Corbin Fisher’s Connor On Piracy, Making His Scene Partner Cum Three Times, And Why He Prefers Barebacking


The Corbin Fisher guys rarely talk, so I’m happy Connor—arguably the site’s most popular (and hottest) model—agreed to close out the year with me in this exclusive interview. For a big, blond, jackhammering, power topping (and bottoming) porn actor, he’s surprisingly well-spoken!

The Sword: For those who don’t know, how did you first get started working for Corbin Fisher?
Connor: I didn’t really have any modeling experience at all. I was curious to try and submitted a few photos to some scouts and recruiters online, and in turn they submitted my stuff to CF. Over four years later, here I am.

Have you ever been recognized in public? How do you react to being popular or having fans?
Many times. It’s always nice to meet a fan. However it always seems to happen when I’m around family or friends! Which is fine because everyone is aware of what I do. I owe a lot of my success to everyone in the company, including Corbin himself.

The company regularly makes headlines for its lawsuits against illegal downloaders. Does any of that get brought up on set, or is your work completely separate? How do you feel about piracy?
Oh yeah, I hear about it all the time. Aside from what my company’s stance is, I honestly feel it’s completely necessary to take action towards theft, not only in our company, but the online media market all together. If everyone steals our content, the company doesn’t get paid, therefore I don’t get paid. We work very hard at everything we do here at CF, and spend countless hours keeping this company running from every angle. It’s just not right to give our stuff away, or have it taken from us.

Do you pay attention to other studios and their rosters of models? Are there any guys exclusive to other studios who you wish would come work with you at Corbin Fisher?
I don’t really pay attention too much to their rosters, but more how they “work” or operate. It’s more or less research to see what we can be doing better. It’s all friendly competition though.

There has been a lot of controversy over the “condomless” scenes from Corbin Fisher. Talk about the testing process and why you feel comfortable performing without the use of condoms.
Our testing process is second to none. I can say for myself, since I’ve been a consistently active performer for over four years now, that I have been tested every 30 days of my life for the last four years. We are tested for basically everything, and the company also regularly has us visit and consult with a doctor prior to shoots. We also always get tested a few days before each shoot to rule out any possibilities. I’d imagine the most sterile, controlled environment anyone my age could have sex in would be our sets because of the strict testing.

So is it fair to say that you prefer going bareback?
Put it this way…personally, I don’t like watching any porn with condoms. It just doesn’t do it for me, and I watch a lot of porn! The way I see it, porn is here for fantasy, and to let your hair down and see exactly what you want to see. So, if the danger of contracting a disease has been ruled out to the greatest possible extent, why are we worrying about it? I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say, if I could choose it all the time, porn would be sans condoms.

Is there any one scene or any one performer who is most memorable?
I’ve been in quite a few since I started, ha ha, but a few still stand out today. Obviously it’s always the best working with someone who’s always on their game and really into it. You can pretty much take a look at anyone on our Dean’s List page, and I can guarantee it was a pleasure working with them. Dawson, Travis, Cain, Lucas, Josh, Trey and I have always had great chemistry together and seem to deliver something great. I guess one scene that stands out in recent history is when I fucked three loads out of Aiden! The scene is actually called “Aiden’s Triple Load.” It’s epic!

When you’re not pumping loads out of people, what else do you do?
I’m a pretty laid back guy and live a pretty chill lifestyle. Whenever I’m free I’m usually doing something to stay physically active. I have a big passion for MMA and spend a lot of time in the gym or climbing mountains with my dog.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like the porn version of Leonardo DiCaprio? Because you do.
Ha ha, it never fails. Actually, I got it a lot more when I was younger. Now I think our images are starting to part ways. I can’t really say if I do, but if so, it’s very flattering. But, I like to think that someone might go up to DiCaprio and say, “Anyone ever told you that you look like Connor from Corbin Fisher?”

You’re standing in front of the mirror naked. What’s your best feature?
Can I say dick? Ha ha, just kidding. I’m usually shy and it’s hard for me to say what I think looks good. However, my abs are looking pretty good these days.

It’s rare for a CF model to do an interview. Do you guys stay sort of sheltered to enhance your allure? Is it important to be in touch with fans and have more of an online presence?
It’s hard to say. I think some people really want us to seem mysterious and unattainable, and others really want to get to know us. I’m think we’ve found a happy medium, though. Personally I think Twitter is perfect for that. It’s short, sweet, and to the point on what’s going on with us day to day. I’d love to keep the fans up to date with my own Twitter account as well…maybe soon.

