Photoshopped Jack Mackenroth Ass Better Than No Jack Mackenroth Ass At All


The most powerful person in gay porn, Photoshop, strikes again, and you know what? It’s not that bad.

Jack Mackenroth is a former reality teevee show star who once had extremely weird facial hair and then opened up his own HIV-positive hook-up site. He’s shown his ass before, but it’s never been as insanely Photoshopped as it is here (courtesy of photographer Justin Monroe), but who cares?

It’s so absurdly overdone, Jack Mackenroth pretty much looks like a cartoon character. A hunky pornographic cartoon character. And if there’s one thing everyone likes jerking off to, it’s…cartoons!(?)

Justin Monroe via Manhunt:

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17 Responses to “Photoshopped Jack Mackenroth Ass Better Than No Jack Mackenroth Ass At All”

  1. Nick says:

    ..A mess!!

    • TrueWords says:

      YES Nick your ass is a MESS but this is QUITE the opposite!!!

      • Catsand says:

        It’s the only the opposite because it’s been photoshopped.
        If it wasn’t for that it would not look this amazing.
        It would still be plump but it would not look so smooth and new.
        That ass has taken so many loads.

  2. robirob says:

    Monroe is known for his overstyled pictures. They are supposed to look like you are on a bad acid trip.

  3. TrueWords says:

    I would love to lose a day rimming out that sweet man pussy…damn he is YUMMY!!

  4. Anthony says:

    I kinda like it, its pretty hot~

  5. Hahaha–Thanks guys! There is a lot of photoshop here. That’s Justin Monroe’s style. He also made me shave my entire body below the neck which I fought tooth and nail. But I love him and I love the photos.

    I appreciate the support.


    I urge POZ guys to check out It’s gonna be MAJOR.

  6. ceem says:

    Wish we could see that beautiful ass in the action.

  7. DPS says:

    It’s funny how his cock is photoshopped in one pic, then in the other its tiny again. Justin Monroe’s “photography” is hysterical.

  8. pornfreak says:

    Jack Mackenroth is hot and doing a great job of showing poz guys can be sexy.

  9. Justin Monroe photos are all photoshopped it’s his style! I’m so glad Jack decided to do a nude photo shoot, he should be proud of the body he has. :)

  10. Sissy Diddy La Cameo Cooksta says:

    I heard a rumor that Tim from Project Runway interrupted the photo shoot. Jack’s poses prior to Tim’s visit were apparently a bit reserved. Well we all know what Tim’s advice was ( of course you gals know what he said! Ladies, please don’t be so clueless! Tim’s advice to Jack was “Make it Work” ). Well Jack took Tim’s advice to heart, and extended his Butt out in every Picture that followed. I seen Heidi Klum also dropped by ( that’s Jack riding Heidi ( who is wearing that black and white number ) in the above photo

  11. Brad Burleson says:

    Jack – just saw a picture of you with a linda cindy christy naomi tshirt on ….PLEASE tell me where you found it – I NEED IT!!! :)

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