The 10 Hottest Straight (Male) Porn Stars

IN-Str8_JulianRiosTH.jpg 1. Julian Rios
In a world of almost nameless straight male stars, Julian Rios is a brand. The 38-year old Rios had contracts with major straight companies like Vivid and VCA, his own membership site and has crafted a 9 1/2 inch dildo. (True, Julian did do some bisexual and solo porn in the late nineties under the name Jordan Rivers, but really… weren’t we all young once?) He’s been married twice — to porn stars Jill Kelly and Lanny Barbie, but most importantly he can throw it home like nobody’s business. Sister Roma testified to him that she’d rather watch one of his videos than the entirety of gay porn. We can’t go THAT far, but he is hot as fuck.

2. Mikey Butders

When Jason Curious interviewed Mikey Butders on the set of Low Riders, we were immediately hooked by his charm. Not only does his Queens accent remind us of a young and hung Ray Romano, his co-star Daisy Marie couldn’t stop herself from rhapsodizing about Butders’s “very full balls and long cock.” Months later, having sniffed the hell out of his MySpace profile, neither can we.


3. James Deen

The skinny emo kid with a thick eight incher certainly isn’t standard issue for either the gay or straight porn, but after catching a profile of him on Fleshbot, are we ever in love. He seems as amazed as anyone that his hairy ass crack and pale skin have gotten him this far. In an interview on director Eon McKai’s site, the self-described “Joe Camel of Porn” expressed some dismay that an older male audience for porn means that young guys are rarely called upon to perform. “I was sick of looking at 40-year-old dudes fucking 21-year-old chicks.” Us, too!

4. Justin Sterling

If Jenna loved Justin, so how could we not? Jenna Jameson introduced us to her husband, Justin Sterling, a smooth, lean muscle man with piercing blue eyes. We could forgive the fey hairstyles (after all, at least it wasn’t a mullet) because of his sweet demeanor and the hard candy that came with it. He also majorly creeped us out as a nerd turned S&M perv in The Masseuse, but in a good way. Of course In 2006, he sold Club Jenna to Playboy and GOT RICH! What’s not to love?

5. TJ Cummings

What’s most appealing about TJ Cummings is that he doesn’t seem to give a fuck about the industry, or the fame that comes with it. He’s an old school pervert, who never turns down a fetish (except maybe having sex with men). Honestly, aside from his smoking good looks and stellar body, he’s a bit of a mystery to us, and we like it that way.



6. Rocco Sifreddi

While his one-time heir apparent Nacho Vidal (header image) may be a younger buck and a rougher fuck, the original Italian Stallion is still sexier in our book, even when he’s running around in a loin cloth like Fabio. Sifreddi’s like the Lorenzo Lamas of straight porn, and we’ll happily put away the all of our Falcon Crest DVDs in exchange for one scene from La Putana.

7. Peter North

Sure, he sort of looks like a missing Brady, but this 50 year old  AVN Hall Of Famer is the sexiest elder statesmen in the industry. Like many gay men, we came across him through his work (as Matt Ramsey) in the early 80s in classics like The Bigger The Better. We’re not convinced that an “anal stunt double” was used in the films where he bottomed, as he claims, but at this point it’s all water under the bridge. As Peter North, he’s performed in over 1500 straight movies and is as known for his 9×6 dong as he is for the prodigious amounts of semen he’s able to ejaculate. Dinner is served!

8. Billy Glide

One of the thickest cocks in the entirety of straight porn (in 2003, Amber Lynn claimed it was the largest she’d encountered in twenty years of making movies), Billy Glide’s penis could easily have upstaged its owner. But Glide’s tough-as-nails attitude and a reputation for kicking ass has us happily gazing from afar.



9. Lexington Steele

He’s the only guy to win AVN’s “Male Performer of the Year” three times … and he’s an Obama supporter! There are few names in porn that can compete with Lex Steele, a former Wall Street stock broker and one of the most enduring top men in the industry. He claims 11-inches and, while we wouldn’t bet our life on a ruler, he comes pretty darn close. Like North, he’s not exactly new to the game but if every fifty year old we knew looked like that (and could keep it up like that), we’d swear off twinks forever. (We’ve been looking for an excuse…)


10. Jack Lawrence

Normally we scoff at porn stars in uniform, because you sort of expect Kim Catrall to enter stage right, but Jack Lawrence is the real deal. The former police officer and Army cook was born in Belgium, but grew up on the West Coast. Unlike a lot of straight stars, Lawrence respects his gay fan base, even if he’s not exactly shooting for them. We’ll get behind that, even if we can’t, uh, actually get behind that.

Oh yeah. Before you call us self-hating homos, stop jerking off to George Clooney.

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