Exclusive First Look: Bel Ami’s American In Prague Remake

Here is your first look at the poster (click image to enlarge) for Bel Ami’s 3D remake of An American In Prague, a 10-part(!) feature which premieres next week on Bel Ami. Mick Lovell in 3D is TOO MUCH for me to deal with, so I’ll be watching the regular 2D version, thank you. The original An American In Prague is considered to be the highest grossing and most successful gay porn feature of all time.


Although he’s retired, a Bel Ami rep tells The Sword that there are “over a dozen Mick Lovell scenes already filmed and in the can, waiting to be released,” which means I can now just pretend as if he never left, thank God.

In addition to the AIP remake, Bel Ami has Mick’s scenes, the long-awaited return of Lukas Ridgeston, and a 20-man bareback orgy in South Africa (to celebrate the studio’s 20th anniversary) among the releases scheduled for the remainder of  2013.

Here is the original trailer for 1997′s An American In Prague:

[Bel Ami]

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23 Responses to “Exclusive First Look: Bel Ami’s American In Prague Remake”

  1. Steve22 says:

    BelAmi is still the best!! Look at that poster! Can’t wait to see Lukas Ridgeston return and the An American in Prague remake!

  2. aslogan says:

    The first AIP was my first porn movie ever, and it’s still fantastic. This one has big shoes (underpants?) to fill.

  3. David Fagan says:

    The *original* American in Prague (1997) was an instant CLASSIC and cemented the stardom of Johann Paulik. The scene of Chance f*cking Johann at the end of the film is in my Top Ten, especially the voyeuristic filming through the mirror above the bed’s headboard. (The bedroom is the redecorated Bel Ami townhouse master bedroom in Bratislava.) The ‘story line’ of AIP-I had Johann acting as guide for the American Chance through Prague’s nightlife. No doubt Kevin Warhol will excel at this role, especially as he has recently moved to Prague where George Duroy has relocated the principal BelAmi studios. Not doubt Mick Lovell as the horny American ‘tourist’ will handle his B-role well, but I’m anxious to see if he can handle BelAmi’s resident sex-pot Kevin!

  4. Chris says:

    The new one will be great but nothing will ever top the Original. It was the first movie I ever spend serious money on as a college student. Johan Paulik will always be my first porn crush!

  5. Johnny says:

    Good lord, the photoshopping of dicks is really getting ridiculous.

  6. DK says:

    Ah the movie that ruined gay porn and warped a million gay minds. The movie that marked the transition from gays wanting to look like men to wanting to look like boys. The movie that marked the moment when the gays stopped seeing men’s attractiveness as unique and individual, but instead and started gay men settling for nothing other than a generic Abercrombie & Fitch model.

    No thanks.

  7. EdWoody says:

    I met Chance once, in the audience of a Joan Rivers show at Joe’s Pub.

  8. OO says:

    I’m sad because I don’t read “Jack Harrer” in the cast list… :-(

  9. JoePorn says:

    Oh the good ole days of actual movies. One thing is nice to see, that at least 1 of the classic studios is still honestly around and producing great work. Maybe Lukas will come back in Lucky Lukas (OMG please BelAmi).

  10. James says:

    Any models of color in this edition? Oh, wait. That’s a silly question. This is Bel-Ami.

  11. Jack says:

    OMFG, just found out that the gay porn newcomer / slut of the year – Teddy Bear, is in fact a gay porn veteran!! Look at 00:35 there he was sharing a 3-somes scene with Johan and Chance. Em… wonder how old he is and how he still looks so young after almost 16 years!! No wonder he can snatch all the big names in porn nowadays

  12. Rex says:

    So hot so fucking sexy

  13. robirob says:

    BelAmi sitting on unreleased Mick Lovell clips which they’ll release one by one? I bet when they release the final one Mick is ready to file for actual retirement and won’t be looking like when he was with BelAmi.

  14. stranded says:

    I don’t think i’ve seen Kevin Warhol and Mick Lovell together. What a hot pairing, plus that means there’s new scenes, not just existing sex scenes bond together for a faux new movie.

  15. Filip, Sweden says:

    As a “Mick-addict” I´m of course very happy that this much anticipated movie soon will be released! It´s very sad indeed that Mick not is working with BelAmi anymore. In my opinion he IS a megastar. I´m really looking forward to Mick´s other unreleased scenes.

    BUT this front cover was a disappointment. Both Mick and Kevin have great bodies and that doesn´t show here. And as “Johnny” stated above – the dicks seems ridiculous (photoshopped).

    I agree with many comments above that AIP (from 1997) is one of the best gay porn movies I ever seen.

  16. Ghost Chelsea says:

    How funny is it that now the are doing reboots of gay porn ?

    • beary says:

      I think it is a great idea, although I don’t expect it will be as good as the original.
      Looking forward to it all the same

  17. Sessy says:

    Might be interesting. Unfortunately I tend to not watch movies where the entire case looks identical.

    • Filip, Sweden says:

      The case is of course not identical. And there are many hot models (besides Mick…) so it´s very interesting.

      It´s interesting from another angle too – the original from 1997 was a very popular movie. So BelAmi has some standards to meet. So most likely this movie will be something special.

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