Cannot Unsee: Jeff Stryker’s Boardwalk Bar Appearance, Night 1

Hey guys, it's me, Jeff!

Well, here he is.

Duncan Black, Jeff Stryker, and Bryan Cole: Is a hot three-way in the works?

These are just the photos from night one of Jeff Stryker’s 4-night engagement at the Boardwalk Bar in Fort Lauderdale.

That means there are three more nights worth of photos coming.

Stay tuned…

Click photos to enlarge, if you dare.

Hey guys, it's me, Jeff!

Jimmy Fanz admires Jeff Stryker's hand

Trannies love Jeff, and Jeff loves trannies!

Separated at birth??

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81 Responses to “Cannot Unsee: Jeff Stryker’s Boardwalk Bar Appearance, Night 1”

  1. Justin Goble says:

    DAMN! that meat! lol

  2. aslogan says:

    He is bringing some Zombie Dick Clark realness.

  3. Bull says:

    got kinda a George Stephanopoulos look about him in the face. Still a fucking hot body.

  4. Kees van der Staaij says:

    Looking good bb!

  5. Wow,

    I think Jeff looks great!! And that dick!! I know the ageism of the commentors will be fucked up, but We all age, and I think Jeff has aged Very well….

    That dick however, hasn’t aged a day!! Still very very suckable…

    • TrueWords says:

      hell yeah i agree with with you Diesel…the face is alright, the body is damn good but that dick is REALLY FUCKING AGELESS!!!!

      Damn I want to suck on that

  6. pornbit says:

    I love mature men but why does he look so odd? It’s like his face and body belong to two different people. Doesn’t he have grown kids? I thought someone mentioned he was married to some rich (female) lawyer? I’m just trying to understand why he would do this now.

    • Chris says:

      He was a smoker; no idea if he still is; it ravages your face. Yes, we all age, and some men (um, George Clooney, for one) look better as they age; regrettably most, including Jeff here, won’t. His face does look oddly incongruous with his body (which still looks good). And as other have noted, the peen is still prime.

      Saw him on one of those HBO “Pornucopia” shows a few years ago, and remember reading later that a high school-age kid was being picked on at school because of who his dad was. So, yes, grown kids. You’d think maybe he could’ve not done documentaries about porn while his kids were still in school.

      Last, dancing at the Boardwalk seems an undignified thing for a 50-year-old man to be doing, regardless. Not really something I’d want to see. I saw Ryan Idol at his prime dancing at the Copa in Fort Lauderdale, and, man, that guy was beautiful. It’s just a sad fact of life, kids, this aging thing, but I would not want to see the Ryan Idol of today dancing either.

      Off-topic: Wiki says Jeff is 5’9″. There is no way that’s true; more like 5’7″ if that. He walked the runway in a Thierry Mugler fashion show during his (Stryker’s) heydey, and he looked like a member of the Lollipop Guild.

  7. robirob says:

    The dick is hot, but that face …

  8. TonyHarding says:

    There’s an expression “bow out gracefully” and another one which reads “put your junk away old man….. ain’t nobody wanna see that shit anymore.” Although I do have to admit its kind of like watching a trainwreck its still kind of embarrassing to see a man in his 50′s flashing his junk at a strip club. I vividly remember jerking off to Jeff Stryker and thinking he was so fucking hot and now he makes me wanna cringe and I’m embarrassed for the guy.

  9. Marty says:

    The body is HOT, the dick HOTTER but that face…. whew… Lets just say its time to throw in the towel. When your still out there bopping for cash at this age you end up looking like the crazy old uncle who stayed too long

  10. Olaf says:

    Eeew. A man who’s older, has some lines on his face, and has a great body and gigantic cock. He looks amazing to me. Can’t wait to see you guys when you’re 50

    • aslogan says:

      There are plenty of 50-year-olds who are better looking than him. Not everyone is dickmatized.

