Gay Porn Star Quinn Jaxon Apologizes To Fans For Being Straight And Getting Engaged


Were you waiting for an apology from Quinn Jaxon (a.k.a. gay porn star Kurt Madison) following his engagement to a WOMAN? If so, you’re in luck.

After rudely proposing marriage to his girlfriend and disrespecting his thousands of homosexual fans, Quinn is finally doing the right thing and apologizing in a new interview with Beautiful.

For me, Quinn saying “sorry” is too little, too late. Sorry. But, it’s at least a first step in the right direction. Hopefully, all other gay porn stars who are straight can learn from this and issue similar apologies to their fans. But as far as Quinn goes, in order to truly make things right, he’ll need to call off the engagement, turn into a gay, and have sex with all of his male fans.

Beautiful: Let’s get the most pending question out Quinn… do you have a girlfriend or could there be hope for one of your many male fans?
Quinn: Yes I do have a girlfriend. Sorry. And I am now engaged. So sorry to everyone. But my fans always have a special place in my heart!


You’re a dancer and gymnast. You model, feature in video clips and act in movies. It is no secret you have also done some adult videos. How do you think that last [sic] will influence your mainstream work?
I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done. I enjoy trying just about anything. That’s what life’s all about I think. Some things may create obstacles, but I’ve found they also create opportunities as well.

Would you consider doing more adult appearances?
Not at this time. I’m really working hard on lots of different physical disciplines and my manager and I are really trying to create a stunt career. That’s what I am really focusing on – becoming a stunt man. I love the thrill and yes, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie.


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74 Responses to “Gay Porn Star Quinn Jaxon Apologizes To Fans For Being Straight And Getting Engaged”

  1. half porco says:

    He has an endeering smile , and if you look up his name on youtube , you can see he’s very talented .

    Good luck to him in his stunt career.

    Bitter queens : suck it up and move on with your life ( if you have one…)

    • Loki says:

      Very talented? Betch, puhleez. (Hey, if I’m a bitter queen, why not live up to the stereotype?) All he’s good for is presenting his ass and showcasing his dick (and swinging off a stripper pole).

      Yes, please become a stunt man. Here’s hoping you don’t die in some fiery auto crash/explosion thus depriving the world of the aforementioned ass and dick… *crosses fingers*

  2. Jouin says:

    That dick is ridiculously photoshopped. But that ass is real, shame it hasn’t been fucked (as far as I know).

  3. get real says:

    Why should he be sorry? Good for him. He’s easy on the eyes and seems to genuinely enjoy what he does. Glad to have him as an honorary ‘mo.

    • Loki says:

      Honorary ‘mo?! I’M STRAIGHT! How many fuckin’ times do I have to say this?! Do I have to film myself fucking my skank and upload the video to Xtube?! I just wish you fags would stuff your twenties down my G-string and leave me the hell alone!

      Quinn Christopher Jaxon

  4. Loki says:

    LOL! OK, so I Googled “Quinn Christopher Jackson” (it was the third entry on the dropdown menu) and immediately got spread-eagled ass sphincter shots…


    Oh, that’s real talent right there!

    • My Other Car's the Tardis says:

      OMG, nothing says “Sorry to my gay friends but I’m straight and engaged” then pics where your ankles are up around your ears and you’re flashing your chocolate starfish. And–his expressions says, “Hey, why’s the website named ‘This is Gonna Hurt?’??!!”

    • Say What? says:

      Maybe he can become John Travolta’s stunt man.

  5. Elitist says:

    That ass is wasted on a woman.

  6. Eddie says:

    There are so many performers doing porn ( and new ones coming ) that only if you become obesessed by one of them ( a real fan ) you’ll miss the ‘porn star’. If this young man prefers a job as a stunt man, good for him. How many years does a porn star ( or a escort ) carrer last? It’s interesting to see that only young men ( even a g4p ), in shape, with a beautiful face, with a big dick deserves the attention of the main stream porn consumers. Bears, daddies, grandpas, chubs, trannies…Those are almost unknown or completely forgotten.

  7. omg says:

    That woman is pathetic if she agrees know fully what he does, that is of course, if he told her.

    • OneOfTheManyChris says:

      If he were gay would you be pathetic enough to date him? Just curious.

      • omg says:

        No, I wouldn’t date him knowing his profession in straight porn and being straight for pay. :D

        • omg says:

          Maybe they should show a “best of” clips at the wedding reception.

