Dustin Lance Black Is Suing His Fuck Buddy

Days after the photos broke (we’re still waiting for the sex-tape), the Milk scribe made an indignant statement about the “unfortunate…embarrassment,” his lawyers sent us a scary email with the adage that “you act at your own peril,” and his bareback fuck buddy, Jeff Delancy, skipped town.

You’d think that Black would want to leave this saga behind and return to his marriage equality poster boydom, but instead he’s continuing to beat a dead, lubed-up horse with a lawsuit, filed July 23rd, that accuses one of Delancy’s ex-boyfriends of stealing the photographs and seeks damages from Starzlife.com for purchasing them.

Queerty points to a particularly amusing portion of the lawsuit in which Plaintiff Black plays dumb, arguing that he thought the motel photo shoot was of his head and “upper torso.”

Plaintiff observed Delancy holding a small camera and taking photographs of the two of them. Plaintiff posed for what he understood to be some photos of their heads and upper torsos… At no time…did Plaintiff ever authorize or consent to the taking of photos (the “Photos”) or any video (the “Video”) of his genitalia or of he and Delancy engaging in explicit intimate physical acts.

But we won’t joke around because we don’t want to piss off Dustin Lance Black’s lawyers. First of all, they’re terrifying. And second, we’re pretty sure they have bareback fuck photos from the lawyer motel orgy we attended a couple years back.


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  1. Greg Walloch says:

    “At no time…did Plaintiff ever authorize or consent to the taking of photos or any video of his genitalia.” But he did consent to sex without a condom? And was ok with just “his head and upper torso” being photographed whilst being penetrated? Interesting choice. Guess it could have made a really cool FaceBook profile picture.

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