      • sxg says:

        Exactly! If he was 60 years old then yes I would say that he looks pretty good for his age, but he’s only 50. I find way hotter 50+ year olds on grindr, growlr and scruff. And what they carry between their legs may not be as big as Jeff’s meat, but I’m not a size queen. I’m interested in the package as a whole, and with 50+ year old Jeff Stryker I want nothing to do with him or his meat.

  11. Marty says:

    Drunk uncle.

  12. half porco says:


  13. ril0 says:

    He looks scary…pretty don’t always age well.

  14. Eddie says:

    He is to be pitied! The aged slut seems to be older than he appears in his photos like in rentboy. It isn’t the nudity or his aged body and face or the gross oiled skin but his attitude. His attitude is sad. This old whore must be desperate for money or attetion. Even his huge dick seems to me as a part of a freak show and not something hot.I think what makes someone hot is the whole package and the attitude not a salami. He doesn’t worth $ 1000 … He doens’t know that when we lost our youth its better start to act in a respectable way. When you add debauchery and youth you turn people horny but when you add debauchery and old age only a few will like it. It’s a freak show for sure.

  15. JackNasty says:

    Dick looks just like it did 25 years ago…but the face…

    I’m guessing he’s a smoker cuz that face looks older than he actually is.

    • MaV says:

      Jeff did smoke in his videos.

    • TrueWords says:

      Sadly if he did smoke…that would suck the life out of your face…but not that DICK…and body…i would love to see how you guys look at 47 and beyond…many of you would go from TWINK (18-25) to MUSCULAR (25-35) to BEAR (35- onward)…because you lack the dedication to keep going to the gym and making that body a priority….

  16. ceem says:

    Zombies attack! And No! Not my faves Bryan and Duncan! This wouldn’t work even for Halloween episode :(

  17. jessi says:

    He’s only 47? He must smoke and drink alot or something, because his face has aged badly. His body, on the other hand, looks very good for his age… and I’m not just talkin’ about his dick either!

    • Jake Miller says:

      Stryker is 50 years old. Just punch Charles Peyton and California into Intelius, and Stryker’s real age and California and Illinois addresses and age pop up.

  18. Wilbur Sneed says:

    Last pic: clown porn?

    • Eddie says:

      L.O.L. Exactly! Precisely! …And now, ladies and gentlemen our circus proudly presents the ” salami man ” !Clow porn…Just so! …L.O.L.

    • TrueWords says:

      YEAH the last pic is embarrassing for the clown and Jeff…damn that girl’s makeup was SMEARED on with a putty knife!!!

  19. Skip Intro says:

    Blame Cialis. Somewhere, Rick Donovan’s former agent has changed his phone number.

  20. Nick says:

    Sad if this dude is only 47 and looks like that in the face..i know white folks don’t age well but DAMN!!!!

  21. Sirfucksalot says:

    Looks like Michale Lucas!

  22. Fail .... says:

    Zach — more reporting is neeeded on this engagement. How is the crowd ? Is Jeff’s ‘comeback’ a success ? What is his ‘show’ (besides ‘the show’) ?

    That said – another thing missing is the poll (obviously, the POLE isn’t missing…): Which of the porn stars in attendance was Jeff’s fluffer ? Jimmy Fanz ? Duncan Black ? Bryan Cole ? (Duncan Black & Bryan Cole at the same time should be one of the choices).

    Anyway — Jeff’s body ? Pass. Jeff’s dick ? Pass ….. Jeff’s face ? FAIL.

  23. Luke says:

    Yes he has aged but his dick actually looks bigger now. But if you rewind time. He was a true porn god. He had the body, the looks, and that dick! No one even compares today!

    • sean says:

      as to the comment he was a “PORN GOD”…so true! as of now there are a few good looking porn stars but nothing like him. he had it all, the face, body, and of course the dick! his face hasn’t aged well but for 50 who do you know who’s body looks like that? very few my friend unless you live in a major city like new york or san fran and even then… “work out!” man bc your old but damn…you still got it from the face down, which for most of you queers is enough, so shut up and “suck that DICK!!!!!” HAHA

  24. Mack says:

    I don’t think the pic’s due him justice. I appreciate him loving his fans. He is Still a hot DADDY!

