Ricky Roman’s Ass


The Sword didn’t do an “Ass of the Year” award, but if it had, Ricky Roman’s ass would have been the likely winner.

It’s easily the best ass currently in rotation on Cocky Boys, and it’s already been fucked by Austin Wilde and Dale Cooper in the last month of 2012. If after seeing it you don’t want to eat, fuck, worship, slap, gangbang, and gay marry Ricky Roman’s ass, please leave this blog now.

Presenting the Top 10 Photos of Ricky Roman’s Ass:


Ricky Roman’s ass being devoured by Austin Wilde.

[CockyBoys: Ricky Roman]


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18 Responses to “Ricky Roman’s Ass”

  1. ceem says:

    Wow! It should hang somewhere in Louvre!

    • Dutch Courage says:

      I don’t think they will put it next to the Mona Lisa. Maybe in the basement where no visitors are allowed. If someone needed proof that tats DON’T enhance the beauty of the male body ….

  2. Derek says:

    Theres better asses out there, mine included. :P

  3. Marco says:


  4. get real says:

    Not all that impressive.

  5. dissi says:

    I think he’ll be the great new cockmuse of 2013 (sorry Derek Parker).

  6. John says:

    hot for SURE – and the way his cock hangs and sways is amazing, as well…..

  7. Julien says:

    Damn he is sexy. I wonder if he escorts.

  8. Iltman says:

    A magnificent asset and I happen to really like his tats!

  9. Sweetbread says:

    Nice body. Shame he had to go and fuck it up with that ugly ink.

  10. ricci says:

    not the best of asses but still a good prosciutto ass, he’s also awfully cute and willing to bottom (wish he had a better bottom than ‘automatic’ austin wilde), yep a great new addition

  11. Suti says:

    just saw a trailer with him: yummie !!!

  12. peacexxx says:

    Funny how y’all just assume but ultimately know nothing about bout these dudes haha get urs baby

  13. anonymous says:

    i would fuck him bareback and seed him

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