Separated At Birth: Duncan Black’s Face And A Few Pumps Of Cetaphil’s newest exclusive model and officially the cutest person on the planet Duncan Black gets the Cetaphil treatment in a new orgy scene.

ManRoyale isn’t the only site to make use of Cetaphil, as employs the fun and sexy lotion in these stills from their new JizzOrgy scene, “Spice It Up.” Given the economic state of the adult industry, why hasn’t a gay porn studio approached Cetaphil for a sponsorship deal yet? If you’re gonna use it in all your shoots, you might as well try and make some extra money!

Here’s my pretend boyfriend Duncan, permanently unretired Bobby Clark, newcomer Liam Magnuson, Colby Jansen, and another new Men exclusive, Donny Wright:

[JizzOrgy: Spice It Up]

Also, don’t forget to check out new exclusive model Duncan Black appearing exclusively in the first new episode of’s “So You Think You Can Fuck 3.


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9 Responses to “Separated At Birth: Duncan Black’s Face And A Few Pumps Of Cetaphil”

  1. Anthony says:

    What does it mean by Cetaphil treatment, I don’t get it

    • Jon says:

      It’s not really cum all over him. They use Cetaphil for the still shots, and are implying that he has it all over him. And since so many gay studios apparently use it for still shots as “cum”, they are suggesting that a gay stuido approach Cetaphil for a sponsorship deal. It’s a joke.

      And didn’t Bobby Clark retire? What is it with these people who so vocally retire and then you see them in 87 more movies.

  2. Joe says:

    Nope – Not Cetaphil, I have it on good account that it is Str8CamLube – looks more like cum than Cetaphil! LOL

  3. LadyBoyBunny says:

    In this economy most porn companies use cetaphil. It’s cheaper than str8cam lube.

  4. Eddie says:

    Does anyone think the egg white mixed with a little of smashed ‘ transparent gelatin ‘ and maybe a pint of powdered milk could pass for cum or it’s just me ? I never did the experience and I couldn’t think of other stuffs to replace ‘ man’s juice ‘ right now. Are eggs, gelatin and powdered milk too expensive for a porn shoot budget?

  5. watbetch says:

    oooh cetaphil or not he’s cute as fuk

  6. SkittleFits says:

    The cum splatter pattern doesn’t look natural nor real. Too staged. It’s an obvious fake. There should be different consistencies of semen for each performer, some thick and milky with others clear and watery. You’re fooling no one.

  7. neobgay says:

    The final cumshot in the real scene is pretty close to this treatment, because he finish with the face and pecs all with cum.

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