        • OneOfTheManyChris says:

          Personally I would have no issues dating a sex worker, although I can see why some people would. (Nobody that hot would ever bother with me but that’s a different issue.) If it were a serious relationship and I wanted him to be monogamous that would screw things up. But I have no issues dating bi men. I don’t expect my lovers to be virgins. I don’t think a bisexual would be more likely to screw me over and cheat just because he’s willing to sleep with both men and women. Mr. and Ms. Jaxon worked out some sort of relationship that lets him continue doing sex work and still be married to her. I don’t see how it’s different from a male-male marriage where one of the guys is doing porn with men he may or may not find hotter than his husband.

          • omg says:

            You have really over thought this dilemma of dating a porn star…which is hilarious considering, you’d never have an opportunity to.

            I made a reference to the fact that I wouldn’t date a gay guy working in straight porn as straight for pay–well, because they don’t exist. I would have assumed you’d have a certain level of reading comprehension, but clearly you don’t.

          • omg says:

            The examples you gave are perfect for each other, regardless of the orientation… they are a sham relationship.

  8. Chris says:

    Is it easier to get work in gay porn than straight? Why do these guys do that?

    • omg says:

      in the closet and in denial.

    • OneOfTheManyChris says:

      Straight porn pays men between $0 and $200 a scene. The only reason they bother to pay guys at all is because amateurs never manage to get and keep it up once the lights are shining on their man-meat. Gay porn pays as little as $400 for a solo up to $5000 for being at the bottom of a hardcore gang-bang. I’m not in the industry or anything and I know there are exceptions in both directions and these numbers are just based on things people have said about it in various venues so they may not even be correct. But you get the idea.

      • omg says:

        Talk to the any number of performers who say those rates no longer apply considering the trail of “talent” that would take a pay cut just show up on screen.

  9. Mike says:

    Life is so not fair

  10. omg says:

    no straight man would ever have sex with a guy, no matter how much it would pay.

    • John Reed says:

      Your assumptions about life are naive and, um, stupid? Sorry, I don’t mean that you’re stupid, just that you don’t understand human beings and the decisions they make based on… oh wait! Never mind, I think you’re stupid.

    • OneOfTheManyChris says:

      As opposed to every woman in porn who has sex with both men and women for money? And don’t say “chicks don’t need to get it up” because there are plenty of women who can’t work sober and there are plenty of drugs for men who need a little extra. Plus I’ve heard rumors that there is a g4p guy who can barely get it up with his male partners.

      So are women naturally slutty enough to be lez4pay or is it that gay male sex is so gross that no straight man could ever do it?

      • Loki says:

        “And don’t say ‘chicks don’t need to get it up’ because there are plenty of women who can’t work sober…”

        Well, last I checked, arousal wasn’t needed to stick your tongue (or finger) in some slut’s hoohah. :/

        “Plus I’ve heard rumors that there is a g4p guy who can barely get it up with his male partners.”

        Uh, that would be like all of them. omg (the person not the exclamation), there are indeed straight men out there doing gay porn. But they’re either using ED meds + straight porn (you still need to be aroused for Viagra/Cialis to work) or injectable prostaglandins (no arousal necessary, usually wears off in an hour).

        • OneOfTheManyChris says:

          Aroused, no. Doped up? Oh yeah.

          • omg says:

            I do have to say, with the supposed high paying jobs for those straight guys to work in gay porn, I imagine they are offset by the number of magic blue pills that somehow can make anyone gay.

        • Asenath says:

          You’re doing that thing where you call women derogatory names you wouldn’t call a corresponding man again. Tsk.

          • Loki says:

            Oh, why if it isn’t the creepy old lady that skulks around gay porn blogs because she’s got nothing better to do…

            “…you call women derogatory names you wouldn’t call a corresponding man again. Tsk.”

            Bish puhleez, I call men sluts all the time.

          • omg says:

            I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to calling people derogatory names. Cheap Whore and Well paid whore being a distinction.

            There are loads of cheap whores making the rest of the work difficult for those in the industry. They do more for less, and they get more jobs because of it.

          • omg says:

            Women fake it, and don’t have qualms about admitting it. The distinction between men is that you cannot fake a hardon, or ejaculating–unless porn production companies can afford CGI. And without being hard, you’d only make a semi-decent bottom on set–something for which mysteriously heterosexuals can function as a top in ALL of these productions. Hmm. Maybe the magic blue pills can make anyone gay? I wonder how do they make those pills, do the keebler elves sprinkle magic ingredients to make that happen?