Do you and other models hang out off set, or are any of you friends in real life?
Sometimes we do. Every once in a while we might all go out to dinner or something like that. There are a couple that have become close friends, like Dawson and Travis.

In the past four years, what’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself personally?
Oh, wow, so much change. Physically and mentally. I used to be extremely shy and reserved. But all my experiences here have really made me a confident person. CF in general has changed a ton too. Just watch the first videos we did and compare them to now.

Is there any sex act or position or type of scene you won’t do?
I’m pretty down for anything and whatever. So, throw me some suggestions. I’ll try anything once!

[Corbin Fisher: Connor]

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105 Responses to “Corbin Fisher’s Connor On Piracy, Making His Scene Partner Cum Three Times, And Why He Prefers Barebacking”

  1. JR says:

    We are tested for basically everything…LOL

  2. Jason says:

    Wow. He is pretty well-spoken. (And he’s hot as hell.) I like him even more now.

    • Loki says:

      Everything he said sounded calculated and rehearsed IMO. Like he was fed talking points by a PR rep.

      • Andrew says:

        This may shock you Loki, but I agree with you completely!

      • Belize says:

        LOL. Were you there during the interview? Did you hear the way he spoke? Or is this another case of you trying to preserve that kindergarten reality of yours wherein everyone is dumber than you are? As far as I know, there is no audio recording posted here so how can you say that “[e]verything he said sounded calculated and rehearsed?” LOL. Try again, sweetheart. Try not to make yourself seem THAT pathetic.

    • Ron says:

      I totally agree. He doesn’t sound stupid at all. :) I love him three times more now!

  3. Jimmy says:

    It’s been years since I last subscribed to Corbin Fisher. Maybe I’ll check them out for a month to get caught up.

  4. Loki says:

    Uh, durr, of course, condoms in porn don’t do it for him – he likes straight porn!

  5. Asenath says:

    Now that I know that CF has a doctor talk to the guys (hopefully for harm-reduction information), I feel a little less worried about these guys being uninformed in their decision. Doesn’t mean that I like it, though.

    Condoms, Rose, Condoms!

  6. Spongey says:

    I usually sign up every few months and download most of their videos. I just resubscribed since they have a holiday special going on. It must be amazing to get fucked by Dawson for a living. Argh! Where’s my lube!!

  7. sxg says:

    I never considered Connor one of my favorites from CF, but after this interview he is definitely one of my favorites now! I honestly don’t think this was a rehearsed interview at all. Not every pornstar is dumb and lacks eloquence.

  8. T-Bird says:

    Gimme Dawson any day of the week…

  9. snoop says:

    It says he get fucked but it isn’t very often. Same goes for Dawson. Def not one of my favorites from the site. Some scenes are fine with him in it, but for someone who really only tops, way too many scenes of his for me. Josh and Travis have been 2 of the best that site has had.

  10. Legend says:

    Is he gay?

    Pardon me; Does he identify as gay?

  11. Satire says:

    “So, if the danger of contracting a disease has been ruled out to the greatest possible extent, why are we worrying about it?” Isn’t the “greatest possible extent” meaning condoms? And, by the way, even condoms are not 100% effective in protecting you from disease. Hate to break it to you kid, but you need to worry about “it”. Mr. Fisher is using you like a tool. And should you get ill, you’re history. All you’ll have left are your memories plus a lingering sickness that will ruin your life. But on the bright side, Mr. Fisher will still be rich (thanks in part to you!) and will continue to coerce young studs into doing something they should not be doing. Yeah, you got nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.

    • TrueWords says:

      I absolutely agree with you…porn is a disposable industry…so many of these once bright stars especially in the gay arena are done at 30 years old if they are lucky…with the steroid use and other drugs that are on the set…come on guys do you REALLY think Aiden got that big from “honest” weight lifting…he is on the juice…but alas the mythology around gay for pay and HIV infection still rages onward…

      I wonder if Conner or Aiden could sue Corbin Fisher if they became infected or is that CLEARLY written into their contracts that they can make NO legal claims…if you want to truly be transparent attach a copy of the contract that you signed before engaging in this “risky” sexual behavior…

      • Stefan says:

        It wouldn’t have to be written into the contract. He assumes the risk of disease given his line of work, and given all the testing he has done there is no way he could successfully sue and claim that his consent was anything but voluntary and informed.

  12. seaguy says:

    I never really paid attention to him before because he is a CF model and I don’t care for the tactics that studio has gone too in it’s effort to fight piracy.