  25. Peter says:

    He looks soooo OLD!!!

  26. Roy says:

    He looks like the result of a taxidermist’s three day bender!

  27. Jonny says:

    Yes, he looks older, but he still looks pretty good. Mind you, a hot sweaty club does nothing good in pictures. I’m sure in a more relaxed setting, he’d look fucking amazing; you can tell even though these don’t do the greatest justice.

  28. wtf says:

    Just Google search Jeff Stryker’s antics against his neighbors, then realize how truly insane this guy is.

    I’m sure his wife and kid are very proud themselves and Jeff. Then again, some of the commentators on this board have them running for their money.

    • JackNasty says:

      I don’t believe he’s married.

      • wtf says:

        Well someone had to fart out his son out of their vagina! Excuse me, for not making the distinction.

        His son was beat up by some gang one time, because of daddy’s profession. I’m sure “stryker” was really thrilled about that.

  29. Bastardus says:

    I got a close look at Jeffy in his circa 90′s heyday. We collided head-on at the entrance to a gym in LA: The little fella never stood a chance! I outweighed him by 100 lbs. He’s delicately petite even by lilliputian ‘porn icon’ standards, except his big head bounced off my chest on imapct. He was ‘pretty’, VERY pretty: his perfect ‘peaches & cream’ Camay complexion was framed by his big hair, meticulously coiffed into an anachronistic Dorothy Hamill 70′s ‘wedge’. The final impression: A Delta Burke Bobble-Head. Jeff did not do-it for me then, or now. I’ll take me a big-OLD-hairy bruiser with a ‘human’ sized dick, and a regular day-job, who takes his clothes off in my bedroom, for free.

  30. Glenn says:

    I just beat off thinking of that horse cock getting pushed in and out of me

  31. Josh says:

    Lol @ some of you guys thinking his face looks is on 47 it should look way better than that..i think it’s a result of too much sun tanning, possibly drinking and drugs..:-)

  32. SuperGay says:

    So Jeff-S has a Large cock. What’s the big fucking deal? Who the fuck cares you’ve seen one big dick I’ve seen them all but then again I’ve seen Black guys who put Jeff dick to shame we’re talking monster cock equal major dick.Let the old fart have his last day in the sun because it will probably be his last any way because he don’t look well in the face it look very sickly.He need to take his g4per ass home to his ( B ) and stop trying to leech off of gay men for money which is always the case with these g4pers when they get low on money and need some cash from gay men who now have become their [ Piggy-Bank ].Jeff-S was never a real gay-porn star because in real life he is a str8-g4per and not a gay man so stop calling him a gay icon or gay-porn star because he is not.Their are a lot of real gay-porn stars that deserve that title not him it time for him to hang up his porn gig! And leave it for the younger folks to deal with it’s their time to shine in the spotlight.So Jeff you need to retire and pass the torch on to the younger ones and bow out gracefully.

  33. Denis says:

    At first I wanted to laugh at the people who went to see this dried-up mummy haul out his ancient naughty bits for the millionth time since the 80s.. Then I remembered what I paid to see Madonna. I say this with love, of course.

  34. kookie says:

    I think it’s great. He’s the one pornstar I’d go out of my way to meet…He paved the way. Good for him. I marked meeting Ryan Idol off my bucket list last year, just before his arrest….

    • Chris says:

      What or who did Jeff Stryker pave the way for? Honestly, nothing or no one. There was gay porn before he came along; and guys such as Al Parker and Jack Wrangler, among others, were pretty big names before him. There were even G4Pers before him, so he didn’t even pave the way for that.

      I found it mystifying at the time (his heydey), as well as today, that he was considered the biggest gay porn star. For one thing, in his day, there was a lot less product, so a whole lot more of the gay porn audience would see “Powertool” for instance versus now, when there were probably…god, how many? new scenes put online just today. In other words, it was much easier to be known by a lot of people then. There was an SNL Weekend Update once where a VHS movie box with Jeff Stryker on the cover was held up.

