Riley Price: “Fuck The Past, Kiss The Future”

For one, he got himself an agent (contact Jason Curious’ DV8 Casting if you want Riley in your movie), and he’s already been cast in multiple projects for Naked Sword and Falcon. Plus, he’s writing a book. (There is something about former Randy Blue models and books!) Also: his ex-boyfriend, Britney Spears, and the cherry tomato incident. Read all about it in my exclusive interview with Riley below.

I actually interviewed Riley last year when I was editor of the Unzipped blog, and while his career has taken some twists since the first time we spoke, his approach to doing porn is as bold now as it was then.


The Sword: Hi Riley! I think the first question a lot of people might ask you is what happened with Randy Blue? You told me last year that you would never work for anyone other than Randy, and that you would stay with him until you retired. So what made you change your mind about leaving and going to work elsewhere?
Riley Price: First off, Randy Blue has been a dream to work for. We had a great run, but I want to be bigger. I worked with a lot of other people there, and it was a game all the time. What happened was, I got a thirst to become not-localized. I dont want to be on 1 of 113 channels, I want to be on at least 3 of them. I don’t think that’s too much too ask. Before I left, I tried to work out a new agreement with them so I could expand, but it didn’t work out.

I think people can respect that drive and that ambition. But is it kind of like you’re starting all over again? How do you think it’s going to be different now that you’ll be working for other producers and other studios? What are you anticipating?
I am gonna feel like the new guy in school, with new peers, teachers, and whatnot. What I anticipate for me is greater and more accessible performances. All I can do is what I have taught myself to do: show up early, work hard, and be nice. Randy will speak to that any day. But other than that I don’t look much more into it. I can’t really think about this as much as I’ve got to take action and make myself better. Fuck the past and kiss the future.

Fuck the past? Does that mean you have regrets?
No! I mean that in the sense that I don’t want anyone remembering me just for Randy Blue. The momentum has been coming on forever and it will be everlasting, until I choke on a Big Mac and veer off the road into a ditch.

RandyBlue-MVP-Riley-Price-Fucks-bodybuilder-Cayden-Ross-6Yikes. You know, there’s a perception among some that you’re a loose cannon (i.e., the tomato incident with Fabscout Howard and the “fight” with Dayton O’Connor in Chicago at the Grabby’s), but are you as wild and unpredictable as people think? If so, is that a good thing? Or do people have the wrong impression of you?
Well, the Dayton thing was staged; it never happened in reality. And yeah, I threw a cherry tomato at Howard’s face only after he threw a semi-soaked napkin at me. In all seriousness, I think it’s that others really dont know me. If you truly knew me, you’d understand me and my predictability. I’m a lover not a fighter. Howard seems like a cool guy, but we got off to a bad start. I have no issues with him. In my opinion, I think that tomato issue has gone rotten.

Okay, then let’s talk about your work. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job as a performer?
I love the fact that I can give others some sort of gratification. Everone needs it to be sane. I feel like I’m a medicine for people sometimes, and that’s rewarding. Medicine is a reward.

Almost all the reviews of your work with Randy Blue have been positive, with some saying you’re the best bottom the site has ever had. How do you plan on keeping the momentum up and turning in the same great performances?
First, that’s a very nice label people have used for me. It’s not hard to be a great bottom when you have a great top–just keep ‘em coming! All I can do is continue training like an animal, keeping my head up, believing in myself, and being a good person. I have good people around that make me feel nice and push me, but I feel good knowing that the pushiest person in my life is me.


And what does it take to give these great performances? Are you “acting” or are you really as into it as you seem?
You can’t fake a feeling. Those guys over at Randy Blue are good, and they know how to work their cocks. 2010 was a great year, but in 2011 I want something greater. I want new blood and I want the best.

How do you get turned on or “in the mood” before you start shooting a scene? Do you need outside stimuli or do you rely on your scene partners?
When I show up to the scene I’m already in the mood. When I walk up to the shoot, I’m ready to go like the Bears’ Jay Cutler, every Sunday walking up to the line.

Huh? Bears?
He’s a quarterback! Football.

Oh, right. Continue.
So yeah, I am always in the mood. I’m an exhibitionist and I love to perform. I lose myself in each scene so I can take it all in. That’s the duty I have to myself and others. I want to look great and be safe, and as far as the people watching, I want to give them a great performance that makes them feel as great as I do.


I know you just got out of a relationship with another porn star, Trent Locke. Can you see yourself dating someone else in the industry again?
I can’t really put a lid on anything, I mean the heart doesnt live if it doesn’t beat, right? I’m not a fan of my last relationship. I expected more than what I got. It’s gonna take a bit for me to date within the industry.

So it sounds like you kind of learned a lesson. What else have you learned since you started doing porn?
I’ve learned you just gotta be you. My hardest lesson that I’ve learned is don’t date within the industry. This industry has made me more accessible to other people and I’m easily exposed, but that’s the game. I find that keeping to myself has helped me, and I don’t have that many friends in this industry, which is a conscious choice. I understand there may be people who don’t care for me, and that’s okay. I don’t care.

What’s something you want your fans–the people who do like you–to know about you as you start this new path?
That I adore them for giving me a chance. And I adore them more for following me wherever I go. And I hope they like me in Golden Gate.

I guess that cat’s out of the bag now. You’re appearing in the last episode of season two, which I think comes out in late March. We can’t say who your scene partner is though; it’s top secret, right?

Okay, before I let you go, you asked me to ask you who you’d choose if you could only listen to one of them for the rest of your life: Bono or Britney Spears. So, this is me asking you that question.
Great! It depends on which one of them would give me a blowjob in a jacuzzi.

Excellent. Also, I’ve seen you’re writing about all your adventures; that you’re working on a book? Can you give me a sneak peek?
When I see you in San Francisco soon I’ll show you a chapter. Do you have a jacuzzi?

Thanks for your time, Riley!


[Randy Blue]

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  1. Spongey says:

    He’s gorgeous and I like!!

  2. Peter the great says:

    He was by far the best perfrmer on Randy Blue. I think him and golden Gate is the perfect marriage. I wish Gingerstud the best!

  3. Michael says:

    “Those guys over at Randy Blue are good, and they know how to work their cocks”

    This really made me laugh, most of the guys at Randy Blue can’t even maintain an erection let alone work their cocks. This guy is delusional.

    • Robirob says:

      I have to agree. The picture sets are great and very sexy, but most of the Randy Blue videos miss that certain spark for me to appreciate them. Neverless I love Randy Blue performers like Diego Sans, Reese Rideout, Chris Rockway, Andrew Stark and Dallas Evans.

  4. theo12 says:

    i cannot believe he dated trent locke. riley price is a stud and trent is just this big drama queen. i never understood it.

  5. Jeffyjo1 says:

    Riley Price was the only one I ever watch with the exception of Rockway. How do I sign up for Naked Sword so I can see Riley in Golden Gate?

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