    But reading this interview he is going to be one of the stars I watch from now on. Totally agree with his take on bareback porn.

  13. Paul says:

    Yeah whatever! “Conner this is what you are going to say. You want to be an actor? Then learn your lines.”

    HIV can take up to 3 months to show up in a test….so no testing is perfect. You want to run the risk of catching an incurable disease then fuck multiple people without condoms that’ll do it.

    Bullshit from a guy who works for a bullshit company….oh better get a lawyer, lol.

    • Joe says:

      Having spent several years in a seriodiscordant relationship (1 + & 1 -), I consider myself to be firmly in the pro-condom camp. That being said, I feel its important that individuals have the right to make decisions regarding their bodies, such as bareback, provided it is done so willing and knowingly. I noted that in the commentary several individuals quoted the “3month/6month” rule of HIV testing. Well this rule should be considered just that for the purposes of the general public, it is important to note there are at least two tests used in the research and private medical community that can detect HIV much sooner. One focuses on the detection of RNA and is typically viable after 1 week from exposure while the other focuses on the presence of short-term HIV proteins only present after the first 72 hours up to a max window of 14 days. The primary reason for their lack of public use is cost and refusal of the insurance industry to subsidize them. There are several doctors, reaserchers, and facilities though that a studio such as Corbin Fisher could utilize for testing if they so wished. I have no idea if they do, but i wanted to clear up the common misconception that HIV can never be detected earlier.

      • B says:

        CF did just tweet the other day that they spend in excess of $10,000/month on STI testing.

      • Stefan says:

        It would seem the problem, however, is that they only test every 30 days and a few days before a shoot. If they wanted to be absolutely safe (besides not barebacking), they would have to somehow ensure the models were not having sex between the last test and the shoot. Obviously that’s not possible, so in the end we’re left with a lot of testing that sounds good in theory but in terms of how they’re practicing it has a fairly high risk of failure.

  14. Heviel says:

    “Connor, repeat with me…well done boy”
    “Remember look honest, honest, so bitches will buy it for real”

  15. Brian says:

    He is very well spoken however he is crazy not to play safe. He’s a performer and should be setting an example. HIV is out there and not going away. All it will take is one bad “date” and poof his career will end. Just ask Mason Wyler

  16. TrueWords says:

    if Corbin Fisher can take the stance about illegal downloading…then I can take my stance regarding bareback porn and say NO thanks to it all…

    To be further honest these guys should be enrolled in school…but alas that is what porn truly delivers “beautiful” people who can not work a day to day job…

    All my best

  17. MaV says:

    Conner is my favorite model on Corbin Fisher, hands down. I only subscribe to CF now and then if I see a new Conner video, I think he performs the best!

  18. Ilyman says:

    I will presume we are hearing Conners own words and he comes across as an articulate and thoughtful young man. As for the issue of barebacking he has made his own choice and rightly or wrongly that is HIS decision to make, and as for his sexuality whilst in general I don’t like G4P I find that the majority of CF performers offer something that most G4P performers don’t, the ability to convey passion and engagement in their scenes.

  19. TrueWords says:

    What I want is a copy of their contract with Corbin Fisher and what is states regarding their activities else where…as we have seen Sean Cody kept Harley under wraps but as soon as he was done it was escort time and other adventures. I am sure that they are all living and having sex with each other in a VERY isolated environment as so to reduce infections…again these are my thoughts…I personally will NEVER subscribe to a porn site as it is FAR too much money for the same old scenes with the same “type” of performers…but countless others will easily throw their money to these companies…I would rather treat myself to a healthy nest egg for the future rather than firing off some knuckle babies at $35.00 plus a month…

  20. Lowderman says:

    That wasn’t an interview, that was a press release. If Zach didn’t conduct that interview face-to-face, rest assured that the answers were carefully crafted by the team behind Corbin Fisher. What would’ve been interesting is to find out what “Conner” does on the full time side for CF since Dawson (who’s kept by the owner of CF) is now the Vice President of Excelsior Media. Seems like the models who stick around get placed in some pretty sweet positions…so to speak.

    I swear, they put out okay content, but Corbin Fisher seems like one of the most corrupt companies out there.

  21. Steve454 says:

    Connor is my favorite model. When I watch him, I never feel like he’s going to give a lackluster performance. In the past few years, he has really come out of his shell and raised the intensity of his scenes. But aside from that, there’s something I find extremely sexy about him; so much so, that it’s difficult for me to watch his scenes all the way thru. My fav is watching him get rimmed, and he never seems to have erection problems. He’s a solid performer, and CF is lucky to have him.

