Straight Bartenders Sue Weho Gay Bar Micky’s Over “Strippers displaying their penises and a stripper walking around with semen on his face and chest”


Nine former Micky’s employees are suing the West Hollywood gay bar over allegations that they were forced to look at too much dick, and were then fired for being straight (and black). I hope their frivolous lawsuit fails miserably, but at the same time I’m glad they filed it, because it is amazing.

Micky’s has been around forever (don’t ask me what year it was when I first started using my fake ID to get drunk there—oops), but it burned down in 2007 and didn’t re-open until April 2009. It’s been home to drag shows, stripper parties, Cocktails With The Stars (the weekly porn star interview show that you should also not ask me about) and more, but if this lawsuit succeeds, Micky’s will almost certainly be shut down.

Via WEHOville:

The plaintiffs are charging the popular nightclub, known for its male strippers and go-go dancers, with civil rights violations, which include lewd conduct, creating a sexually hostile work environment, racial discrimination and discrimination against heterosexual employees, and labor code violations.

Matthew Krupnick, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit against West Hollywood Boys Town, Inc. (WHBT), owner of Micky’s, provided WEHOville photographic evidence of strippers performing in the nude, strippers openly displaying their penises and masturbating in front of patrons, a stripper walking around with semen on his face and chest, a patron using his finger to penetrate a stripper’s butt, a ring toss game involving a man’s penis and employees pouring shots of liquor down a stripper’s back while a patron licked it from the stripper’s butt.


Even if all of that is true (it’s probably not), grow the fuck up. You voluntarily applied to work at a gay bar with strip shows.

The civil rights complaint filed under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) contends that employees were forced to work in a sexually hostile environment because hardcore gay pornography played on big-screen TVs throughout the club during working hours. One of the plaintiffs alleges that his roommate was featured in a porn video.

So, the plaintiff was willing to LIVE with a gay porn star, but seeing the gay porn star’s porn is grounds for a lawsuit? I’m sure there was never any porn back at their WeHo apartment.

The nine plaintiffs – all male, five gay and four straight – worked as bartenders, a security guard and a manager. Two female employees were also initially involved in the suit before dropping out.

Krupnick reports that the straight employees were forced out of their jobs at Micky’s because management didn’t like having heterosexual employees. According to Krupnick, they were told when they started they’d be fine as long as they kept their heterosexuality a secret.

Every bartender I’ve ever encountered at Micky’s has been openly straight and openly douche, so who’s to say they weren’t fired for being the latter?

One black employee and one bi-racial employee, both gay, say they were fired because Micky’s owner Michael Niemeyer, didn’t want African-Americans working there. One employee was accused of stealing and exhibiting a “West Hollywood attitude,” according to the lawsuit.

The hell? If they didn’t like African-Americans, why did they hire them in the first place? And, someone working in a West Hollywood bar was fired for exhibiting a West Hollywood attitude! That’s got to be worth at least $15 million. Oh yeah, the nine plaintiffs are SUING FOR $15 MILLION.

Krupnick believes the case could carry a $15 million verdict, if not higher, depending on the punitive damages the jury awards.

Micky’s can’t even afford free cocktails for the talent they book, so good luck with the $15 million.



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28 Responses to “Straight Bartenders Sue Weho Gay Bar Micky’s Over “Strippers displaying their penises and a stripper walking around with semen on his face and chest””

  1. sxg says:

    lol this should get interesting

    BTW love the article you wrote about CWTS. And that pic with you and brandon Wilde, you look a bit younger now than in that pic you took.

  2. Stu says:

    Wow, who knew strippers would actually like strip and flaunt the goods at everybody? Micky’s is clearly not the establishment of choice for these former employees.

  3. Jeffreys Stankhole says:

    Didn’t some straight bartenders from the Abbey get charged with drugging and raping straight female patrons? This is just more and more proof that heterosexuals are just annoying and shouldn’t be allowed in gay clubs. Get the fuck out.

    • JoeyOh says:

      Hello! I’m soooo bored with straight bartenders and busloads of straight girls with their suitcase handbags flooding the gay bars. Get Lost already. There are plenty of gay boys who can do the job. Who ever started this downward spiral shpuld be shot enough already. There is nothing worse than to be patronzed in a gay bar by a straight bartender for a big tip ugh you wouldn’t want to know what they really think of you…

  4. Cau Si says:

    It’s like working in a gynecologist’s office then complaining about being subjected to the unappetizing sight of vulvae…

  5. Real says:

    If the allegations of their working conditions are true, then I need to put in an application.