            Boy, I can’t wait for those fundamentalists to start suggesting gays take this pill to function in a “normal” hetero relationships. Just like good ole’ Quinn!

          • OneOfTheManyChris says:

            You can fake both hard-ons and cum shots with camera and editing tricks. For example, the guy jacks off to straight porn until he gets hard; they briefly shoot him touching a man; he loses the erection; they shoot him at an angle where you can’t see the dick; lather; rinse; repeat until you have enough footage to make a scene. Then the guy stands over the partner and jacks off while a straight porno plays out of camera range. Lest you think this is too sleazy they use pretty much the same techniques for the gay guys as well. It can take eight hours to film a scene and most of that is spent positioning the models and lights.

          • Loki says:


            I don’t really know what it is you’re arguing for here. That it’s A-OK for shoots to last 8-10 hrs just so you can have your straight guys in gay porn? I’ve seen enough BTS from gay-produced/gay-starred gay porn to know that, while indeed it is a lengthy process, the hard-ons and cumshots there are not “faked”. There’s also been a rise in the popularity of “gonzo” gay porn (which is shot in long continuous takes, no breaks to get your boner back) which puts these “straight” guys at distinct disadvantage. And with less editing, porn studios can quickly churn this stuff out. May be this’ll be one of the things (along with the increasing prevalence of bareback porn) to push G4P out of the industry…

      • omg says:

        no, women are not naturally slutty- they are disadvantaged in a society that doesn’t treat them equally, so they subject themselves toward having demeaning sex.

  11. ceem says:

    “Straight” my ass… Is that only selling point these guys have now?

  12. JakeA says:

    His face and the phrase ” I have a girlfriend” doesn’t match ,sorry but it doesn’t , that girl has to be really desperate for a guy or simply really open minded

  13. half porco says:

    The comments here prove that gay men are saddos and bullies .

    Oxygen thieves that society should cast away . If you want tolerance , you might want to consider starting at home .

    SO manyjealous and ugly people here ( on the inside and no doubt on the outside too!) .

    • ceem says:

      you can’t be tolerant to intolerant people (i.e. closet cases)

    • Rocco says:

      It’s gay porn.

      No one forced him, he wasn’t born into it – he chose it.

      We are tired of the dispassion and disdain that most of these g4p leeches display for gay men/sex/culture.

      If they don’t want people commenting about their personal life, then they should stop talking about personal stuff.

      I’m glad he’s moving on to “stunting” – one of the few guys they may actually have another marketable skill – and doesn’t have to begrudgingly do gay stuff.

    • omg says:

      Fuck tolerance. I owe this douche nothing. And for anyone to think they should bow down and kiss his feet because he is a “straight” who graced his presence in gay porn; you deserve my wrath too, just like a gay republican, you decide against your own interests.

  14. ceem says:

    I say if the want to be “straight” let them go to Saudi Arabia, they will sure like it there.

  15. Marty says:

    He is beautiful – good body. But really who cares, there are new actors every day

  16. Jonny says:

    I personally don’t care that he’s straight or engaged; more power to him and there are obviously loads of G4P dudes out there.

    He came out rudely when he got engaged and made it sound like we were assholes for assuming differently when HE was the one who wanted us to perceive him in that light.

    That whole “I’m engaged to a woman; deal with it” bullshit didn’t fly with me and it won’t now… now he’s “sorry” because he realizes dicks like his come a dime a dozen. What-the-fuck-ever, dude.

    • sam says:

      totally fuckin agree on this !!!
      dont worry we will leave you the hell alone !! its not like we gonna stalk or keep spealking about your fake personality for long than necessary …pff be happy wit your woman ,but when you will want to cheat on her just dont go find a guy

  17. Bakeley says:

    Doesn’t matter to me if he’s gay or straight. Our paths were never gonna cross anyway. All I can do is look at his pictures. And holy mother of God, is he worth staring at.

  18. Wanted says:

    I think the best for him is leave gay porn and just do modeling, I’m getting sick of this G4P plague

  19. robirob says:

    He’s such a tease. I’m sure he’ll get rich off of all his gay fans showering him with gifts and money for being such a cock tease.

  20. damques says:

    if he doesn’t talk and doesn’t make any movements then maybe, maybe, people might believe he’s straight. i’m thinking the stuntman career will only last until he breaks his first nail.

  21. WOW... says:

    Maybe ive been watcing too much xtube and belami previews…but WHO IS THIS GUY?..never heard of him..and reading this, im glad i never knew em….GREAT ASS THO!

