Here Is Jessie Colter Getting Fucked With A Screwdriver and a Hammer


In a scene from Fuck Me Harder. Is this sexy? What’s next, a gun? I want to see someone get fucked with a gun.

Not to be a prude, but can’t two men just “have sex,” or is that boring now? If you’re into kink, is this a thing for you–tools? Is this even kink, or is this just a case of “oops, we ran out of dildos”? That said, strip away the props and I like this. Especially the part where Jessie Colter—who is one half of gay porn’s new supercouple—gets fucked in a bunch of different positions.

A lot of bottoms in gay porn can’t even pretend like they’re enjoying getting fucked when they’re lying on their backs falling asleep, and here’s someone putting on the performance of his life while getting fucked upside down as he’s suspended from the ceiling? Jessie really is as good as people are saying he is.

Rafael Alencar and Jessie Colter in Fuck Me Harder:

[Fuck Me Harder: Rafael Alencar Fucks Jessie Colter]


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29 Responses to “Here Is Jessie Colter Getting Fucked With A Screwdriver and a Hammer”

  1. Erynn Vaehne says:

    Two hot men just “having sex” is hot all by itself; case in point, when these two fucked in Heat Wave 2 and there wasn’t a tool in sight. Something like THIS over the top is really fucking hot, too, though.

    But I have a bit of a thing for guys having foreign objects shoved up their ass. Something about it seems more violating and degrading in a really hot and rank sort of way.

    Whether or not something is my cup of tea, I always try to appreciate the craft. I’m not really turned on by fisting at all, but I can absolutely appreciate a well done fisting scene. My point being, even if Jessie Colter isn’t your favourite flavour, he really IS as good as people have been saying. (i’m totally one of those people)

    PS: Would love to see someone fucked with a gun.

  2. Stu says:

    A screwdriver and hammer just doesn’t seem all that comfortable to me. Maybe I’m just boring when it comes to fucking, but I think a dick, dildo or butt plug does the job just fine. Apart from the new use for DIY tools, this looks rather hot.

  3. Isn't It Obvious says:

    I guess everyone’s got a fetish for something.

  4. Brody says:

    I am terrified of that screwdriver getting sucked in there. Im a nurse and I have seen it all so that aspect makes me worry a little (especially if there is lube involved, which I hope there is). Then again, it is called Fuck Me Harder. They are hot enough without the gimmicks.

    • Bull says:

      I’d worry about it more than a little! I personally know a guy who lost a dildo that way, it wasn’t big, it just slipped in and somehow it got stuck, then he had to deal with the embarrassment of the ER docs and nurses taking it out. shivers…that screwdriver would do alot of damage!

  5. damques says:

    that is so silly. all fun and games until he gets a splinter up his ass. one half of gay porn’s new supercouple. “supercouple” LOL! god how corny.

  6. DPS says:

    That guys ass implants are so nasty. You can clearly see the scar too.

  7. Anthony Romero says:

    It’s all fun and orgasams until your anus prolapses.

  8. BIGMACK says:

    SICK and not in a good way. What ever happened to foreplay and simple nipple torture? I want to see 2 guys have sex with love and PASSION, loving having sex while getting fucked.(like cumming while getting fucked or at least staying hard with something in their ass) and moaning in ecstasy and not in pain. Yelling “fuck I love you”! The day I get off with a hammer..I will eat a pussy! and that ain’t’ gonna happen! Get the straight gay for pay out of Gay Porn please!!!!!send them all to Fear Factor and keep them there!

  9. Estelle says:

    After seeing a man give birth anally to two baby dolls on XTUBE (one of the breech!), I find this scene rather vanilla.

  10. Kelo says:

    I’ve seen much weirder shit on efukt

  11. Frankr0d says:

    Jessie Colter getting fucked by a screwdriver and hammer is not exactly original.Jackson Price did that in a classic Jocks/Falcon video called Plugged In.Sam Crockett and Leo Bramm were in the scene with Jackson while Tristan Paris stuck a remote control up his ass!

  12. Sam says:

    LOL. “Whatever happened to simple nipple torture?”

  13. sxg says:

    I’m sure it wasn’t the first screwdriver Jessie had up his ass. He mentioned in an interview he experimented with anal sex at an early age. It was the first thing I stuck up my ass lol just wanted to know what it felt like to have something up there and it was the “safest” thing I had in the house to experiment with.

  14. mitch says:

    pffffffffffff michael lucas at his worst, copying RS, who the fuck IS interested in fuck acrobatics? Does’nt turn me on at all, and alencar is a bit past it, really, coulter is mucho fine with me, but plz not in this kind of fucked up situations? Am i rally alone here?

  15. Asenath says:

    Didn’t someone get fucked with a gun in one of those Titan Rough movies? The one in the woods, or something?

    Anyhow, this is one of those scenes I’m just going to chalk up to being for somebody else’s fetish and wait for the day a firm-handed gentleman with a posh accent give Jesse an over the knee spanking, while telling him what a good boy he’s being.

    (No, seriously. Someone needs to make this happen.)

    • Erynn Vaehne says:

      There is totally some kind of gun play in one of those Titan movies, I was trying to figure out which one last night.

      Also, I am on board with this posh gentleman spanking scenario with Jessie x 10000000000

      • Asenath says:

        I have used my superior Google-Fu to figure it out. It was a scene from Abuse of Power. Tyler Saint takes a gun to some fellow named Eric Glock. He’s only in three videos. It seems like his primary talent is being able to suck dick while looking TERRIFIED.

        You gotta have a gimmick, I suppose.

        (And I am glad my little “If I were the director” reverie made sense to somebody else but me. I need a better grade of spanking in my viewing habits.)

    • sxg says:

      There at least 2 at Raging Stallion. In one of the Grunts movies, (either the 1st or 2nd I believe) Ricky Sinz guns himself. In Arm of One (a fistingcentral movie) Billy Berlin takes a gun. I do believe some1 in TitanRough gets gunned, but I can’t remember who. Could be the one with Tyler Saint, I think his scene partner was Alessio.

  16. aiden says:

    ewww…not sexy

  17. Luke says:

    I find more irritating those ridicolous positions they use for the fucking, like the one in the third photo (ropes are hot though).

    I don’t see much difference between some inches of hammer and some inches of dildo, actually…

  18. Timmy says:

    Ricky Sinz won an award for fucking himself with an AK47 in Ranging Stallion’s Grunts series. The gun, of course, is only a metaphor, and a symbol of Sinz’s object of desire. It’s one of the hottest scenes in the history of gay porn.

  19. Andrew says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Jessie Colter is not what I would call (physically) my type, but I am totally bowled over by him. Love love love him and he’s sooooo hot in action. I’m coockooo for Colter! TEAM JESSIE!

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