Have You Ever Jerked Off To Zeb Atlas?


I’m serious: Have you ever jerked off to Zeb Atlas? He’s a gay porn star that studios make a big deal of whenever he’s in one of their movies. He must help them sell memberships. But does anyone ever get off while watching him? Is Zeb Atlas even hot? Have you ever j/o’d to him?

Zeb Atlas has always looked cartoonish (and I don’t mean that negatively—cartoon characters can be hot) to me, and so instead of being turned on by him, I’ve just sort of been in awe of him. Like, is he for real? I can’t help but want to watch him, like a circus freak show or a sexy car crash.

Here he is with a sporty new haircut in his new scene for Men.com:

[BigDicksAtSchool: Zeb Atlas Fucks Mike De Marko]

Even if you only go for bodybuilders, is Zeb Atlas the ideal bodybuilder type?

Please answer honestly. If you need to explain your answer, feel free to do so in the comments.


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61 Responses to “Have You Ever Jerked Off To Zeb Atlas?”

  1. nhuixnhuixh says:

    I did for his first “proper” sucking and fucking scene – which was also Adam Killian’s first scene (crazy, ain’t it).
    It was a bit of the “new” factor with both of them that turned me on since in hindsight I find neither of them attractive.
    Atlas’ sleeve tattoo in particular turns me off (he didn’t have it at the time if I remember correctly).

    I do admit I wanted to be interested in the scene men.com had him in with one of their twinks because I love big guys vs twink scenes visually but the directing was very annoying so couldn’t get into it.

    • sxg says:

      Have to agree with you that’s probably the one and only scene that I ever liked Zeb Atlas in. The one with Matthew Rush wasn’t bad but the lack of someone bottoming (namely MR) was a huge let-down to that scene.

      I do however disagree with you on Adam Killian. That man is superhot and a great performer.

      • nhuixnhuixh says:

        He is a great performer which is why I was intrigued by him on the first scene. Looks like an amazing fuck.
        But I hate tattoos and the more I look at his face, the worst it looks to me. Not hating (unlike others) because he can clearly perform but not my cup of tea physically

  2. JackNasty says:

    I find him repulsive. Actually repulsive.

    And that Men.com scene with Tyler Sweet wasn’t bad directing. It was him. I think that was the tipping point for me about Zeb Atlas. I also like big guys with twink scenes but he was so terrible in this scene that I decided I was done with him.

  3. Luke says:

    put me in the NO camp

  4. Ryan says:

    I did, but it was an accident. Matthew Rush was in the scene and I got caught in the crossfire…

  5. half porco says:


    WHEN he sucks cock or shows off his amazing ass .

    Which is not in every scene , unfortunately .

    HOPING to see a man make love to him from behind soon . This will be beautimous!!

  6. ceem says:

    No, he’s fucking ugly and g4p

  7. dissi says:

    he’s an incredibly gorgeous man with ZERO sexual charisma. I guess being this successful in porn is something of an accomplishment…

  8. Tom says:

    I could if he didn’t remind me so much of the others who’ve done too many roids and had their hearts explode before they turned 35. Whatever happened to the “natural, kind of works out twice a week look?”.

  9. TWEWY says:

    Does it count if I was looking more at Brady Jensen?

  10. Barbara Walters says:

    He reminds me of a white version of my co-worker Whoopie Goldberg. Like Whoopie, he is a big dumb lug, pretends on film to be a Sister, once was relevant, and needs other porn broads around her to make any View interesting.

    • Wilbur Sneed says:

      This makes me weep with approval. Whoopi tells me (because she was paid to do so) that the old Looney Tunes cartoons were racist (and there’s little denying that), but here own moniker basically means “Fuck Jewish-name”. Bah, humbug.

      Also, Zeb Atlas is hideous to my eyes, but I don’t consider that a moral shortcoming.

  11. Devin says:

    Chile no. Never..