    • Loki says:

      “…he never seems to have erection problems.”

      Uh, that’s because they use Caverject and Cialis at CF.

      • B says:

        Do you troll every CF-related post to post false statements or did you just happen to come across this particular one?

        • Loki says:

          False statement?! Anyone who even halfway-follows CF’s machinations knows they use ED meds. Most gay-for-pay porn does.

          And I’m a troll… says the very imaginatively-monikered “B” who I can’t recall ever commenting to this blog before. If I were the suspicious type, I might think you were some sort of CF operative attempting to do damage control (wouldn’t be the first time a studio did that on this blog).

          • B says:

            Studios have to do “damage control” when people like yourself hide behind the anonymity afforded by the Internet to post inaccuracies and lies unchallenged. What “machinations” have you followed that allow you to conclusively state they do? If you’re simple speculating based on what you “know” of other companies than say so, rather than attempt to pass off speculation as fact. Just because you have enough free time to roam around this site posting as much snark as possible at every opportunity doesn’t make any of what you say legitimate.

          • Loki says:

            “…hide behind the anonymity afforded by the Internet”

            Aaaaaaand there. That’s where I knew to disregard anything further you said. You seem to take a disturbingly personal interest in this company’s affairs/”good name” for someone so wholly unaffiliated with it…

          • B says:

            At one point, 5 out of a total of 35 comments here were from you, trashing CF and making unsupported claims about CF. “Disturbing personal interests” seem to be common. I’ve posted as “B” here before and have made it pretty obvious who I am and where I’m from. Dig around a bit. I doubt your real name is “Loki”, and yet that doesn’t seem to prevent you from posting unsupported comments, speculation and conjecture.

          • Loki says:

            Unsupported claims? With the exception of the ED meds, all my responses to this article have either been statements of opinion (“His answers sounded rehearsed IMO” or “their updates have been complete and utter shite for months now”) or unimpeachable fact. And, frankly, after assaulting us with that wall of text, I don’t care to know who you might be…

          • Belize says:

            And if you’re so secured with your intelligence, LOKI, then why are you worried? LOL. Child, you have the same juvenile defense mechanism of the Catholic Church. Also, I can call you a pig and state it as an unimpeachable fact. LOL.

          • Loki says:


            It’s “secure in your intelligence”. Get back to me when you can effectively communicate in the English language. On second thought… why don’t you just piss off all the same?

      • Steve454 says:

        I doubt that. I’m not saying it’s not available, but if they all used enhancements, Dru wouldn’t have issues and Trey would be a top.

        • Asenath says:

          There is no possible universe in which Trey would be a top. The problem isn’t with his wood. He’s just a charmingly expressive buttslut. (I love Trey, FYI.)

    • Andrew says:

      I’m totally “team Loki” on this one (look Loki that’s TWICE!!)

      Corbin Fisher’s machinations are available to read all over the internet for anyone who has an interest. Just look at ANY gay forum or posting board (the CF facebook fan page doesn’t count) whose content isn’t controlled (directly or by subtle financial intimidation) by Casa Corbin. Just for fun, B (if you really aren’t a damage controlling shill, in which case you are already aware of what’s out there) google “Corbin Fisher” and “Mark Randazza” which will not only give you the info on the piracy cases but will also open you up to everything else.

      Don’t get used to this Loki, I wouldn’t want you to get soft on me. :-)

  22. Sheik says:

    “Corbin Fisher” is sort of becoming the “Those of which we do not speak” in gay porn… I’m afraid to even go to his website for fear of being “sued.”

  23. X says:

    I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by how sane the vast majority of the comments here have been regarding unsafe sex both on and off camera.

    Anyone who claims that their rectum is sensitive enough to tell the difference between a penis with and without a condom is out of their minds. Anyone who thinks that putting on a condom — outside of a 100% guaranteed monogamous relationship (as if that’s possible) between two people who have both tested negative twice in six months — isn’t worth it is an idiot. Anyone who thinks it’s sexier to watch one performer possibly infecting another with a chronic, unpleasant and still entirely possibly fatal illness instead of enjoying watching performers engaging in responsible sex is reprehensible.

    Death fetish porn — and I refuse to use the cutesy “bareback” to disguise what this really is — is disgusting.

