Matthew Rush Has “Died”


The porn star persona of Matthew Rush! Not the actual Matthew Rush, whose actual name is Greg, and who announced his retirement this week on Twitter (of course).

“I’ve told myself when I meet the man of my dreams, “Matthew Rush” dies. I’m sorry but “Matthew” died @ 11:45 PM last night…Hi, I’m Greg,” he wrote earlier this week. And with that, Rush’s 10+ years in gay porn came to an understated close. In 2001, Matthew Rush became Falcon’s first “lifetime exclusive” and was one of the first (if not the first) bi-racial gay porn stars to enjoy such success.

An exotic bodybuilder’s physique juxtaposed with boy-next-door looks, Rush was intimidating yet innocent. He was shy, yet aggressive. He had muscles as hard as steel, but the skin surrounding them looked as soft as velvet. He was a top, and later he was a bottom. His cock was huge, his ass was bigger. Many (myself included) had never had the chance to jerk off to someone who looked like him–especially in a Falcon movie, considering the studio’s penchant for only casting clean cut white boys. Matthew Rush was both everything a gay porn star was supposed to be and like no other gay porn star anyone had ever seen before. He was, to put it simply, a God.

Rush in 2001′s Hazed; Rush in 2005′s Cross Country:

With industry awards for Best Newcomer, Best Versatile, Best Performer, Best Duo, and Wall Of Fame honors, Rush left Falcon in 2009 to work independently for various studios. He also crossed over into several gay indie film projects, including Bruce LaBruce’s L.A. Zombie and Another Gay Movie. Currently, Rush is appearing in the stage production of Making Porn here in San Francisco.

Goodbye forever, Matthew Rush! Or, goodbye until I see you at the gym again with your hot boyfriend who, as your tweet suggests, is indeed hot and worth leaving porn for.

[Matthew Rush: The Falcon Collection]

[Watch Matthew Rush on NakedSword]



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40 Responses to “Matthew Rush Has “Died””

  1. geoff says:

    Wasn’t Tom Chase Falcon’s “first” Lifetime Exclusive?

  2. Josh says:

    No real loss. Looks have a shelf life…..

  3. James says:

    It was a good run! Hope he enjoys retirement.

  4. David Fagan says:

    Best wishes, Greg, for a wonderful and fulfilling relationship. In the years I’ve known you and Matt I’ve observed how Matt has drawn Greg out and how Greg has kept Matt focused.

    With Matt now existing only in Greg’s past, I’m sure he will be missed by some but his legions of fans have always been grateful to Greg for bringing Matt to life and, certainly, wish you every happiness!

  5. ldl says:

    do sluts ever REALLY retire?? :D

  6. JJ says:

    I liked him better when he was younger and less bigorexic looking…

  7. Ken Kaniff says:

    Meh, I never got his appeal and always FF (in the VHS days) his scenes.


  8. Alex K says:

    Never got it. Never thought he was hot.

  9. Erik Rhodes says:

    Luv ya, Greg… Best Wishes.

  10. Tucker Scott says:

    Best of Luck buddy! I won’t forget our “Mean Girls” shopping adventure in Chicago with Rob & Mitchell! Fun times! I hope we will still see you around! xoxo

  11. Bull says:

    Miss ya, but I wish you the best man! Congrats on meeting someone special!

  12. Paul says:

    I hope you are happy!!! Congrats!!

  13. Asenath says:

    In his work, he’s always seemed charming & drama-free. I wish him every happiness in his post-porn career!

  14. Belize says:

    LOL. The man is already retiring and bitchy queens are still taking a crack at him. Stay “classy” girls… and maybe you’ll understand why a lot of people vilify the LGBT community.

  15. sxg says:

    I like his body better when he first started, but I like his face more now, as well as his haircut. Am I the only one who didn’t know he was bi-racial until he started shaving his head? I don’t remember Falcon advertising him as bi-racial.

    Personally I think he should’ve retired a long time ago. He’s a good performer, but hearing him and seeing him off the stage of porn really crushed the image I had of him.

    • J says:

      I didn’t know he was mixed race till I just read this article but then again, I didn’t realise Austin Wilde was for about six months. I didn’t realise Slash from Guns’n’Roses was for 20 years but in fairness you rarely saw his face properly.

  16. Wayne says:

    We will see how long this retirement (and the relationship) last. I suspect he’ll be back for the fame and fortune soon enough.

  17. Shaun says:

    Not to sound mean, but it was time he retired. Going from Falcon to a site like Men Over 30 is a big downgrade. But at least he didn’t go the bareback route like many do. And that chest tattoo he got was terrible and very distracting.

    But I do wish him a lot of happiness and success in his life post porn. From all accounts I’ve heard, he’s a very nice guy.

  18. Rick says:

    I’ve enjoyed Matt Rush, but THANK GOD he’s retiring.

