Porno Glossary: Caverject

Term: Caverject

An injectable prescription drug used to treat erectile
dysfunction, and a method of last resort to keep men hard on a porn
set. The drug is generally administered with a syringe at the base of
the penis, and the resulting erection lasts for a few hours.

On-set use:
Some studios have the Caverject kits on hand if the models
request it, others don’t (perhaps because the it’s illegal to dispense
a prescription or because they fearing liability if a star develops a
priapism, see below), but don’t object if models bring their own.
Others discourage use altogether.

In a small percentage of incidents, Caverject can cause a model to
develop a priapism, in which the penis will not return to a flaccid
state. At this point, it becomes a medical emergency.

Overheard: “If straight guys can be gay-for-pay, I’m going to
try straight sex — I’m pretty sexual and, if not, there’s always
Caverject right?”

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