  24. B says:

    At the risk of stealing some of the attention away from Connor (who is the focus of this Sword post and who did answer the questions on his own – anyone who’s heard him on Pete’s Attic shouldn’t be too surprised he’s a very well-spoken, articulate and even witty young man; anyone who’s been on the receiving end of emails or communications from CF PR folk know we’re way more verbose and longwinded), there are some things that are worth addressing…

    - I certainly don’t fault anyone for having opinions (even strong ones) re: bareback porn vs. porn w/. condoms. What I’d fault someone for is mistakenly thinking in absolutes on the issue. It would be mistaken to assume any company employing condoms for anal scenes is inherently doing the utmost in the interests of the safety of their performers. Many STIs (including incurable ones that can prematurely end the lives of those infected) can be transmitted through activity such as unprotected oral sex or rimming; many studios that use condoms for anal sex don’t test models at all for any STIs. While the oft-preached “3 month” window does indeed apply to antibody tests (allowing for sufficient time for antibodies to develop), texts exist that cut down windows to matters of hours and even days. CF spends in excess of $10,000/month on STI testing for a full range of STIs, even beyond (what were) AIM requirements; tests include qualitative DNA PCR and RNA detection, as well as antibody detection; viral and bacterial STIs other than HIV are also tested for. In addition, all models (at the company’s expense) consult with physicians prior to shoots to discuss risk, share and gain access to information, and receive a full physical. Models may choose to not participate in condomless scenes – considerably more condom scenes are released than those without, so earning potential is not affected.
    - Yes, “Dawson” did become a VP of the company. “Pete” also was promoted to one of the company’s VPs. While CF currently employs almost 3-dozen full-time employees, Pete and Dawson first joined the company when the number of full-time employees could be counted on one hand. In fact, Pete was the very first full-time employee hired. Some see some sinister, incestuous reasoning behind such promotions. Realistically it can be difficult to recruit talent for certain technical or administrative jobs when you are an adult company. Recruiting and promoting from within thus becomes an appealing option; you know a model is comfortable with the type of content being created and comfortable working for an adult company, so when particular models demonstrate themselves to be quite skilled in other areas it stands to reason you might want to offer them a job. “Dawson” has been with the company for 3/4ths of its existence. “Pete” has been with the company for 4/5ths of its existence. Connor has been around for 1/2 the time the company has existed (and, beyond modeling, is one of the videographers and editors). If it’s highly suspect when some of the most long-term, most experienced employees get promotions, I’d be interested to know how things are where you might work.
    - Caverject?! Really? Does anyone use that anymore? It requires administering via needle directly in to the penis. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone to either deliver or receive such treatment. Some models have, in the past, attained their own prescriptions for “situational erectile dysfunction”, but that’s up to them and their physician. At the risk of ruining the magic for some people, a reason you might see particular models top way more than others is because they are simply able to get and keep it up more than others; when you shoot and release 5-6 videos/week, using as tops the guys you know can consistently perform well as tops has its appeal. Likewise, it’s fair to assume that, on occasion, a model who tends to bottom most often might be getting cast to do so because they are less reliable as tops.
    - Connor is not shilling for CF bareback videos here. In fact, I’d say Zach’s title for this post is a bit misleading, and am somewhat bothered by how he took what he knew would be the most controversial aspect of the interview and injected it in to the title in such a manner. Zach asks two questions about bareback. In response to the first, Connor simply stated he felt comfortable doing such scenes and why. In response to the second, he mentions preferring is porn without condoms. Zach presents both answers as saying he “prefers barebacking” and “prefers going bareback”, which I think takes some unfair liberties with Connor’s statements.
    - Sites like this (which is to say, sites that allow comments, be they mainstream news or entertainment sites or adult-related sites) always attract some lonely people who feel the need to spread silly statements and usually get to do so unchallenged because studios know wandering in to offer an alternate perspective rarely matters – people have often made up their mind – or just gets these people all juiced up to spout off even more. If you’re going to say CF are a bunch of assholes for filming scenes without condoms, that’s entirely your right; if you’re going to say CF videos simply such and can’t turn you on for shit, that’s an opinion you are more than entitled to have; if you are not fond of CF’s anti-piracy efforts, you can’t be faulted for your own opinions. Where people go too far, though, is attempting to pass off total bullshit for fact, and think they can spread lies unchecked and unchallenged.

    • Loki says:

      O…M…G… you’re a crazy person.

      If you’re not already on CF’s payroll, then they need to hire you.

      • B says:

        … wow you’re slow.

      • Belize says:

        So in the face of literature being pushed as facts, all you can do is resort to ad hominem? What’s the matter? You can’t stomach the role of “brooding cynical fag” with someone threatening the reality you want people to see? LOL. Childish.

