Grindhouse Finale: Trenton Ducati Gets Double-Penetrated In Front Of A Live Audience!


The live sex show in the Grindhouse finale was one of the most complicated and time-consuming shoots NakedSword has ever done, but you’d never know it from watching the final product. And you’d especially never know it from the look of extreme joy on Trenton Ducati’s face as he’s being double-stuffed live on stage. Here’s the trailer.

As if filming a DP isn’t tricky enough, imagine having to film it in front of dozens of screaming extras in a crowded theater. Imagine having to actually be the bottom being DP’d! Here’s Trenton Ducati getting double-fucked by Adam Killian and Jake Genesis (who also gets fucked, but not DP’d). Watch in full on Nakedsword:

[NakedSword: Grindhouse]


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8 Responses to “Grindhouse Finale: Trenton Ducati Gets Double-Penetrated In Front Of A Live Audience!”

  1. half porco says:

    looks like a very hot scene although it would have been hotter if they had been wearing stilettos and fishnets

    Adam knows how to handle an ass , porn actors should learn from him

  2. sxg says:

    Now that was pretty fucking hot! Trenton really shows he can be one hungry bottom whore right here! I can’t believe that Adam Killian does not bottom here, I mean that ass just demands to be fucked in every scene. Also surprised he has yet to be DP,d, and it would have been perfect for him to have been DP’d here as well.

  3. Jay says:

    I’m not an idiot–I know there are usually tons of people of the average porn shoot, but 90% of those people are working at various tasks and not really focused on the specifics of what is happening in front of the camera. Now, with THIS scene, there are gobs of people on the set and they are just there eyeballing what is happening in front of the camera. I’ve never thought myself a prude (I can watch Hot House’s fisting crap & all the skank porn coming from Treasure Island and not bat an eye), but this scene is uncomfortable to watch. The fact that you have a truckload of guys not actively involved in the action sitting around clapping, cheering, and chanting is extremely disturbing. I’m curious to know scenes like affect the psyches of the performers.

    • Eddie says:

      As you I’m unsure if a situation like this could causes ‘ mental demages ‘. It seems to me that when someone decides to be a prostitute or starts in porn he comes to this ‘ still ready ‘. No matter the age, the education, the social background ( family ) etc. They have their personalities and to be in porn or prostitution is a personal choice. They are whores.

  4. the looker says:

    i will love to see Trenton Ducati do more DP’s

  5. TJ Johnson says:

    They all seem a little rough in the face. And the skin quality is really off

  6. T-Bird says:

    More interested in Christian Wildes work with ns.

  7. SkittleFits says:

    We need more whores like these! More! More! More! Finally reality porn has arrived.

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