I Just Blew 17 Loads After Watching Corbin Fisher’s New Video, “Aiden’s Quadruple Load”


This has never happened to me before and I don’t quite know what to make of it, but I just experienced my first seventeentuple load.

It was pretty shocking when I instantaneously ejaculated upon pressing the “play” button on “Aiden’s Quadruple Load,” but then I came eight more times while watching the video. And then it just kept happening to me all day long, even when I wasn’t masturbating. Even after I turned Corbin Fisher’s new bareback video off and I had already came nine times, I kept cumming. I kept cumming over and over and over and over and over and over again.

I blew a load on the bus on the way to work.
I blew a load in a staff meeting.
I blew a load on my coffee break.
I blew a load while I was working on an Excel spread sheet.
I blew a load ordering a Subway sandwich for lunch.
I blew a load when I was going pee.
I blew a load while I was blowing a load.
I am blowing a load right now.

I can’t stop blowing loads after watching “Aiden’s Quadruple Load,” and as of today I’ve already blown 17 loads. Help. Oh God, wait, oh God, oh my God, shit, oh shit, I’m gonna cum.



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14 Responses to “I Just Blew 17 Loads After Watching Corbin Fisher’s New Video, “Aiden’s Quadruple Load””

  1. One of the Chris says:

    How long will it be before Corbin Fisher figures out that if you just film over a week and splice scenes together you can get “Aiden’s Dodecahedreal Load?”

    • TWEWY says:

      It’s “dodecahedral” actually and that’s a shape not an amount of times. I think Aiden actually does have however many orgasms in that video in the same day considering you can see a wet cum stain on a towel or sheets or see the cum drying on his body. 

      • Loki says:

        “It’s “dodecahedral” actually and that’s a shape not an amount of times.”

        Uh, that’s part of the joke. I pick it up in my comment below.

  2. Tommy Wells says:

    barebackiest of them all!

    • Loki says:

      I don’t think the bareback makes any difference here. Maybe if the top came multiple times… here, he’s basically a human dildo for some hyper-orgasmic buffoon (seriously, that gibberish muttering bit – not believable).

  3. Loki says:


    1. Aiden’s histrionics are ridiculous. I’ve seen plenty of vids where the bottom cums multiple times (Brent Corrigan for one) and it never plays out like that if its genuine. It’s more like, “Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum! … Fuck! Did you get that? Sorry ’bout that. Give me a minute and we’ll try it again.”
    2. That top looks bored out of his mind. But who could blame him?
    3. Wake me up when they get to “Aiden’s Triskaidekaphobia-tuple Load”.

    • Blackheart says:

      LOL. Don’t you just wish your consistent bitchiness would make your life a lot better than the sorry state it is currently in. I pity you.

  4. weboy says:

    Yeah, it’s absurd… but it sells tickets.

  5. Well, well, well ........ says:

    He’s a noisy little bottom, isn’t he ?? It’s just not so hot when you’re laughing at his funny reactions.
    ” DOH ! I’m gonna cum !! Ahh Ahh Argh OOOOFF, I’m gonna cum. Ay Yi Yi Eeeeee, I’m gonna cum !”

  6. ryan says:

    so tired of miss “aiden.” isn’t it time for him to go to another studio since he’s been at CF for almost 2 years now? he’s become boring and…blah.

    • Absurdist says:

      Except that he’s already been through Sean Cody (Roman) and ChaosMen (Gage). I guess he could go to Next Door Bananarama or something, but really, the “newness” has worn off, so staying where he is ain’t no crime.

  7. sxg says:

    Not tired of this guy at all! I love his goofiness when he cums. Makes the scene that more genuine than overdoing it like in bigger studios. And bigger studios splice scenes together to make it look like they’ve cummed that many times. Kristen Bjorn is notorious for that and it’s common knowledge that one whole scene took almost a whole week to film. With Aiden you can tell that it is multiple orgasms within a couple of hours I’d say, since his cumshots get smaller and not as thick.

  8. Dodge says:

    OK who in their entire gay life have never once tried to see how many times they can shoot a load? Who has not gone to clubs or functions and not tried to share their loads with every guy they think is cute or hunky in the joint? I watched a kid named Xavier shoot his load like 12 or 13 times before he finally told everyone on the other side of the computers that his dick and groin were starting to hurt. OK I will admit I have seen every multiple cum video that CF has put out with Aiden. At least it isn’t being done like William Higgins used to do and keep editing the same cum shot. With Aiden it seems real because the loads seem to get clearer and less viscous. The only thing I don’t like is that when it does come you know Aiden will have those goofy OMG! oh oh oh oh I’m gonna cum remarks. I don’t blame CF trying to exploit it. Aiden is at the age where frequency and not stamina seems what sex is all about. Heck everyone is young, hung and full of cum some time in their lives. Remember when Aiden was younger and using another name and was a the muse for a picture book by some photographer about night life in a cheap motel. When I first saw Aiden in that book he was a bit less buff and I thought Dang that is a huge dick. Now I’ve seen that dick so often that it seems like any porn dick. Now Jesse Santana that is a dick, ass, body, lips, eyes, the man, that I will never get tired of. Mr. Santana is definitely getting better and better to look at with age.

  9. jack says:

    I love Aiden. That hunk is one awesome bottom. I think his scene partner should get the Super Stud Award.

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