Fresh Gay Porn Meat: Dominic Ford’s Anthony Romero

His name is Anthony Romero, and according to Dominic Ford, this is his hardcore debut. The cornfed newcomer hails from the midwest (don’t they all) and is actually a discovery of Austin Wilde’s. The two met on Facebook, and Austin referred Anthony over to his manager, Fabscout. Openly gay and “mostly a bottom but able to top,” 19-year-old Anthony has multiple projects coming up.

Now, help welcome the square-jawed, big-dicked twunk into the gay porn family by letting his pictures give you an erection:




A lot of porn stars only have one or two good features (big muscles but ugly face; nice ass but small dick), but Anthony is different. In fact, I’m going to call him a gay porn quadruple threat because he’s got it all: Body, face, dick, and, of course, a Twitter.

His scene partner, Matthew Singer, is someone to watch, too. That’s a fat cock, dude!


My only complaint? Having two hot guys fuck in front of a boring black curtain. It’s true that all we really care about is the sex, but a little set design would be nice. Yes, I’m very gay.

Click here for the 2D and 3D clips (which might explain the black curtain) on Dominic Ford.

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4 Responses to “Fresh Gay Porn Meat: Dominic Ford’s Anthony Romero”

  1. Spongey says:

    Ditto on the hot new boys and the set design. LOL!

  2. daddycentaur says:

    Anthony Romero….YUMM!!!

  3. Spazz says:

    He’s kind of reminiscent of Cody Kyler?

  4. pony says:

    Apparently there’s no at all anywhere teaching proper posture in muscle support in any yoga classes for gay porn stars; and what’s the black curtain about, it’s being filmed in the Vatican!?

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