Dylan Lucas “Hot Gay Surfer Jock” Bradley Hudson Actually Surfing


DylanLucas.com is a new gay porn site that brands itself as a site full of “hot jocks surfing the waves.” And like most branding on most gay porn sites, it’s not true. That is, until now.

Maybe Dylan Lucas read the complaints that putting a model next to a surfboard does not make the model a “hot surfer,” or maybe this is just a coincidence, but today, Dylan Lucas released a video of exclusive model Bradley Hudson actually surfing, in the ocean!

I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong. Dylan Lucas does have hot surfer guy models. (They aren’t surfing very well, but at least they’re surfing.)


[via Dylan Lucas]

And, Bradley Hudson might not be good at surfing, but he is really good at gay sex and sucking dick upside down:


[Dylan Lucas: Jimmy Clay & Bradley Hudson Flip-Fuck]

Bradley Hudson’s next scene is with Austin Merrick:


In case you were curious, this is the “about” section of DylanLucas.com. I’ve been sexually active in the gay jocks world!

Born in Southern California, I’ve always been fascinated by the beach and the hot jocks surfing the waves. I’ve been surfing since I was young and I still love the sport. I love meeting all the surfers as we have the beaches and the passion for the waves in common. Some guys call us the gay jocks as we spend our days half naked at the beach – they aren’t wrong! I’ve always had cravings for gay sex, mostly because all my friends are hot jocks. What I didn’t know was that some of these hot jocks actually had gay sex and have been in gay porn videos. Since then, I’ve been sexually active in the gay jocks world. Now I shoot gay sex scenes with some amazingly hot jocks for my personal collection of gay porn videos that I share with members of my site. Check out Dylan Lucas if you like gay porn videos that feature beaches, hot young jocks, and sweaty salty gay sex!


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One Response to “Dylan Lucas “Hot Gay Surfer Jock” Bradley Hudson Actually Surfing”

  1. ceem says:

    It’s fun how Dylan Lucas is so gay and everything is gay, even those models who said they’re 100% “straight” before. Is NDS trying to impove its hostile anti-gay image?

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