  22. C says:

    HHHMMMM…If i am correct, This guy has only done solo scenes and photo shoots.. He has never aspired to do anything else so why are so many calling him a porn star? He hasn’t done anything against his nature and i suspect he would not have been negative to the gay porn viewers if they had not shot negative his way when they found out he was str8 and engaged.

    It always astounds me how people in the LGBT community put so much weight on the importance of someone who does gay porn effects our community and our gaining acceptance and equal rights. I wonder if the same people who spend so much time on going to each and every porn blog spouting so much venom, used that time to actually do something pertaining to getting our community more rights it might just happen more quickly. because, the way you people bitch about not having such rights is not going to happen tearing down guys who do gay porn.

  23. Ruddigore says:

    Has Quinn Christopher Jaxon done anything other than a solo for Randy Blue? He isn’t a gay porn star since he has never had sex with a man on camera. Cavorting with guys in their underwear for Andrew Christian is not gay porn. Fun, but not porn. If he identifies as straight, and is marrying a woman, then good luck to the happy couple. And yes, it is a waste of a great ass.

  24. SuperGay says:

    I don’t care how big his cock is are how he look the fact is he use us gays to make money and to project a false image of him self to us to make us believe he was gay when he was a str8-g4per all alone.So I don’t feel sorry for his ass at all I am sick and tire of g4pers taking advantage of us in order to make money what do they think we are their own personal [ piggy-bank ] for making money.And then turn around and diss us all to hell? When they feel they no longer need us any more to hell with them? we don’t need g4pers their the ones who need us and are making money from us gays.I say enough is enough it’s time we let gay porn companies know we don’t want g4pers who think can get away with treating gays any way they want and get away with it not any more they can take their anti-gay ass and go to str8-porn and see how much money they can make fucking bitches by doing str8-porn.because I for one I’m fed up with them and their selfish behavior we don’t own their g4pers ass any thing and that goes for gay porn companies who hire them as well the only reason the gay porn industry and companies keep protecting these ass-holes is because of the money their making off of them from gay porn fans and consumers who lust for them but I am not one of them and I never will be.

    • paul barrow says:

      question: i understand that actors in porn {especially gay porn] are just hookers and the porn is just a way for them to advertise what they do and get more business. if you go on to the actors websites they all do house calls for massages which is code for sex. i wonder if the gay for pay actors do this as well

  25. Dennis says:

    Loki says:
    July 27, 2012 at 3:53 pm
    Honorary ‘mo?! I’M STRAIGHT! How many fuckin’ times do I have to say this?! Do I have to film myself fucking my skank and upload the video to Xtube?! I just wish you fags would stuff your twenties down my G-string and leave me the hell alone!

    Quinn Christopher Jaxon

    Really? I personally couldn’t care less who you fuck in your personal life. As a porn model, star, actor, whatever, you are paid to provide a service. FANTASY.
    However, saying “I wish you fags would leave me the hell alone” may get you exactly what you ask for….
    Guys, move on, they’ll be another one tomorrow.
    (and yes the cock is photoshopped)

  26. Clint says:

    I know Quinn, I think he is a very handsome and talented young man. He is also a very nice man and I respect him and wish him the best.

    • Christopher aka: punkboi26 says:

      Well. that may be the case but a comment like this: –>”Honorary ‘mo?! I’M STRAIGHT! How many fuckin’ times do I have to say this?! Do I have to film myself fucking my skank and upload the video to Xtube?! I just wish you fags would stuff your twenties down my G-string and leave me the hell alone!”<– Is not even remotely something I would consider "Nice" and I find it quite childish. It's more like something you might here from a pissed 12 year old. If he didn't want this kind of attention he should have never got into the business. His remarks were very immature and hurtful to those that made his career what is so far. In that industry, your fans are the ones that decide your success. Kurt Wilde, also straight and has a family, is a good example of a guy that never disrespects his fans and appears to be quite a professional acting individual. Personally I wish the guy well. He is young and will make a load of dumbassed mistakes before things actually start making sense to him and he moves on to grown up life. But honestly, I agree with that other guy. I do not care for guys doing gay for pay. There are far more hot, beautiful gay guys to employ than there are straight guys desperate for a quick buck or have nothing more to offer than a huge cock that tends to need chemical assistance to function in the presence of another naked man. I also don't care for closeted guys that pretend to be straight doing gay for pay….that whole thing BLOWS MY MIND!!!

