Seth Knight: “Excuse My Beauty”


Twink sensation and Fleshjack reject Seth Knight would like to have a boyfriend, but all anyone sees him for is his beauty, according to Seth Knight.

In an interview with a Tumblr called “Revolutionary Gay Magazine,” Seth Knight takes you inside the mind of Seth Knight, in which Seth Knight reflects on past relationships that people had with Seth Knight, Seth Knight reveals what it was like when Seth Knight was named Twink of the Year, and Seth Knight laments how Seth Knight’s beauty makes it impossible for Seth Knight to have a boyfriend.

Please tell me who Seth Knight is and what’s his mark in the world?
Seth Knight is a good person someone with a heart someone who doesn’t think he’s the shit just cause he does porn. Someone who cares about his fans and cares how he comes off in the porn world..making sure everyone still knows I’m human and a person.

Was there ever a time you felt defeated, stuck and wanted to break free?
With my ex he made me feel so trapped. I wasn’t aloud to do anything. Didn’t trust me. Made me feel like I was always doing something wrong.

You are as adorable as they come. Such a beautiful face and a sweet smile. Do you get a hard time finding good guys because they only see your beauty, or are you good in that department?
It’s very hard. All they see is my beauty and then it destroys our relationship cause they get in their head. “Seth Knight is so beautiful why would he want me when he could have anyone” so then they start going crazy and get controlling. So it’s very hard to find a man with my line of work.

Also, Seth Knight has some strong words for all of the Seth Knight haters:

What do people usually stereotype you about, and what do you want to tell your haters?
People hate on me about my child looks. Honestly I don’t care what they think. They’re probably 60 years old hiding behind a desk and behind a fake picture and only way to make them feel better is by hating on me but by the time I’m 30 I’ll still look 15. (Laughs)

Gosh, if only people could look past his beauty and get to know the real Seth Knight.


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27 Responses to “Seth Knight: “Excuse My Beauty””

  1. Surreptitiously Yours says:

    “Seth Knight is so beautiful why would he want me when he could have anyone”

    Shut the fuckin front door! Did he really say that??? Isn’t it kind of scary that he thinks looking 15 at age 30 is something to be proud of? You cant be a twink forever doll; just doesnt work that way.

  2. Steve454 says:

    I guess you could call Seth cute, but beautiful is not what comes to mind, even if I were into twinks.

  3. LOLwhut says:

    I’m not so into Seth Knight. I don’t find him that attractive, but he looks adorable in that photo

  4. LOLwhut says:

    It’s funny how he describes himself as “someone who doesn’t think he’s the shit just because he does porn.” and then goes on to extoll his beauty. lol

  5. DPS says:

    Omfg this bitch… You look like a Chihuahua honey. Ain’t no beauty in that.

  6. vince says:

    i do think he’s very cute in a twink way and i love to see him fucked and yes he has an attractive face and a natural slim body, wish him all the best

  7. Josh says:

    REVGAY Magazine. “Gay Pop Culture At It’s Finest!” But only if you like Tumblr style gay culture linked from a benign free blog template with a dotcom address! No active links, no advertising, no nothing!

    Now that’s what I call revolutionary!

  8. T-Bird says:

    He is cute but he def chose the wrong words with the beauty. But we get it people just see him for his looks etc.

  9. Ceecee says:

    Oh my goodness, why?
    I think Seth Knight looks alright, but I can honestly say I’ve never jerked off to a scene of his. Why would I? I know Seth mostly from Cocky Boys, and I don’t think he even holds a candle to Jake Bass.
    Seth just reminds me of all the other cast-offs from NextDoorTwink.

  10. Jeffreys Stankhole says:

    Jesus Christ. First off you’re cute but you’re not that cute. Second, clearly the ex you are talking about is Jack Genesis (funny to think you were the more stable one in that relationship). Third is enjoy your beauty because one day you’re going to be in your thirties with heartburn, stiff joint pain and failing vision like the rest of us. Twinks are cute but an aging twink is just sad. Finally, you try not to come across as a dick but clearly you are a dick.

  11. Cau Si says:

    He should do a Nutella enema so when his next fuck thinks he’s shitting on his dick he can just say, “see, not only am I beautiful on the outside, even my twink shit tastes awesome.”

  12. wowowow says:

    “Seth Knight is so beautiful why would he want me when he could have anyone”

    LMAO. this made my day!! thnx zach

  13. Adrian says:

    Omg I’m 63 and sat at my desk! I love Seth though… being forever young is good!

  14. dre says:

    Aloud? Really?

  15. estelle says:

    He’s adoreable! I have the perfect spot for him in my Great Aunt’s curio cabinet. Right between the Madame Alexander’s and Hummels!

  16. TruthTooter says:

    It’s all fun and games until your hole has been plowed so much by big black cocks you need diapers just to shit. A pretty face with a pretty awful pooper. Excuse your “booty”.

  17. asby says:

    there is a reason he does porn……being pretty will only get him so far in life

  18. sxg says:

    Well he is cute, but for me I am not into cute at all. I want a man in life not some pretty twink with no substance.

    And he should be nice to the 60 year olds. They’re probably his biggest fans. Seth Knight should personally thank them for jerking off to him instead of circling around grade schools in search of their next meal.

  19. nhuixnhuix says:

    I think he is really cute and has a pretty face but clearly he tried to overcompensate the twinkishness that he apparently feels uncomfortable with by putting these oversized tattoos on his body and it doesn’t work either way: it doesnt make him look like a man any more than before but it kinda ruins his twinkish body.
    But a pretty good performer

  20. Straightforward Isn't Cryptic, Dumb Ass! says:

    I say we Kick-start-her-up***kick on the starter give it all you got, you got, you got***(sorry, Stones digression)

    Maybe we can Jerry Lewis her enough for Chaz Bono’s doctor. Raise some money at the Here Lounge too. Is the Here there?

    Anyway, who can we trust to NOT mop the fishbowl donations for a ‘fertilized battery acid in a Sudafed crust’ party? Those NDS rejects are O-U-T!

    Surround the bowl in garlic & condoms. Neutralize vamps & T.I.M. tramps.

    Ya know, Cher allegedly said those F-to-M testosterone injections were absolute hell on her baby.

    WAIT, y’all are lying to me! That is not a man in Revolting Gay Mag! It’s Selena Gomez’z’ez’ sister, right?

    I have been tricked. Well…fuck this shit.

    Blinded by ***SCIENCE!***the beauty.

  21. linda says:

    “People hate on me about my child looks….but by the time I’m 30 I’ll still look 15. (Laughs)”

    Yeah, but after 25 that phenomenon starts to make for a creepy-looking guy. Just keep that in mind, young man…

  22. Robert says:

    Youth is wasted on the young!

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