        • Belize says:

          The comment of course is for LOKI. I was going to give him/her the benefit of the doubt but s/he hasn’t said nothing to merit that. Sad but true, doll.

    • Asenath says:

      Thank you for this clear outline of CF’s testing routine. My personal preference as a previous subscriber would be that you threw the condoms back on, but as long as everyone’s an adult giving informed consent. . .I can’t fault you for the rigor of your methods.

  25. Fart_Barely says:

    I’m trying to think of a new term to coin for 2012. I want to come up with a word for online street trade — the kind of hot, crazy sexually fearless guy who killed your uncle Bob, but the web proxy.

    Most of the good ones are taken — e-trade, prime among them.

    But then I got to thinking about how on the web something obscure can become ubiquitous. Jump the shark, for instance.

    And Conner certainly made me perk up again on the subject. So maybe its just “Conner?”

  26. meamyou says:

    I thought the purpose of this comment section was to come here and make comments and opionions about what articles are running. I didn’t know some asshole thinks that he has the right to come and police what people are saying. B, go back to your lawsuit happy company. Despite what you and those asshole lawyers think at CF, you can’t control the message.

    • Belize says:

      Police someone? Why? Is B actually with you right now? Holding a gun to your head and telling you not to comment? Is s/he doing something to override the system instead of giving his / her own two cents on the matter–which you claimed to be the purpose of the comment section? Lol. Buy a dictionary, chica. B has every right to comment and push for his / her own version of reality just as much as you do.

  27. DownUnderLad says:

    Bareback porn always provokes such strong reactions in people who are either for it or against it. NO testing method is full proof. There is always room for error no matter how minor it may be.

    However bareback porn within the gay industry has become increasingly popular over the last few years. From TIM to SX Video and now internet sites like Chaosmen, CF and even Sean Cody is beginning to dabble in it. There is a certain level of hotness in bareback action that you don’t get with condom sex (there I said it). However since the risk of STD’s is well known, it’s ultimately up to the performers themselves if they still wish to participate. No one is forcing them to do so against their will – at least I hope not.

    Those that don’t like bareback porn, here’s a simple solution – don’t watch or buy it. As far as Connor is concern, he sounds like a pretty switched on guy. Not all male performers are himbos who work out and have little going on upstairs. He’s just stating his opinion on things (which of course you can disagree with if you want). He’s been doing this now for the last four years and no doubt has learnt quite a bit about how the industry works and he admits that it’s broaden his scope on a number of things.

    Having seen a number of his performances, he obviously enjoys sex with both guys AND girls. He stays rock hard and fucks like a machine. He’s bottomed on a few occasions but personally, he works much better as a top. It’s clear the boy loves to fuck.

    Going slightly off topic, I also don’t get the stigma that’s attached to male performers who primarily top. If a male performer is known for his bottom skills, he’s applauded. But if a guy justs fucks he gets ridiculed for it. Guess what folks, some guys are just born to top and some guys are born to bottom. In a ideal world, all performers would be versatile but that’s not going to happen. My criteria for male performers working in gay porn is that they have to either fuck or be fucked and not just expect to stand around and get their cock sucked and give nothing in return (unlike a certain NDS performer who has become infamous for “limited repertoire”).

  28. EdWoody says:

    This is directly to Connor, in the naive hope you might actually read it:

    I’m glad that CF take good care of you as regards testing. Genuinely, I’m not being facetious. If they’re as rigorous as you say, then that’s good.

    But none of that comes across on screen, does it? Not once in any of your non-condom porn scenes does anyone explain to the viewer that all these tests have been done, and that’s why you’re not using condoms, but the viewer should use condoms, unlike you, because he and his partner have not had those tests done. That information is never expressed to the viewer – he cannot see your tests, your negative results, your understanding or otherwise of the issues involved.

    You know what they CAN see on screen? A condom.

    Now, I get that you don’t think it’s your responsibility to educate while you entertain. You believe porn is just fantasy, and does not teach anyone anything. Well, first of all, I disagree. I think it is your responsbility to educate while you entertain, just like it is everyone involved in porn’s responsibility. And second, even if you don’t think you HAVE to, do you not think you OUGHT to? Why not take the opportunity that has been given to you to educate your fans about the issues involved in safe-vs-unsafe sex? If you were to wear a condom on screen, I guarantee you some of your viewers would follow your lead. But all they see is sex without a condom, and no mention of mitigating circumstances like STD tests, so what do you think they’re going to copy there?

    Frankly, what you prefer to see and do is not as important as what your viewers need to see you doing. It’s more important that they see you being safe that it is that you enjoy yourself.

