Sean Cody’s 10 Best Uncut Models

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If you’ve been reading The Sword this year, you already know who #1 is.

Because Sean Cody has finally been featuring more and more uncut models in recent months, it’s time to pay tribute to all their hard work and recap the best ones–not just from the past few months, but from the site’s entire history.

(And make no mistake: Cut penises are great, too. All dick is amazing.)

Most of these, by the way, are from the past couple years, and only two of them (Harley and Addison) appeared on the site before 2008. The .gif on the left comes from Gay Porn Blog, and it’s of the model at the top of this list.

10. Luke
Not the biggest, but he’s got great foreskin and, uhh, did I mention that Sean Cody really doesn’t have that many uncut models to choose from?

9. Addison
If you can forget that whole murder thing, his cock is great.

8. Jarek

7. Esteban

6. Liev
Brand new as of this week, Liev is hung, uncut and apparently a communist? Cool.

5. Jeff
Almost too big to even be taken seriously. (I said almost. I take big ones very seriously.)

4. Dennis
Sometimes Dennis doesn’t look uncut? He barely has any foreskin, but in my extensive research (watching all his movies), I can confirm that he’s uncircumcised. Also, if I were doing any sort of post about balls he would be #1.

3. Jake
Maybe the most perfect penis on the list in terms of shape, size, color, and taste (I’m guessing).

2. Harley

And the #1 uncut model is……



Was there any doubt? No one (uncut or cut, for that matter) will ever come between us.

Thank you for all these uncut dicks, Sean Cody.

Sean Cody:






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15 Responses to “Sean Cody’s 10 Best Uncut Models”

  1. Res says:

    Um, where is Julio? He was packing heat. Such a shame.

  2. DPS says:

    Ick, foreskin is so unnatural. :(

  3. Pornobobbie Uncut Superhero says:

    HARLEY/SIMON DEXTER SHOULDA BEEN #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But still….GREAT list Zachary!!!!!! :D

  4. Tommy Wells says:

    no pornobobbie. no. :P

  5. Kelo says:

    Sean Cody’s nude shots just look so silly. The guy’s standing with a senior portrait grin on some stranger’s couch, naked with a hard on. *le sigh*

    Anyway doe, nice cock shots !

  6. robirob says:

    Very nice selection. Love Jake.

  7. aslogan says:

    Uncut isn’t my first preference, but I’ve seen prettier uncut dicks on Fratmen. YMMV.

  8. silkrock says:

    mmm I do love me some Ethan! Would to see a threesome with Ethan,Liev,and Jake Liev these guys are so adorable!

  9. Mack says:

    When will Sean Cody pair Ethan with Dennis?

  10. Danny says:

    Jesus, y’all left off JAMES, the dark-headed pale guy with the violet eyes??? I’m shocked. That dude is like the most beautiful guy on that whole site!

  11. Cason Kim says:

    who is in the video on the very top ??

  12. Graydon says:

    Uncut dick is the worst. All that smegma. These guys just don’t wash! Yuk!!

  13. dean says:

    circumcised is disgusting, I have no clue why Americans think a dried up mushroom dick is acceptable

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