Dakota Cochrane (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Danny) Booted From Reality Show After Just One Episode


So sad! He had such high hopes. But, poor Dakota Cockring couldn’t make it past his first match:

Perhaps the most curious contestant to ever be considered for inclusion on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) mixed martial arts (MMA) television reality series, Dakota Cochrane, got his big opportunity to show what he’s really made of inside the Octagon….He came up just a bit short. Cochrane, who performed in “gay-for-pay” porn flicks several years ago, took on James Vick in a five-minute fight for the right to compete on TUF 15 season and a “six-figure” UFC contract. [Cochrane] went on to lose the 155-pound bout via split decision, ending what might have been the most interesting TUF house storyline before it ever even began.

I’m sure he’ll bounce back, somehow…

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17 Responses to “Dakota Cochrane (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Danny) Booted From Reality Show After Just One Episode”

  1. Sheik says:

    To quote Nelson Muntz (Simpsons)…


  2. John Wilkins says:

    Yet another reason to believe in karma…

  3. sxg says:

    I guess they didn’t think he brought in the ratings that they hoped. If he did, they would’ve kept him. Sucks for him I guess it’s back to gay porn for him, if there is anyone still stupid enough to hire him back (which there is)

  4. Yeah….

    I watched that fight..the kid couldn’t land one shot..granted he is 5’8 going up against a dude 6’3 but damn he could have got in one shot. All he did was lay on him the whole match..it looked kinda gay….MMA is brutal(get it?)..You could tell he was nervous but still one shot deal..All they had was one five min round to make way in the house.

    Speaking of which…This douche couldn’t. Say anything nice..

    But Tag Eriksson I think gave the most Classy response to his porn past,

    Did I ever think it would affect my career negatively?” he said. “No. Did I think that I might fall in love with somebody one day who might have a problem with it? Yes.”

    I have to give him credit…the show is good… Respect

    • Winterhell says:

      Did not see the episode. However, how could he be paired with someone who is 7 inches taller? The striking distance is quite unequal. Must have been done to get rid of him quickly.

  5. Legend says:

    “Dakota Cochrane” sounds more like a made-up gay porn name than “Danny”.

  6. Half Porco says:

    Faggots can’t fight – fact.

    • Hkguy says:

      Come say that to my face, u might find yourself dead wrong bud! Don’t say stupid shit with no basis for your argument!

  7. Loki says:

    So his gay porn past was revealed to a nationwide audience (or at least to MMA fans across the nation) and he doesn’t even make it past the preliminaries?! LMAO!

    He can’t go back to regional division fighting… imagine the heckling he’ll receive! “Dakota The Fudgepacker!”

  8. Colo says:

    Will Sean Cody take him back?

    • Loki says:

      Fuck no. They wouldn’t take back that one model after he appeared on Randy Blue (poor thing’s selling his used underwear on message boards now).

      • Didn’t know he did any other work than for SC. Did he do more or was RB it?

        • Loki says:

          SC has had a couple of models defect to RB. I can’t remember that guy’s name. Anywho, I think Rylan (Shaw) said as much; once you appear on another site, you can’t come back.

          Maybe Dakota could try NDS – they do straight porn.

  9. BGinBigD says:

    Poor thang, he’ll bounce back, alright……on a BIG COCK!!!!!!

  10. jack says:

    Dakota/Danny is a stunningly good looking stud. If he wants to do more gay porn he won’t have any trouble getting hired. All the best to you Danny.

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