      He had a big dick and he could get hard and he could fuck. I think that pretty much sums it up. But his scenes were always very much alpha-male top-dog performances; did he ever look like he was actually, you know, enjoying sex? No. Watch those scenes now, and he looks like he’s going through the motions while spewing a steady stream of actually pretty ridiculous “dirty” talk (“lick my asshole”) while doing it. The one time he sucked dick, with Alex Stone, he was terrible at it. So terrible, in fact, that it looked like he was going out of his way to be bad at it. No one can be that bad at sucking dick.

      Did he do anything for the gay community, apart from profit from it? Did he do anything for safe sex during the worst days of AIDS? Not much, really. There was a PSA at the end of one (maybe more?) of his movies where he was smoking a cigarette and talking about not wearing a condom (“I’d have to wear a Hefty bag,” he smirks, “but you guys should wrap it up.” Yes, thank you, Jeff, it’s always very effective to hear someone say “do as I say, not as I do.”

      I don’t know: He acted like he didn’t even like the guys he was fucking. There’s all kinds of tastes, and a lot of people are into humiliation, maybe that’s it. And the fascination and/or thrill of getting a straight guy to fuck you. (Although his straightness is debatable too.)

      I like to see guys who enjoy sex so much that they want to do it with people they’re attracted to in front of a camera for other people to see. So, as I say, I don’t consider Jeff Stryker some big porn icon or the greatest gay porn star. Just the best-known one.

  35. T-Bird says:

    While people throw around the term legend and use it loosely this guy actually deserves it. I have heard his name around the porn world for years but never ever have seen his face or his body until a few years ago. Regardless of his age he looks in amazing shape, has really taken care of himself and as the stories were correct he does have one magnificent looks big ole cock!

    • Gil says:

      Youth and good looks are only on loan to us. However, millions of young gay men like a man with a lived in face. It’s a low blow to mock a former beauty for the sin of getting older.

      • aslogan says:

        There are lived-in faces, and then there are faces like Stryker’s which have been so thoroughly trashed by excessive partying and shenanigans that there is no hope of reclaiming your security deposit or resale at any respectable value.

        • kbbl says:

          Calm down. That’s just the face of someone who started going outside before SPF30 was in everything.

          I don’t think you manage abs at 50 by being a hot mess (or whatever “shenanigans” are.)

  36. Estelle says:

    “After a certain age, you have to choose between your fanny and your face.”

    ~Catherine Deneuve~

  37. Adam says:

    Were these pictures taken with Vaseline on the lens? Or with a digital camera from 1996? Why the bad quality?

    I have an idea for a passing the torch movie. He has a son, right? Get him and the son to team up, like in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. If the son won’t do it, hire someone else with a big dick and call him the son, who would know. It would make headlines, and money.

    • lolz says:

      He son isn’t psychologically damaged and doesn’t have a monster cock, so he doesn’t fit the requirements to be in porn.

  38. Chi Chi LaRue says:

    Jeff is looking amazing, Fit and fantastic!
    The Man is 50+ and out rocks some 20 year olds I know in this biz!!
    Good Job.
    All Hail the King!!!

  39. bo says:

    hard to believe it’s not been photoshopped, but if he had a decent beard/goatee it would add some character to the face

  40. Rex Ganymede says:

    it’s nothing to do with the number of jeff’s “age” here.
    (as a man almost 31 years old, i have fucked, sucked, and still lust after guys in their 40s, 50s and even 60s.)

    it’s just that jeff, as an individual, is bearing this inexplicably “republican / conservative” look which i, myself, don’t find appealing.

    he isn’t unattractive — no … rather, i simply can’t look upon him in a sexual manner, at the moment.

    i don’t wish to negate or trivialize any positive contributions jeff has made in the past (although i’m actually not familiar with his sex work, nor had i ever really felt compelled to seek him out, either); but i’m not going to automatically fawn over him, simply because he has a big dick.
    even if i was a bottom, i’d still feel this way.

    if anything, i am taking issue with the dickmatized size queens who wouldn’t even bother passing gas or flicking eye crust in charles’ general direction, if it weren’t for him being as endowed as he is, otherwise.
    that’s a whole other topic though…

  41. Lollimarie says:

    That big old dick of his has been yanked on and pulled at by audience patrons after his live shows over the past centuries, that it’s no wonder it’s so stretched out snakelike. His smoking, drinking, and drugging habits are etched unmercifully into whatever semblance of a face he has left — but he’s still good for shock-gawking at. He will never let you see him ejaculate that piss monster anymore however, because years of taking Propecia for his hair loss has killed his ability to squirt spew goo forever.