  12. Tony says:

    I think your description and perception of Zeb Atlas is accurate: his size does often seem cartoonish. But there are those who get off on this. Muscle worship is a distinct genre, a fetish in many ways. Within this genre there are plenty of sub-genres: cartoon muscle, super-hero muscle, muscle bears, muscle growth fantasies, etc. If someone is not into any of this it makes sense not to be attracted to Zeb Atlas —who does have appeal in this genre. And we certainly can’t fault him for wanting to do stuff outside this genre. After all there are guys whose interests are mostly “mainstream” gay porn but who do have an interest in the muscle worship genre. That’s who Zeb appeals to. Just as there are those who don’t get or are turned off by fetish, bondage, etc performers & scenes, there are crossover fans & performers. We all have our personal tastes, some of which others don’t get and understand.

    • Eddie says:

      Nothing against Zeb Atlas. I agree with you that his body works as a fetish for those who like it but for me a bodybuilder that lost control and overwork his body as an anorexic fashion model or a morbidly obese pacient show bodies that lost the normal form of a human body and they become ‘something ‘ weird, disturbing to look at them ( The same for heavily tattoed bodies ).

  13. Marc says:

    I did a long time ago; when he had a spread in Torso magazine. He was built and muscular then; not nearly as big as he is now though. I can’t be the only one who is turned off by these hulking masses of what were once men. I’m just dreading the day when Brady Jensen’s body goes from hot, muscular stud to champion steer.

  14. graeme says:

    well if the choice was Zeb or (dare i say it) Mick Lovell.. I’d choose Zeb, sorry..

    • sxg says:

      I’d have to agree with that one. While Zeb Atlas’ muscular body is just too much for me, I still find his face handsome. Plus I live his haircut. Mick is just to feminine looking for my taste. I’d rather have too much man than not enough of it.

  15. scallywag says:

    Count me as a no.

  16. deborah mitford says:

    Zeb has a great smile, I’ll say that for him! that goes a long way. And I wouldn’t throw him out of bed… But the muscle thing is just beyond—not my cup of tea at all. But more power to him!

  17. fred says:

    rethorical question: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Chris says:

    I like his haircut here, but truthfully I don’t get off to many so it’s not really an unimpressive thing. That said, I think he’s hot, when I was younger and illegal I use to get turned on by him, but now not so much. I do think he’s bulked up past what I normally like (and I do like my guys with some percent of body fat), but I’d say he looks goo for him. He looks hot for him, and if I were more into body builders (over let’s say Power Lifter frames) I probably could get my rocks off to him, but I still feel like he’s a pretty man. (Just in a way a straight guy would say George Clooney is a pretty man)

  19. Derek says:

    Once, when he was just muscular and still had body hair. The roids hadnt even been bought yet.

    • half porco says:

      When was that??? He was hairy for ONE photoshoot 5+years ago.

    • Johnny says:

      He’s always been roided out. It’s just been gradations. He went from roided out, to super roided out, to uber roided out, to “good god how has your heart not burst yet?” roided out.

  20. kayo says:

    the idea of him is good, I try to like his scenes but he’s bad. no sex appeal, no charisma, and sorry but his ass not really good that’s why they don’t show it.

  21. Estelle says:

    Not after Matthew Rush caught a parasite from eating his ass.

  22. aslogan says:

    Zeb Atlas isn’t at the top of my fuck list, but I do find him attractive. Mostly because he looks like a boy I remember from elementary school, and I always fancied that if I saw him grown up he would look like Zeb Atlas. He really does have a charming smile.

    Of course the weird tattoo mancuff didn’t do him any favors. And I’ve realized that as the years go by, he’s looking more and more like the repulsive Michael Phelps.

  23. Wm says:

    No never, and I feel bad saying that after the last big steroid one died

  24. Johnny says:


    Even if you find that uber-steroided-out look attractive, his “performance” is so pathetic there’s really nothing arousing about it. Even the gays he fucks look like they can’t wait for the scene to be over, and who can blame them?

  25. bam1987 says:

    Yes definitely I have; Zeb Atlas is very attractive and he is definitely one of the highest ideals for muscle-worshipers. I’m not always into muscle-worship, and it is a fetish (no one has to be that big, that muscular) but then again so is anything in “excess”, which depending on how you define “excess” amounts to pretty much everything in porn (abs, asses, dicks, hair, thighs, skin color, foreskin, the list would be endless)…so let’s all just affirm each other’s fetishes (as long as they don’t physically, psychically, or medically harm others), and defend others against anyone who would shame us.