    Again – they can’t see tests. They can see condoms. Simple as that.

  29. jackattack11 says:

    ha ha, with all the awesome pictures, i just noticed that conner gave an interview.

  30. Vito says:

    The funny thing is, Corbin Fisher goes through great lengths to control information regarding the company. Their (justified) anti-piracy efforts have shown that the company takes glee in shining a light on the private lives of others; however, the company itself hides behind frontmen (a sham CEO, a lawyer, and porn models with who don’t even have GEDs or community college degrees). Not only that, models are taken advantage of to the point that popular guys have left on bad terms (Lucas/RL).

    I think B is a former computer nerd from Liberty, MO who is now a porn “magnate.”

    • B says:

      “Vito” is, again, indicative of silly misinformation from someone who likes to think they know more than they do.

      I can look at CF’s Dean’s List (the top models on the site) and see, among 30 models, about a dozen that have college degrees. Just the other day, in fact, I spoke to one former model who was wrapping up law school. Given only 1/4 of the US population aged 25+ has bachelors degrees, that’s quite notable. Given a number of the Dean’s List models are still under 25 and a number are still in school, I think that’s even more notable.

      It’s amusing when people suggest (or, in your case, go beyond suggesting and attempt to definitively state) that a former model parted on bad terms. Is it not possible for models to simply discontinue working? Lucas worked for CF for over 5.5 years – quite a long time in this industry – and during that time worked for no one else. Some of CF’s guys might “disappear” because they’re perfectly entitled to want to eventually retire and pursue other things. Many finish school and take on careers, many get families, many simply feel they don’t feel like doing adult work anymore. Some even save up their earnings from CF to buy homes and start their own businesses, which is exactly what Lucas did – quite impressive for someone who wasn’t yet 25 when he started his own business and bought his first home.

      While CF values the privacy of the models, believe it or not many of the models likewise value their privacy (despite what they’re doing). Not every adult industry model wants to make appearances at clubs every weekend, strip, do public shows and signings, air every aspect of their lives on twitter and through blogs, and continue modeling up to and in to their 30s. Some use it as a way to make some great money while in school and young, then move on with their lives once they feel like it.

      • Estelle says:

        Law school? Sorry I don’t believe that one. Even if true, does this model realize that his legal name and porn name are most likely intertwined and a simple internet and background check will confirm that. Not too many law firms are looking to hire a porn star, in fact not too many firms are looking to hire period. Perhaps Corbin Fisher can hire Kevin Hogan for a models seminar on porn coming back to haunt you. Or the recent model on your website who was dropped by his agency after he worked for your company.

  31. Mike says:

    What is the deal with all these “straight” boys who take cocks up their asses turning to MMA to restore their masculinity? LOL. Oh, the shame.

    Take another cock, you whore…and deal with it!

  32. B says:

    There’s a difference, meamyou, between sharing opinions about a company and spreading false information about a company. As I said in my comments, people are more than entitled to dislike CF, disagree with what CF shoots, and have negative opinions about CF. When people make statements that are entirely false, though, I think a company is more than entitled to point out those comments are false. Hate CF to the greatest possible extent you’re capable of, and that’s entirely your right. But attempt to pass off misinformation as truth and I think it’s fairly reasonable someone from a company come in and offer something to counter that.

  33. Luke says:

    It turned out to be a pretty interesting discussion! :D

    P.S.: someone really really wants to have his post-porn career in CF, it seems from the interview…

  34. Bitch Tits says:

    Corbin Fisher’s whole suing under-aged kids for fun affair made me stop subscribing.

    • B says:

      Again, more misinformation.

      The whole “underage kids” thing was a theory proposed by a blogger. It was a, “What if there are underage kids among the anonymous IP addresses?”. CF wasn’t targeting any particular demographic, but simply had a collection of IP addresses that some felt could possibly include underage bloggers.

      What we do know now is…
      - It’s been many, many months since all of that came up
      - Cases have proceeded since all of that came up
      - Cases have been settled since all of that came up
      - Cases have been won since all of that came up
      - Not a single underage kid has popped up in reality

      So, in actuality, not a single underage kid has been sued. Not a single one has popped up with any of the IP addresses pursued. That is the reality of the situation.

  35. Arlo says:

    Agree with Bitch Tits. Their blind devotion to profits was pretty telling…not to mention the boring content.

    Connor looks like a Chucky doll on ‘roids.

  36. MaV says:

    I love Conner, he should be totally exclusive on CB. He’s the star in my book!

