Hot Or Not: Johnny Torque’s New Lip Ring


Gay porn star Johnny Torque has found a new way to express himself by getting a lip ring, but will this new jewelry get in the way of orally servicing gay porn king Cody Cummings? And more importantly, is it hot or not? [Warning: Extreme close-up photos of Johnny Torque's new lip piercing coming dangerously close to Cody Cummings' cock below.]

Getting tattoos, dying your hair a wild new color, working out in the gym to develop muscles, and growing facial hair are all highly expressive ways to express yourself creatively and to reveal who you are as an individual. But nothing says, “I’m somebody” like a piercing. And nothing says, “I’m somebody who just pierced my goddamn lip” like a lip piercing.

Johnny Torque’s new lip ring almost—almost—overshadows the presence of gay porn king Cody Cummings, who doesn’t seem to be the least bit bothered by the dangerous metal sliding up and down his enormous and rock hard cock. And I guess that’s why he’s the king—always willing to take risks.

AND: I know Next Door is going through a bit of a transitional period with their staff, but did they fire their photo editor, too?

[Cody Cummings: Johnny Torque Sucks Cody Cummings' Dick]


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26 Responses to “Hot Or Not: Johnny Torque’s New Lip Ring”

  1. watbetch says:


  2. ceem says:

    Please people make IT go away!!!

  3. Nat says:

    Eeew. And I’m not talking about the oral accessory. Actually double eeew. And I’m STILL not talking about that God-awful mouthpiece.

  4. LadyBoyBunny says:

    I had a lip ring when I was a freshman in high school. That was in 1994 and when it was cool. His lip ring (like his tattoos) are dated.

  5. sxg says:

    It looks pretty stupid. Reminds me of a snaggletooth

  6. Well ..... says:

    In some of those pics, it looks like he has a toothpick in his mouth. So I’ll say ‘Not Hot’

  7. Mr. Softy says:

    Just watched the preview. Did they forget to feed Cody Cummings his viagra ??

  8. mark says:

    cody cummings is fucking awful.

  9. mark says:

    kill it. kill it with fire.

  10. doubledose says:

    I’ll admit when I first saw torque I thought he was kind of cute, but the more pics he took the more queenly he got. I know he says he is g4p but his scenes are just awful! Even when he is with a seasoned porn star and no I’m not talking the nds guys he looks like he’d rather be doing his taxes. His scenes look so heavily edited to make him appear into it. Ps it doesn’t work with him. There is a handful of g4p guys who make you believe they like cock, wanna fuck etc um not him.
    And…..any guy who on his twitter heading talks about being an orgasm giver, and looks and acts like this pathetic.
    Oh and the lip ring? To borrow a title from T.I.M. “fucktard”

  11. Allen says:

    Back acne and the on set of larger muscles can be the byproduct of your diet I hope this young man is careful what he puts in his mouth.

  12. ril0 says:

    The roids, chainsmoking, and 24/7 partying aren’t doing anything for Johnny’s looks! He used to be pretty damn sexy, but now he just looks plain haggard.

    • Gnormie says:

      I always thought he looked skeevy. He kind of reminds me of Mac from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia…but with more venereal diseases.

  13. SkittleFits says:

    His best accessory seems to be the bacne. It will go perfect with the herpes.

  14. Gnormie says:

    For a STR8 guy the lip ring, the hair product, and butter face make him look really really gay. But not in a good way.

  15. Say What? says:

    Was there something in the metal that made Cody’s dick get somewhat hard?

  16. DPS says:

    Distracting and very late 90′s early 00′s.

  17. T-Bird says:

    looks like a toothpick.

  18. Drew says:

    Cody Cummings always looks like he just smelled a fart and his dick is always droopy like it’s as sad to be in porn as we are in seeing it in porn.
    Johnny actually has a nice cock so maybe he will take that fish hook out of his mouth. Piercings are so gay and not in a good way gay.
    I wish Zach would photoshop that old man wrinkly version of Cody’s face onto every pic of him on this blog.

  19. Drew says:

    Maybe they really are straight because no homosexual would be filmed with that bad painting behind them.

    • Brad B says:

      That painting is part of the personal collection of Stefan Sirard, and he’s damn proud of it. Pretty sad that we focus more on the ugly painting and cheap furnishings rather than what should be hot action. This in part explains the slow painful demise of the empire….

  20. V.O Reason says:

    Sure his performance schtick can be boring at times, but am I the only one who DOESN’T think that Cody Cummings looks like Quasimodo?? I guess, I don’t see what’s wrong with the way looks. I see no hump.

  21. danish says:

    if i wanna get fucked so i ll n wantfuck byjohny torque his lund is very very exiceted n yummy…………………….plz fuck me

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