  6. Seaguy says:

    Desperate pathetic individuals who have an ambulance chaser attorney.

  7. Josh says:

    And to think, not one of those Real Housewives of WEHO plaintiffs, were emotionally damaged enough, after having to put up with the disgusting likes of David Forest and that bird-of-paradise flowering shirt to file suit, about that.

    What the fuck is this world coming to?

  8. Real says:

    Also the facebook group for this lawyer’s law firm if chock full of pics of him at gay bars with other gogo boys/dancers. The unprofessionalism of that aside, he should know first hand what goes on there and should know that his clients don’t have a case.

  9. Legend says:

    Why the fuck would anyone apply there in the first place?

  10. Adam says:

    So they’re suing because the gay bar is too gay, is that right?

  11. Sheldon says:

    I’m waiting to hear the other side of the story. You just know the answer to this complaint will have the lowdown on each of these plaintiffs.

  12. Pavel's Puss says:

    I would love to partake in a gangbang with all nine of them… perhaps a prison scene… lol

  13. Hugh says:

    I reached for the Purell after I read this. WTF?

  14. DK says:

    So it is this website’s position that it is okay for employees of a food- and beverage-serving establishment to walk around with semen on their face and their penises hanging out?

    Are you really that immature?

    I realize some (thankfully not all) gay dudes are stuck in arrested development where “anything goes” — sort of like babies, for whom it’s okay to crap, cry, spit, and pee when and wherever they want. Usually when people grow, they start setting reasonable boundaries for their own behavior and that of others.

    Mickys is my favorite bar in WeHo. Love the barely-covered go-gos. But I don’t go to Mickys to have some dude’s cum dripping into my cocktail — take it to the bathroom, the bedroom, or the bathhouse fellas. It’s not that hard.

    • Real says:

      You sir made the mistake of assuming that everything the plaintiffs said is true…

      Micky’s is your favorite bar. How often have you seen guys walking around with cum dripping on the food and drinks they’re serving?

      • DK says:

        Nah, you made the mistake of assuming that assume the allegations are true. I’ve never seen what is described in the lawsuit occur at Mickys, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened as obviously I haven’t been at Mickys 24/7 seven days a week. I didn’t see the Holocaust either, but that’s not because it didn’t happen — it’s because I wasn’t there. So what I’ve seen and not seen at Mickys is moot — it’s what the plaintiff’s claim they saw that’s up for debate.

        More importantly, my point did not address the veracity of the statement — it addresses the bizarre dismissal of the allegations on the grounds that this stuff is okay because it’s a gay bar. Say what? If you oppose the lawsuit on the grounds that the allegations are false — fine, that’s valid opposition. But if you oppose the lawsuit on the ground that allegations of dudes walking around a food and beverage service establishment with cum on their face is okay because it’s a gay bar — grow up.

  15. MikeM says:

    oh Jesus – this sounds like the next stupid reality show to hit Bravo

  16. Kookie says:

    I love Mickys. I’ve been going for the last 5 yrs. Yes, they are known for their gogo dancers. Yes, they can sometimes be a little revealing. I have never seen a stripper masturbating. I have never seen anyone walking around with cum on their face. That’s just a ridiculous accusation. They have tons of security that throw people out for the slightest infraction. They have security cameras everywhere. The only time I’ve ever seen porn playing on a video screen is upstairs for their pornstar interview show-upstairs, away from street view, showing clips from porn films to showcase the pornstar appearing at the show, and it’s usually a promo sent from the studio. I can’t speak for the workplace regulation violations. If they are true, then the bar deserves to pay for those infractions. As far as the straight former employees complaints-get the fuck over it and stay the hell out of our bars!!! The gradual eradication of the gay bar-everything these days has to be assimilated into an all inclusive environment. Go to Abbey any night of the week and it’s 60-70%straight-barstaff and customer. Most of the gogo boys in West Hollywood are “straight.” If they can manage to come into the bar, get hard, and let dozens of men stare at and touch their junk, then the damned straight bartender behind the bar should be able to deal with what they’re seeing. They knew what they were getting into when they got the job. If you don’t like it, go some fucking place else.

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