  42. VintageClass11 says:

    He needs to find a life….it’s over Jeff…step aside.

  43. VintageClass11 says:

    As for the word Contribution….please….he was the one making money and the rest of you contributed to his drugs and alcohol and anti-aging remedies…he is a mess.
    Your time is up !!!!

  44. okie707 says:

    @Lollimarie …. “piss monster” lmao

  45. Average Joe says:

    Safe to say the Pics are from phones. I can imagine the faces, bodies of the guys saying the most terrible stuff, isn’t that the way it goes…. This is Jeff Stryker, you people (the small minded ones) would talk bad about Elvis. A 50 year old performer still sharing with people that clearly want to see and be with him. He gets 5 grand an appearance, it was a meet and greet, no show and I agree, show me some guys at any age who look as good as Jeff. Size queen talk, oh it isn’t about the cock, not about the body, come on. Jeff is a Porn star and unless you like small penis, u have to take your hat off to this majestic cock. Candid photos and a ripping 6 pack and a chest and I like the face my dearies, looks like one in a million to me, have you looked around?
    So in closing. Negative people R all Ugly and threads are their way of trying to level the playing field for superior Men. Size Queens, that cock is a monster, bow down before it and the gorgeous body yielding it.
    Yes the pictures in the magazines look better, they have lighting, make up and are posed. They are All like that my friends. A face smiling does tend to look different then one showing passion. Please, one of you nay Sayers, list a URl of a good comment u have left for anyone so we can all judge you. Until then please, sneak up on your mirror and tell yourself how unimportant a great body and HUGE Cock is, so u can live with yourself. And by all means,Bad mouth anyone who is better so you can feel good that you are a nasty little fuck.

  46. Average Joe says:

    That is one Monster cock, sure I’ve seen bigger but it wasn’t real… I have to keep looking up to see that body, maybe the thread has grown so large that people need to look at that Body and that cock and that face before they spew their junk onto a blog. Someone commented on a wad or lack of one? I don’t think Jeff has made a movie in over 10 years, where does this fantasy come from? digging into his personal life, nasty comments regarding his family, whew. Some people on this thread has personal baggage they need to let go of and to look at their own reflection.
    I like the picture of “Jimmy Fanz admires Jeff Stryker’s hand” above. Looking at a Living Legend and I have owned a replica of that cock for decades. How can I not love Jeff Stryker, I love him as I love Elvis. Immortals!

  47. A.J. says:

    Well said,Jeff ….er, “Joe”
    Maybe you should just start shooting up embalming fluid and sell yourself to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum while you still has something left to preserve.

  48. Gabe Carey of New Castle says:

    once again, the homosexual men show themselves to be as superficial and shallow as society makes them out to be! it’s the only way a gremlin like miley cyrus could be embraced by the gay subculture. jeff stryker is a legend, I would smell his farts!!!! damn it, I would SWALLOW those farts!!!! ugh

  49. Gregory Pecker says:

    There are far to many handsome gay guys with bigger dicks to fantasize over …rather than a 50 year old who is either still play gay for pay when free gay is in great abundance OR he is so in the closet as Lindsey Graham which I don’t find attractive at all.

  50. Emmanuel says:

    Does he still do shows these days? How about a show in Australia (during Mardi Gras) ?
    Will definitely come just to meet him… I remember watching his vids as a teen…learned heaps from it

  51. Gabe Carey of New Castle says:

    Any updates on the LEGEND? Please?

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