Here Is Who You Must Vote For in the 2013 Hookies


I can’t believe it’s that time of year again, but time flies when you’re paying people to have sex with you. Welcome to Rentboy’s 2013 Hookie Awards.

There are still several specialty categories to be announced, but the all-important regional competitions will be held over the next several weeks, and one winner from each will ultimately compete for the title of 2013 International Escort of the Year.

The Sword ALWAYS practices fair and balanced reporting and never makes endorsements for awards, but awards for hookers are just too important to not weigh in on, so I’ll make an exception just this once. Here are The Sword’s official endorsements for Rentboy’s 2013 Hookies: Regional Escort of the Year.

Mr. New York—All are worthy of paying in order to suck their cocks, but only one is worthy of a vote: Ivan (a.k.a. Kennedy Carter’s boyfriend).


Mr. Los Angeles—The hardest one to make a decision on, but in the end, you have to go with who’s in your heart and who’s—for $400—in your ass: Tommy.


Mr. San Francisco—If this were “real life,” I’d pick the hipster in the glasses, but because it’s not, I declare a tie: Trenton Ducati and Christopher Daniels.


Mr. Florida—Ah, yes. The beautiful city of Florida. Based strictly on the thumbnail photos, it has to be Noah Driver, right?


Mr. Chicago—No question: Brayden Forrester

Vote for your favorites (i.e., the ones I endorsed) here and find out when each of the Hookies ceremonies is coming to a sleazy gay bar near you.


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14 Responses to “Here Is Who You Must Vote For in the 2013 Hookies”

  1. Lein says:

    Tate!!!, Roman Heart, and that Noah guy. The rest can fuck off.

  2. Steven Scarecrow says:

    My vote is for T -n- T !

  3. Marty says:

    Mr NY:Ivan & Armani

    Mr LA: Tommy Defendi!

    Mr San Fran: Trenton

    Mr Florida: no one stands out

    Mr Chicago: Nathan Riviera

  4. sxg says:

    Kennedy Carter lets his boyfriend Ivan escort??? Wow I’m a bit surprised there. But I would definitely love to hire him! It was so hot seeing him and Kennedy in that video they shot!

    • Nick says:

      “Sxg”..99%of all porn sex workers are hookers..duh!!

      • sxg says:

        Kennedy Carter was a former porn star, but Ivan just did that one scene with him as Kennedy’s last goodbye to his porn star career. So I wouldn’t consider him part of that 99%. I just assumed that if Kennedy was leaving the scene, Ivan had no intentions of entering the world of porn, much less escorting.

        • Eddie says:

          Kennedy Carter had an add on rentboy too untill a few days ago. He was offering his services for a short period of time in Manhattan so he continues escorting like when he was in porn or at least once in a while.

          • mekishiko says:

            Yes, Kennedy has been escorting. Back in ealy 2012 he was here in Mexico. He’s got a really big tool!!!!

  5. Dizzy Dean says:

    I’m surprised the Hustler who is in all those new ads for Nasty Pig isn’t in this as Mr. Chicago. I think his name is Mark Kane and the owners of Nasty Pig are really pimping him out big time

  6. T-Bird says:

    Ivan is gorgeous tho I am kinda surprised he escorts while Kennedy has quit the biz. Los Angeles looks like a toss up so many hot men there. So is this is what has been keeping Roman Heart out of porn ? I mean when was the last time he made a good movie and or was even talked about ?

  7. SoYo says:

    I’d have to go with Brian Bonds for Mr. Florida

  8. Taggart says:

    Marc Dylan is only visiting LA until the Feb 10th despite being about a month in socal.

  9. fred says:

    hmm i really think you can only vote if you hired them, an escort is looks AND performance right?

    i wanna hire angelo marconi and topher di maggio but nly mme forest features them : HELP

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