      *This is to *Dennis* keeps saying his cock is Photoshopped is getting annoying. The guy has a nice looking cock and I doubt it's Photoshopped. The wank video kinda discredits the whole photoshop thing anyway. It's like this, There's millions of guys out there with big cocks and there's always going to be someone that has a bigger cock than you or me or the next guy, that's life. In all honesty I have found that most big cocked guys tend to really disappoint in bed.

  27. jack says:

    It doesn’t matter to me who a gay porn star fucks off camera. That is their private life and none of my business. My interest is seeing a great sex scene on camera. Many of the Gay4pay guys suck cock and bottom/top as good or better than some of the guys identified as gay.

  28. Carry On People says:

    Forget about him. His “look” is a dime a dozen. There are hotter guys out there who will actually RESPECT the gay community. We don’t need this douche bag using us for his financial gain then shitting on our feelings. He’ll be quickly forgotten and in 6 months no one will even remember him. Bye! Bye!!!!

  29. hmmm says:

    He seems like an adoreable goofball in the AC videos. Don’t really care if he’s straight. He’s one hell of a dancer and I’m quite entertained.

  30. MJ says:

    Based on anecdotal evidence, I have my doubts that he’s straight. Bi, most likely. I do hope his fiance has an open mind. Best wishes and good luck regardless.

  31. The Grand-High Sorcerer says:

    Gays from USA, and England:


    Every where I go, I watch the repulsive faces from hundred…THOUSANDS!!! OF FUCKING HUNKS….

    AND I ASK YO….WHY???

  32. Rj says:

    Straight guy doing gay porn, hmmm?
    Strutting his dik n ass for all to see and perhaps fantasize about.
    And then maintaining he’s straight.
    It really doesn’t matter. I’m looking and I’m straight too. Lmao

  33. artsycreation says:

    He’s not straight. Sorry, you don’t do gay porn although I ca’t find him being with any guys if you’re straight. Now if he did just masturbating scenes then ok but, when you see him in videos with AC etc it’s obvious he’s bi and would be a better role model if he just owned up to that instead of saying I’m straight. In the end it doesn’t matter, because he’s hot and straight, bi, gay he still gets me off so that’s all that matters. Until you can be honest with yourself you can’t be honest with the world but, we all get there in our own time.

  34. Joey says:

    He’s straight, if the meaning of straight has changed to only banging guys off camera. Quinn is a queen in every aspect.

  35. mk19 says:

    given what he does, how he acts and talks. no female, fiance or not believe this. i never seen j-mac, a straight pornstar in this predicament or have to say what he is or isn’t

  36. Kyle says:

    Andrew Christian, your commercials with this guy are very much false advertisement. I want my money back.

  37. WhatEvenIsThis? says:

    I cannot believe this guy is straight. I remember seeing him pop up on tumblr sites a few years ago and thought hmm big dick. Then I saw vids of him and his Andrew C. work and thought holy cow he’s a total flamer. Then I saw a comment on a reblogged pic sayinig straight boy quinn and I was like “noooooooo, not him” then I see this and im literally in shock. If he’s straight, I’m the bloody queen of england.

  38. Curt says:

    No apology necessary to me. I have yet to see him do any gay porn on solo shoots. He is still one of my favorite HOT GUYS straight or not. Hell we all need to make money and at least he is not fake as most sites try and put their actors off as. Good Luck to him

  39. says:

    Gay Porn Star Quinn Jaxon Apologizes To Fans For Being Straight And Getting Engaged | The Sword

  40. Dean says:

    Why are some gay guys so cocky? Now before you get ahead of yourselves I’m gay. I mean you guys act as if you get completely pissed when a guy has sex with a guy but doesn’t want to date one. Hello its not all about you even though you think that it is haven’t you ever heard of bisexuals and don’t give me that Bi is a myth crap. Have you ever heard of curious guys. Maybe hes a guy that loves pegging and because straight porn doesn’t pay well enough and the fact that hes curious which their allow to be he decided to do gay instead. I’m not saying that every guy that claims to be straight really is but you have more gay pornstars that are really gay then ones that aren’t, but some of them could be Bi or just curious or doing it because they need the money it involves sex and they don’t have to go out and get real jobs. Who wouldn’t rather fuck then get a real job? I’m just tired of gay guys bitching everytime a gay pornstar says hes straight or marries a women.Most of you don’t mind trying to seduce and fuck a straight married man with kids who will never admit that hes gay or bi and will never leave his wife but you bitch and complain about a guy who is a active gay pornstar but is engaged to a women. That’s stupid I just wish I could fuck him on camera I don’t care if he goes home to her to me even if hes not he was gay for a of couple hours.

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