The Swordies Best Press Release Of 2012: “Jason Adonis Celebrates 10 Years & Hires David Forest to Manage Adult Bookings”


Talent agent and male madame David Forest’s legendary press releases have been introducing, re-introducing, re-re-introducing, and re-re-re-introducing gay porn stars to the world for decades, but it’s the press release re-re-re-re-introducing gay-for-pay gay porn mega legend (and doting father of two!) Jason Adonis that has earned Madame Forest the 2012 Swordie for Press Release of the Year.

For those who haven’t been closely following the Jason Adonis saga, he has retired and unretired and retired from gay porn 689689235790 times since his first movie in 2002, and even Forest  himself has called Adonis “difficult” in one of his previous unretirement press releases.

Here’s David Forest announcing Jason Adonis’ most recent retirement, in 2011:

Mr. Adonis has abruptly ended his long career in the adult entertainment business. Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with [Adonis] since late 2002, when I first approached him about being available for some MEET THE STARS private meetings AND a few LIVE appearances. He ended up aborting the first 2 LIVE bookings…I had to eat the airfare money AND got no commissions. The story began then…ending with tonight’s Micky’s cancellation. One of the worst things was his initial Falcon Studios deal, which I initiated … in mid-December of 2003. [...] He didn’t last more than 6 months with them.


He has actually had his phones disconnected and isn’t returning any emails. How dramatic. What an uncool way to go out. [...] Oh well he never should have asked me to “bring him back” (early June). I knew he was DONE last December. Over the years he screwed me up with many cancelled LIVE appearances and he messed up several studios. He will go down in gay porn history as one of the hottest, could have been huge, bitter, screw ‘em but they still want him back, flaky, strange characters the adult world will ever have known. He was married, with a child, over the entire aprox. 10 years of his adult ent. career. AND, in the end he asked me to get him the Micky’s gig and he didn’t even have the courtesy to call or email me and tell me he wasn’t doing it. I should have known, from the first time he cancelled a live gig 8 years ago that he wasn’t an honorable person.

And, here’s the Swordie award-winning press release from this weekend announcing the return of Jason Adonis. Congratulations, David Forest!:

Good-looking in a way that gay men swoon over, gay adult superstar Jason Adonis was a natural for porn and fit right in when he made his first movie in 2002.  Now, after ten years (10), JASON ADONIS has worked  for every top studio including COLT, Falcon, AMG, Blue Blake and last year, Raging Stallion Studios put him in a scene for Tony Dimarco’s “Brutal,” the studio’s big porn blockbuster movie for 2010.  The reaction was great  … he then did scenes in RS’s “Animus” and “Demascus.”

Jason is a total star that didn’t get comfortable with being an adult icon AND a straight Midwest father until NOW.

Finally…after ten years! Is this the moment you’ve been waiting for?

He finally realizes that he loves doing the movies … he loves the attention he gets.  He’s a sensational LIVE performer and gets off pleasing crowds, yet, has really only done shows in Chicago, NY/Boston and a few cities in Florida.  He needs to make up for lost time.  He wants to do club gigs all the time.  AND …his private meetings are always successful and he enjoys meeting his fans that way.  He’s overcome the paranoia that clients are all out to get him.


And to help him keep everything positive, coordinate his movies, live shows and private meetings so he makes the most money possible, having the best fun …  but being concerned, always, about quality, customer satisfaction and fan and industry approval.  Forest does these same chores for ZEB ATLAS and new star, CHASE STEVENS.  The Forest management operation is called: The Private Meetings are booked by

Jason will continue living in the Midwest with his growing family (2nd child is a pure delight). He’s available, immediately, for ALL areas of adult work.  The LIVE shows he’s been doing in NYC and Chicago will continue. The clubs he hasn’t worked should contact us for November, December & January dates. Jason packs them in wherever he appears. AND … his price is always reasonable.  Private clients have been waiting, patiently, for Jason to be ready to enjoy “fan appreciation meetings.”  And, now he does. Contact me TODAY!


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21 Responses to “The Swordies Best Press Release Of 2012: “Jason Adonis Celebrates 10 Years & Hires David Forest to Manage Adult Bookings””

  1. Harold says:

    I’d rather it be Tristan Adonis.

    • EdWoody says:

      He was a sweetie, I wish we’d seen more of him.

    • Jason Adonis says:

      Umm. David was just supposed to organize a deal. That was it. No press releases and def no Meet The Stars crap. I have nothing to do with this press release and certinally knew nothing of him mentioning so much of my personal life. A little tiny email and things got way out of control. David does not rep me at this point. Every studio and Club he contacted – contacted me and made it clear that they want to work with me but not with David. I am in no way throwing him under the bus. Kindly I feel sorry for him. And as far as needing money for Xmas. LOL. If I needed money for Xmas I would have shot with Jet Set and and instead of passing. It is not about money, sadly there isn’t any in porn anymore. There wasn’t supposed to be any announcements like this. WOW. And to The Sword. Will you kindly take down Press Realease from David in which he tries ti Pimp my personal life. Every other site did. It’s bad taste and I had nothing to do with it.



