Sneak Peek: Even More Sweatpants

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Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero’s GuysInSweatpants launches one week from today, but here is one more sneak peek at who you’ll be seeing on the site.

Models performing with Austin and/or Anthony and/or each other include: Shane Frost, Tate Ryder, Bryan Cole, Chad Hunter, and a lot more.

And by MORE I mean Ben fucking Driver, as seen directly below. If this blog had a hole, it would be quivering right now.



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17 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Even More Sweatpants

  1. Ben Driver says:

    Everyone looks so great! I can’t wait for the site to launch so I can watch Chad & Bryan’s scene.

    • dan says:

      hey ben. one of your many fans here.
      do you have your own website?
      i think you are one of the hottest guys i ve seen.
      love to get together with you for a drink or more

  2. doubledose says:

    This just gets better!

  3. Dutch Courage says:

    I would never have chosen the name GUYSNSWEATPANTS for a gay porn website. It sounds cheap and reminds me of obesity.

    • Klaus says:

      Hey Dutch, you might want to visit the site by now. The pictures of Guys in Sweatpants, that Austin has collected over the years, will change the way you think about Sweatpants for sure.

  4. aslogan says:

    Those “PORN STAR” knuckle tattoos are a great long-term idea.

  5. Lein says:

    It’s all about Tate. Anthony and Austin are old news.

  6. robotsmith says:

    pass on comdoms…

  7. Pornobobbie says:

    Love the pics! But um…..where are the sweat pants?


  8. Jimmy says:

    I like the concept of of “Guys in Sweat Pants.” Whenever you can capture the chemisrty of performers, it’s a good thing. I’m reminded of the old site “Austin Zane.” The chemistry between Austin and Zane is what made that site unique and what made me a subscriber. Unfortunately, the chemistry and the money was not enough to keep AZ going. I bet GISP will have better luck.

    I cancelled my AZ membership so I’ll just dedicate those dollars to GISP. Yay!

    BTW, I guess veteran porn producer, Tom Moore, (yuck) has picked AZ at some type of fire sale? It’s now total crap. What’s the point of AustinZane without Austin or Zane? Shut it down!

  9. Marty says:

    Hot pics and beautiful hole.

    What does his knuckles say?

  10. Luke says:

    Ahh more promotion to a site that will be in existance for 6 months max.

  11. MaleBoudoir says:

    Anthony has such a beautiful face and those eyes!

  12. Nick says:

    Same dudes different site..i’ll pass!

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