Jeff Stryker Will Give You A Massage, So Long As You’re Not A “Whacko”


After Rentboy pulled it down on Monday to verify its authenticity (they didn’t want another Brent Corrigan situation), the Jeff Stryker escort ad is back up, and yes, it’s real.

Here’s what he’s offering:

I am making myself available for a few dinners, maybe lunches and I would consider a massage if the price is right and the person not a whacko.

A true whacko, of course, would never let on that he’s a whacko, so I don’t see how Jeff Stryker’s attempt at pre-screening for whackos can possibly be effective. Unless of course he just has a sixth sense about these kinds of things?

Monday, Jeff Stryker told The Sword about his plans for an upcoming nationwide tour, so these meetings will no doubt be scheduled to coincide with whatever city he’s visiting. His profile page doesn’t list his rates, but can you really put a price on something like this?

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21 Responses to “Jeff Stryker Will Give You A Massage, So Long As You’re Not A “Whacko””

  1. Loki says:

    A massage is as far he’ll go, and only if you’re not a whacko… so basically he’s asking people to pay him to treat him to a meal?! And to be in the same room with him and breathe the same air?! LMFAO!

    Geez, I bet even Cody Cummings would at least give you a handy…

  2. MIke says:

    “Languages spoken: English”


  3. Skip Intro says:

    He’s got his eye on a new Miata.

  4. Luke says:

    Ha ha
    We all laugh but I bet his bookings are full :)

  5. Mark says:

    Now with all the 18yrs old + escorts..on ADAM and Rent Boy with diks just s big or bigger with better bodies..why would i pay a Lyle Wagner look alike for any king of company…#delusionaloldser

  6. SuperGay says:

    Boy times have really gotten tough? And how they have change when a old porn star like Jeff-Stryker turn to a gay escorting site like to make money? that was the one thing he said he would never do back in the Golden days of gay-porn.But look at him now! How sad so whoo’s next Rex-Chandler or Ken-Ryker just what gay-porn don’t need more str8-g4pers leeching off of gay men for more money and using us as their favorite [ Piggy-Bank ] Hoo-ray for them ( Bad for us Gays ) I guest that why so many gay men have a hard time learning that for themselves.I can’t say I’m happy to see him come back to gay-porn seeing how he has a wife at home waiting to see how much money he will make off of gay men. I fell to see the benefit for gay men by having Jeff-S back even if he don’t do any gay-porn and just try to make some money letting some gay fans buy his time with-out doing any real escorting sexually for men.Which lead me to my next question why don’t he just go escort for women since he is not gay any way? And my answer to my own question would be is their probably aren’t enough { Horny-bitches } out their as there are men to pay him for his time and no sex?

  7. Jake Miller says:

    Stryker’s also 50. Just type Charles Peyton and California into Intelius and he’s the first entry, listed under both Studio City, CA and Springfield, IL, where Stryker grew up. And no, don’t think I’ll pay for a massage.

  8. ricky says:

    never ever was attracted to him

  9. ceem says:

    I doubt anyone younger than 70 will book him.

  10. Billy Red says:

    His face looks tired, and his abbs look fake !

  11. Mattheq says:

    He looks terrible. Like…Phyllis Diller terrible…and she’s dead.

  12. Jackson says:

    Mr. Stryker should be an example for some if not most porn performers. Invest the money you make from porn like putting yourself through school because if you don’t have a plan B, you will end up like him; a 47 year old man prostituting himself.

  13. Mrs Patrick Campbell says:

    Is she still advertising?

  14. David Grant says:

    I commend him and am happy to see him being social and doing what he enjoys doing.

    Reading the comments makes me want to claim that I’m no longer gay…but rather I just EXIST.

    You queens are so fucking harsh…and the moment you stop being so f’n rude…that’s the moment we can start progressing as gay men. You see, at one point in time, we as gay men really had an advantage (smarter, $$$, most gay men in the military are in Intelligence, we make any place we live better and brighter, and more colorful!)…but this talking negative all the time about everyone is past stale. It’s downright obnoxious, and makes me want to puke.

    Having a hot flash now…gotta go get some air…

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