Straight College Men’s “Taylor” vs. Austin Zane’s “Mason”: When Was He Hotter?

I’ve already declared him the “hottest person in the entire world,” so obviously the only answer to this question is “both, duh.” Today I would like to also declare that I would officially kill myself if I could spend just 10 seconds alone with Mason/Taylor in that bathtub or on that bed (I would probably kill myself anyways after blogging about some of the things I blog about, but that’s another story). Since I’m feeling especially honest right now, I would also like to admit that I have spent the last three hours watching his old videos on Straight College Men and taking screencaps. Actually, I’m lying. It’s been five hours.

On a scale of 1-10, how insane do you think I am?

If you answered “10,” you win. But being obsessed with the hottest person in the entire world makes you do crazy things, so I don’t care what you think. On, Mason has three or four videos with both Austin and Zane, and they’re great. But, I’ve watched them at least 1000 times. So imagine my delight when I discovered all of his prior work on Straight College Men, where he appeared as Taylor? You guessed it: Delightfully dead.

Straight College Men stopped updating their site a long time ago, but it’s still taking memberships and has hundreds of downloadable videos–so if you join, what you see is what you get. But who cares. All that matters is Mason. Or Taylor. Whatever. Here are some of the screencaps I took of him swallowing loads, jerking with another bro, and having a fourgy with three other bros (two of whom are Austin and Zane, whom you’ll remember left SCM to start their own eponymous site).






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7 Responses to “Straight College Men’s “Taylor” vs. Austin Zane’s “Mason”: When Was He Hotter?”

  1. Johnny says:

    Your guy Mason/Taylor is very hot. All of the guys at Austin Zane have this casual and natural sexiness that make them almost irresistable. I like that these guys appear normal in every way. Not models, not spray tanned, nice/natural bodies and guys that seem to genuinely like each and are turned on by each other.

    I’m looking forward to the guys getting a bit more adventurous and to giving Mason/Taylor a little more screen time.

  2. sxg says:

    He’s hot, but there is far better out there.

  3. Spongey says:

    I’m sure if you contact the boys at, they would let you pet him for a few minutes.

  4. Loki says:

    He looks like he’s on drugs/hung over (is that one word or two?) in the more recent pics.

  5. Steve454 says:

    Yeah, I thought he was pretty sexy if you don’t mind the tatts. I do think he’s not quite there with regard to his gay sex scenes. He is enthusiastic, but just not a great performer, imo. He’ll do all the obligatory things on the list, but I always feel like he’s going thru the motions.

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