Seth Knight Lets Loose In New York: Webcam Sex Shows, Modeling Photos, Club Appearances, And A New Boyfriend??

seth111’s 2011 Twink of the Year, Fleshjack’s 2012 Fleshjack Boy, and the Grabbys’ 2013 Newcomer of the Year nominee Seth Knight is taking New York City by storm! Here’s a sneak peek into the wild world of superstar Seth Knight as he celebrates Black Party weekend in NYC.

He’s hot, he’s young, and he’s smart. The world is Seth’s oyster!

Here’s Seth Knight doing a Randy Blue webcam sex show with Austin Wolf and Tyler Wolf:

Is Seth Knight dating Tyler Wolf, or are they just webcam fuck buddies?? Is Seth Knight dating Austin Wolf or Tyler Wolf?


Is Seth Knight dating Charlie Harding? Here’s Seth with Charlie and a pal shopping in NYC today:

Who is Seth Knight dating? Is Seth Knight dating Charlie Harding, Austin Wolf, Tyler Wolf, or someone else?

Was Seth Knight shopping for something to wear tonight when he performs at Matinee’s “Pervert” party?


Here’s Seth Knight on a photo shoot yesterday in NYC modeling one of those hats that everyone’s wearing.

Who is Seth Knight dating? Is Seth Knight dating Austin Wolf, Tyler Wolf, Charlie Harding, Justin Bieber, Max Ryder, or someone else?

Who wore it better?


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14 Responses to “Seth Knight Lets Loose In New York: Webcam Sex Shows, Modeling Photos, Club Appearances, And A New Boyfriend??”

  1. Nhuixnhuix says:

    1) I always thought Seth Knight is really pretty and a good performer but you know my thoughts on tattoos on general – and,well, his in particular?
    2) Why is Austin W. wearing a cock ring? Is there seriously sadder and more offputting?

    • EdWoody says:

      The bizarre thing is, not once have i ever seen a cockring actually work. Any scene in which they are used, the guy is still soft as an over boiled noodle. The thing is obviously not doing the job it’s designed to do, so what’s the fucking point?

  2. Jasher Scott says:

    You mean he’s not just getting fucked by them all? That’s where my mind went first.

    Also, that’s Tyler Wolf wearing the cock ring, Nhuixnhuix.

    • sxg says:

      Which is strange because I found out that Tyler is the bottom in the relationship. He doesn’t really need to stay hard, unless he was about to fuck Seth Knight. Austin sadly does not bottom in his private life and he only does it for his escorting, which I find a bit strange. Makes more sense if it was the other way around.

      BTW if you haven’t already look at the comment that nrets said about Seth Knight and his “weight loss” lol. I was the one who screen capped this pic and the reaction of Seth and Austin was funny.

  3. doubledose says:

    Cute pix he is def growing on me. Something about those pix and scene with Jake did it for me.

  4. DPS says:

    He looks like a chihuahua.

  5. robirob says:

    I may be the only one, but I don’t like the spiked hat at all.

  6. Bananas says:

    I could have sworn Seth went through a whole phase tweeting about never doing porn again, getting out of his contracts, and becoming a teacher. I see that went well.

  7. dan says:

    seth knight and justin bieber would be the hottest gay couple omg im jizzing myself thinking about it….

  8. owen phillips says:

    Seth is a train wreck. Its all about him and when he’s done with a man spits him out and finds another in days. Sick boy. Steals from fans to. Satan returns

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