  2. Bakeley says:

    “Good-looking in a way that gay men swoon over…” Yeah, gay men are such suckers.

    • Sam Armstrong says:

      Yes. Because millions of gay me all like the same thing. Ready, eceryone? Three! Two! One! Annnnd SWOON!


  3. DD says:

    “He’s overcome the paranoia that clients are all out to get him.” I don’t actually doubt this. I bet it’s hard being a porn star and escort. Wondering if this is going to be the fan that’s cracked a little deeper than the others.

  4. Jordan says:

    When will these old porn hoes realize there is an expiration date….SMH

  5. Karen Smith says:

    He should totes break Cody Cumming’s anal “cherry”. That scene would be hotter than hell.

    • sxg says:

      Yes because we all know Cody Cummings shouldn’t/won’t fuck Jason Adonis because Jason will shit all over him. Then again that might not be such a bad idea…

      • Karen Smith says:

        And that is what prompted me to think of that pairing in an anal scene. Nothing but the best for Zach’s fave Cody Cummings!

  6. T-Bird says:

    Gimme a break this guy has come back and been pushed to the front of all the studios and moved to the front cover of the dvds and then bailed. How many more times do we give him press. Yes he is hot but so are the 150 other guys who bust there asses and don’t make a movie and then vanish for a year and then show up again with a renewed love of the business make 2 movies and get burned out.
    My favorite quote is

    He finally realizes that he loves doing the movies … he loves the attention he gets. He’s a sensational LIVE performer and gets off pleasing crowds, yet, has really only done shows in Chicago, NY/Boston and a few cities in Florida. He needs to make up for lost time. He wants to do club gigs all the time. AND …his private meetings are always successful and he enjoys meeting his fans that way. He’s overcome the paranoia that clients are all out to get him.

    He finally realized he loves doing movies ? When you mean when his wife and kid need new clothes, and a new tv, and a nicer car. This guy only likes the industry and his fans when he needs $.

  7. me says:

    Not to sound stupid, but in these “Private Meetings” do the stars actually have sex or what? I mean, I saw a few straight porn stars there. So I am wondering are they dancing or fucking or what?!

    • MIke says:

      Are you kidding? Madame Forest is master of the bait and switch and has been caught numerous times peddling straight porn stars, retired porn stars, current porn stars, International Male Underwear catalog models, you name it – who have never heard of him.

      • MIke says:

        LOL. Charles Dera and Derek Cameron. Derek’s been out of the business for over 10 years and Charles has a single YouTube where he says explicitly any Twitter, Facebook, promotion or anything else online using his name/image is not authorized by him and it pure bullshit.

  8. SkittleFits says:

    Yeah, he’s back from retirement NOW THAT HE NEEDS THE MONEY AND NO ONE IN THE ‘REAL WORLD’ WILL HIRE HIM. Sorry honey but you should have appreciated it while you had it. Your career (along with your hairline) has receded.

  9. DD says:

    I think he too could be back on top in porn if he bottomed!

  10. SuperGay says:

    This is the worst fucking news story ever? Jason-Adonis back in gay-porn yet again! Is he for real, what the hell! Just what gay-porn really need another fuck-up str8 g4per porn star, whoo need real gay porn stars in gay porn any more.When the gay-porn industry can just hire more g4pers instead to do the job or like thereof because gay men don’t care for the real thing any more their all hook on str8-g4pers and their lies.Real gay porn stars have decided their all going to become ex-gay nut jobs and leave the gay-porn industry to g4pers who really hate performing gay sex with another man.They rather go home and fuck with their wives and girl-friend than fuck with another gay man but they will all do it for the money and not the sex at lease that’s what they tell themselves right.Because gay men are not interested in gay men doing gay-porn any more they all want to get screwed by g4pers for half the price and beside, love has nothing to do with it so name your price and stick that str8-cock up your ass.So who more ( Delusional ) the gay-porn industry ,gay men are gay-porn consumers and how long do you think this g4per thing is going to last before it dead out and be replace by another nitch that don’t involve str8-g4pers but real gay men doing real gay-porn.

  11. JAdonis_Fan says:

    Jason, as one of the last great super-stars, you are still the hottest in or out of the biz! You are face and body: the total package. A lot has changed in how we consume media since you first hit the scene, and things continue to evolve rapidly. But rest assured you have a legion of fans (like myself) who not only bought physical DVDs with you on the cover, but buy digital downloads of your scenes, and will stream content you put out. Whatever you decide to do, know that you have a die hard following. FUCK ALL THE H8TRS!!

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