

  9. Darek says:

    His name is Polish but is he Polish himself?

    • Jay says:

      @Darek As is typical in the porn industry, Sean Cody models don’t use their real names. Model Jarek is not Polish. He’s Romanian-American. He has a slight but noticeable accent. I assume he was born and raised in the US but grew up in a Romanian-speaking household.

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