Spit, Swallow, and Snowball: What To Do With a Mouthful Of Cum


Not sure what to do with the giant load that’s about to be shot out of the cock you’re sucking on? Here’s how Jackson Taylor handles such a situation.

Forget having to choose between spitting and swallowing—just do both! Then, use whatever cum is left to snowball the person you just blew.

Here are real-life boyfriends Trevor Laster and Jackson Taylor (they’re the brand new porn couple that you guys just can’t get enough of) in the trailer for the third episode of Undiscovered. And don’t forget to watch every original episode of Undiscovered in full on NakedSword.

The cum eating comes at the very end, obviously:

[NakedSword's Undiscovered: Trevor Laster Fucks Jackson Taylor]


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9 Responses to “Spit, Swallow, and Snowball: What To Do With a Mouthful Of Cum”

  1. sxg says:

    Swallow and snowball are the best choices! Usually both would be great :)

  2. StarScream says:

    Hmmmm… thought I heard these 2 were retiring

  3. Best Actor Grabby 2013 ... says:

    …goes to Trevor Laster. When he said “Oh God, you’re so tight.”. I really believed him. Forget about Daniel Day Lewis for “Lincoln”.

  4. Filip, Sweden says:

    Wow! This trailer was great!! Good looking guys too.

  5. Freddie says:

    Now take off the condoms too!

  6. michael says:

    Jackson is a pretty enthusiastic bottom and that Trevor guy has a great dick and body.

  7. Suzanne says:

    wow! super hot!

  8. mitvh says:

    the top is very effeminate (which i don’t mind) but not too cute, the bottom is a good bottom slut and sort of cute, would go for him

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