South Florida Gay News Publisher Compares Cruise Ship Sex Criminals To Dead Black Teenager Trayvon Martin


The publisher of South Florida Gay News, Norm Kent, has written an editorial calling for a boycott of Atlantis Cruises for taking gay people to anti-gay countries (it’s not gay people’s responsibility to know where they are going on their awful cruises?!), and in it he invokes slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Because two men who spent the night in jail after having sex in public is exactly the same thing as an innocent 17-year-old who was shot and killed while walking home.

Norm Kent:

First, let’s make sure you know what happened. Two Palm Springs California men were arrested by the Dominican police, pulled off their cruise ship and charged with buggery after being caught doing their thing on the balcony, apparently in public view of some enraged islanders who have a hell of a lot of time on their hands.

Yes. How dare these enraged islanders, what with their “vision” and their having the nerve to be in public at the same time as these innocent white men from Palm Springs who were minding their own business and fucking on a boat balcony in front of an entire town, just doing their thing.

Second, they were brought before some Dominican dirt bag of a judge who, before fining them $4,000 on a reduced charge, condescendingly called them “rogues and vagabonds.”

Third, the sentence came after they had walked to court while local residents menacingly berated and abused them, shouting threatening pejoratives at them.

They were called names. You can’t call gay people mean names. Not in 2012. Wake up, Dominica!

Also, imagine going your whole life without anybody ever knowing who you were, and then you go and have sex in front of a bunch of people in a third world country and that’s what you will be known for for the rest of your entire life. Oh, look, there’s those guys who fucked on a boat. Wonderful! These idiots could have paid their fine, came home, and vowed to never have sex in public again (or to at least be more careful next time). But instead, they want even more attention. Putting on a public sex show wasn’t enough! These grown men—who were brazen enough to bare all in front of hundreds of people—want you to know that people said mean things to them. They’re whining to anyone who will listen, and now they’ve inspired Norm Kent and the SFGN to treat them as victims who were shanghaied in a foreign land full of “menacing” and “enraged islanders” and a “dirt bag judge,” when in fact all they were was fucking stupid. Even stupider, they’ve inspired SFGN and Norm Kent to compare their stupidity to the shooting and death of an unarmed teenager.

Fourth, that sequence of events followed an internment of nearly 24 hours in a decrepit jail cell with no lights, water or toilet, after being forcefully removed from their cruise ship, and being told by the captain they were facing up to 14 years in prison. Can you imagine what was going through their mind during those hours? In summary, these island guests were treated like a black kid wearing a hoodie in Sanford, Florida.

Norm Kent is insane.


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13 Responses to “South Florida Gay News Publisher Compares Cruise Ship Sex Criminals To Dead Black Teenager Trayvon Martin”

  1. Archangel9 says:

    Hmm…i wonder which one was the top?

  2. James says:

    LOL!!! There is nothing betta than false equivalence! Two adults, arrested, jailed, fined, and released. Both are alive and sharing their ordeal with the media. These two are just like a dead 17 year old!! I love it!!!

  3. Hmmm, let’s see. Having sex where you can be viewed in public….I’m sure it’s against the law everywhere in the USA. And most places that would subject you to an arrest and/or fine. Even TI was told to not have sex in full view at Folsom(inside a building in front of a window).

    I do think that something needs to happen with gay oriented cruises/tours that go to countries so homophobic. Not sure a boycott would work. But I do think letting Atlantis know that it’s an issue would help.

    Comparing them to Trayvon is ridiculous. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad what happened to him.

  4. Andres Furtuoso says:

    Norm Kent reminds us all that racism within the gay community is a serious problem

    • Zach says:

      No. Racism is a problem among certain people who are racist idiots, not an entire “community.” There are more straight people who are racists than there are gay people who are racists.

  5. MIke says:

    Given the behavior of these two and the fact that there seem to be DEA agents waiting aboard ship when revealers return from ports of call, let’s see who boycotts who.
    Yeah, I’m an old buddy duddy gay, but from what I’ve heard some travelers can’t wait to disembark and take a Clorox bath for like a week.

  6. Winterhell says:

    Those two had sex, in a balcony, facing the port, no more than 20 meters away. Of course they were going to be arrested, and rightfully so.

    • seaguy says:

      If you lived on a seaport would you spend your free time looking at the cruise ships? Only if you were looking for trouble (ie had no life, and wanted to get people in trouble cause you do no like their lifestyle)

  7. Legend says:

    Older gay men; dress your fucking age. Every time I see one of those horrible neon tank tops, it reminds me of those ridiculous botox riddled 40 something women in LA wearing Juicy Couture sweatsuits.
    Kills any sympathy I may have had for your inane persecutory accusations.

  8. Kev says:

    Nothing new. We’ve seen it many times before: Something horrible happens, and some delusional LGBT group or journalist takes that time to come up with all the convoluted parallels to the perils of being gay that he/she (or he-she) can think of. Gay narcissism/opportunism strikes again! And again. And again. And again. And again…

  9. Andres Furtuoso says:

    That is because there are more straight people than gay people, but then again you try being a gay black man in Chelsea among mostly white gay men and you tell me if you still feel the same way

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