  26. Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag says:

    Zeb Atlas makes me totally forgive Jeff Stryker for looking like he was beaten bloody from the neck up by gangs wielding cartons of Camel Filterless as weapons of choice. At least Jeff could fuck and had some heat and didn’t ruin scenes with vocal carrying on.

    Zeb has ZERO legacy or skill. Constantly trying to pull one over on everyone rather than just coming the fuck out and gone too far to ditch the roids. He is a cassette, blond tips, your travel agent or Mark Dalton. Unnecessary. Lord, that video with Shay Shay L’Quay Quay featuring Z grabbing his tits and making Cody faces. THE LOWEST.

    Fags are so stupid.

    Can someone text him and simply say, “Bitch, this shit is depleted. Cut the fronting and get to stepping!” We all know better.

    He’s a phone with a flip. A relic. NOTHING classic or memorable.

    EXCEPT: the creepy fabulousness of his interview w/ Greg Mantell on YouTube. It’s so awful and uncomfortable and amazing.

    That Greg character is chilling! Ryan, cast him on American Horror Season 3.

    • Absurdist says:

      That first statement makes me think you haven’t seen that many Jeff Stryker films. Boyfriend needed to stuff a sock in it at least 75% of the time. I wanted to pick him up by his hair an lift him up (so I could see his face without stooping) and tell the little Munchkin to shut the fuck up.

  27. some random guy says:

    im not convinced hes acutally a homo sapien. looks more Homo rhodesiensis.

  28. Chris says:

    He was great in his Men.com scene with Tyler Sweet, vocal and into it. He’s not my cup of tea usually but pair him with a twink and he’s great, much better and more interesting than others.

  29. Skip Intro says:

    He was slightly hotter before the roids made his face look like a Francis Bacon painting.

  30. T-Bird says:

    Ya I jack off to him like I jack off to Boris Karloff playing Frankenstein in an old back and white movie.

  31. Daniel from Brazil says:

    Too much muscles, not enought body hair. Defenitely not my type.

  32. Fortunatus says:

    Never ‘sanded wood’ for Zeb…hmmmm. Agreed, he is ‘awe-inspiring’ but kinda eww-ick-inspiring too. I’d cut Zeb (and most porn ‘stars’) some slack: I think the obligatory HD cameras & blinding Kleig lights of ‘Modern Porn’ combined with ‘bodybuilder’ acne & chronic folliculitis gets me thinking about antibiotics & fungus cream more than personal spooge-release. Porn in general is tired, but twits, rants, blogs & sidesplitting hubris of performers offers limitless amusement.

  33. Marty says:

    YES! You don’t see many bodies like this in porn. VERY HOT man! I think if he wasn’t hot, this question wouldn’t be asked. Don’t like his tats much… they all seem the same to me now… no tats seem to be hot now!

  34. GayAtheistLH says:

    I’m going to go ahead and say Yes. But at least I have the decency to be ashamed of it.

  35. jim says:

    Constantly!!! Everybody has their own taste, so anyone
    who doesn’t like Zeb, just send him to me!! lol

  36. Batlass says:

    I’m 23 now. Since I was a twinky 12 year old who passed by the MuscleHunks.com website, I could’ve made 300 babies with Zeb Atlas’ biceps.

    To each their own.

  37. Kyle says:

    I think Matthew Rush was just a bitter queen when he said Zeb got him sick (really? REALLY???), I like big and muscled and Zeb definitely fits my bill. He looked better in the face a few years ago though.

  38. danico05 says:

    I like him a lot, but I prefer him with hair on his big chest.

  39. BToasty says:

    Yes. There have been many days where I’ve wanted him more than anything else on Earth. He’s so handsome, and the more muscle the harder my dick gets.

  40. Lundy says:

    I usually don’t like bodybuilders but I have had a big time crush on Zeb for many years. Oh yes I have jacked off to his photos and videos many many times

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