    His latest Men Over 30 videos are the worst — he looks so damn BORED and MISERABLE it’s unbelievable. No matter who he’s paired with, he looks like having sex is the LAST thing he wants to do. Why would anyone want to watch a porn star who looks unhappy fucking and sucking?

    MR didn’t change it up enough, either. I’m not saying he should’ve done bareback, but is a cumshot to the face so bad? He couldn’t find someone who’d swallow his load?

    Hope this relationship works out for Matt, but his track record’s not good. Just recently he was “madly in love” with Biff Boswell, and that flamed out over a few months.

  19. Idol says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…and sexy. Great success and continued happiness, Greg.

  20. Steve454 says:

    I will miss Matthew. I think it’s safe to say nobody in porn had a better ass. It should be cast in bronze and put in a museum. He is a legend and no one can take that from him.

  21. Dieter says:

    He and his boyfriend plan on moving to Alaska, where they hope to find a house where they can see Russia from their kitchen window. Greg hopes to use the fact that he, along with Al Gore, invented the Internet to help him find work in the computer industry once established in the icy north….announcing you’re leaving porn on twitter while acting in a play about the porn industry and hoping to move to San Fran to be supported by a guy you just met who has a low paying job = about as crazy as the top two statements made

    • Nanay Reagan says:

      Love that Dieter – you forgot to mention that “like Obama” Greg is also “evolving” on the idea of leaving the escort business

    • Tony says:

      Judge much? You must be quite miserable to be so snotty.You only make yourself look bad, not Matthew Rush

      • Valley Girl says:

        I agree Tony. Seeing Greg perform in “making porn” not only gave me an appreciation for his acting skills but also made me realize just what a truly great actress Mariah Carrey is. I can’t wait to hear Greg utter the words to his next role = ” will that be original recipe or extra crispy”

  22. Olaf says:

    Why would anyone be hateful toward this man? I lusted after him and loved his work for years. My first porn crush. By all accounts he is a really nice guy, and still is amazingly hot. I wish him all the best

    • Wayne says:

      Looks are one thing- he does look good. But the people who really know Greg and not the frozen grin wearing Matthew Rush at public appearances, know this is pretty laughable as Dieter pointed out. Not even 2 weeks after meeting this guy Greg will leave the industry? Sounds like the new boy has an issue with the industry. And needs the income the industry and all the adoring fans provide to make ends meet.

  23. Fred says:

    Far and well to you Matthew, now Greg.
    I like how good you have been always.
    I feel sorry for the bad words above.
    Wishing you Greg and your lover a long, active and tender life.
    Thanks for being Matt.
    Good luck to Greg.

  24. daddycentaur says:

    All the best to the former Matthew Rush (Greg). Just visited his twitter page and saw a picture of his boyfriend, and DAYUM he’s a hottie!!! Both of them are very lucky to have found each other. Greg, many years of happiness together. Good luck and best wishes in the future.

  25. AnsonSF says:

    Wishing you all the best, Greg! In all my encounters with you as a fan, you have been nothing but gracious. You are a true class act. Your achievements are significant in that there has been no one like you before or since. Thank you, Greg!

  26. robert says:

    I wish you the best Greg…you were one of the sexiest tops or bottoms I have seen on film.. I wish you continued success with the new man in your life

  27. Samuel Colt says:

    He is a great guy, sorry to see him go!

  28. Steve Cruz says:

    Happy for you! Hope he keeps you laughing! Much Love.

  29. Shlouby says:

    Since he was always shaved down, he never really did anything for me. I did like his deep voice and rough tones but that was never enough to spooj over him.

  30. Chris says:

    Best of luck to you Greg in your new adventures. You are one hot man! I hope to see you again in the real world. Chris

  31. Wayne says:

    Well…that relationship was shorter than the Kardashian one! Hope he makes it without porn. But then again, the way his career had died off he wasn’t really leaving much behind. =/

  32. Gabe says:

    It’s ok. I see him all the time (like 3x a week) at my gym now anyways. Can’t beat a live performance of him showing off his muscles! haha

  33. jimmy m. says:

    I have always admired your great looks and sensational body. You’ve paced your career very carefully and professionally.
    As the years have passed you’ve emerged as a wonderfully pleasant guy. The smile reveals the real man behind the actor. You’re a tribute to an industry that does not always conduct itself with such class.
    Yeah! In some recent photos and films you seem bored and even a tad altered. Easy on the sauce which I know from first hand slowly destroys skin.
    Thanks for the many hot fantasies you’ve stimulated. Even currently, when I go into a DVD store, your films are invariably rented out or on backorder for purchase.
    Thanks for the memories.

  34. Dwight L. Blount says:

    WHAT!!!! Greg Grove is dead! awwwww no no no don’t tell me that! he was so young still….can you tell me how he die? I met him years ago when he first started in the porn business and still have a picture of him & me together….I’ve been trying to email him and you tell he die! ooooooa I’m really hurt.

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