  37. Andrew says:

    “Cases have been won since all of that came up”

    Oh, Really? Name one single LM torrenting case that has been tried before a judge or jury. I’m not talking about “default judgements” where the defendant doesn’t show, either, but a case that actually proceeded and evidence was exhibited. It’s funny to me that the only cases of yours that ever go before a judge are cases with a magically missing defendant. Curious.

    “not a single underage kid has been sued. Not a single one has popped up with any of the IP addresses pursued. That is the reality of the situation.”

    The problem with the potential of underage kids being on your list was not that anyone was sure they would be but that you didn’t CARE one way or the other. I do not torrent (I’m one of those old fools who actually believes in paying for porn) but your corporate persona since Mark Randazza pitched his magic “litigation as a revenue stream” package to the big boss has been smug, greedy, and more than a little off-putting in general. I was actually on your side going after the “pirates for profit” group but the genius that ever let Randazza speak (via the “press releases as new stories” given to xbiz or anywhere else for that matter) as a company representative is a public relations idiot.

    The truth is that all of those “bad things” that people think about your company are not the result of outside influences or “haters out to get you” but are the direct result of the company’s own words and actions since Randazza joined the fold. You have no one but yourselves (and your ham-handed approach to PR) to blame.

    Since the new corporate policy for 2012 seems to be to get down in the trenches and fight in the mud to control your image, allow me to give you some free advice from one of the “lonely” internet masses you referenced above. Get out of your embattled ivory tower and stop whining that everyone is out to get you. Stop playing the victim card and PAY for a decent PR firm because Randazza’s eternal smugness and “in your face” hammer meet fly attitude (not to mention you purse fighting with people on this board) is less effective than having none at all.

    • B says:

      There have actually been a number of cases in which defendants have filed motions, attempted to have the cases thrown out, disputed CF’s motions, etc, and yet have all been ruled against by judges. Because you’re not aware of them does not mean they don’t exist. You’re more than welcome to do a bit more research online and find stories and articles involving torrent case defendants being involved in court action and losing.

      The problem with the whole “potential of underage kids” argument is it is a complete logical fallacy, the likes of which is often employed by people who have no real evidence to back up their claims. You can say, “But the *potential* is enough!” and attempt to claim the high road on that alone. The reality is that:
      - In no prior torrent cases before the amnesty offer had any underage individuals ever come up
      - In dozens of court actions before the amnesty offer, there was never any evidence underage individuals were involved
      - During the amnesty offer itself, no underage individuals ever surfaced
      - Subsequent to the amnesty offer, no underage individuals ever surfaced
      … all this through years of legal actions involving thousands of individuals.

      So, realistically, the “potential” seems to be no more than complete speculation drawn out of thin air, entirely lacking in any foundation in reality. “But all it takes is one!”, you say. All it takes is one teenager forgetting to clear their browser history after checking out The Sword and getting busted by mom and dad, but I don’t think Zach should shut down his site on account of that. This does not come down to not caring about the potential for such an individual to exist. It comes down to an awareness there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever such potential exists, to any reasonable or realistic degree. Wild theories thrown out by attention-seeking bloggers, when weighed against years of experience and evidence from literally thousands of torrent-defendant circumstances, are simply not going to be the deciding factor on things.

      Further, you seem to be missing the point on my taking issue with Bitch Tit’s comment. I’ve repeatedly said I do not expect or even fault anyone for disagreeing with CF’s legal policies. It is the making of false statements and the perpetuation of lies that I find fault with. You’re entitled to find CF’s legal campaigns distasteful and improper, but I do not believe you’re entitled to lie about them; characterizing the suits as, “… suing under-age kids for fun” would be, I believe, a statement entirely lacking in truth. There’s a big difference between saying, “CF is suing under-age kids for fun” and saying, “CFs lawsuits have the potential to inadvertently out people who might be underage”. While I think years of experience and evidence suggest the latter of those two statements is misguided, I think it’s undeniable the former is a flat-out lie.

  38. Andrew says:

    “There have actually been a number of cases in which defendants have filed motions, attempted to have the cases thrown out, disputed CF’s motions, etc, and yet have all been ruled against by judges.”

    You’re obfuscating what I said. I asked you to name one that has been TRIED with evidence being exhibited before a judge or jury and been won (or even been tried for that matter.) I’m not talking about quash motions being ruled against and I’m not talking about default judgements for missing defendants. There aren’t any.

    “Because you’re not aware of them does not mean they don’t exist.”

    I’ll say it again. To date, not one of those cases has been TRIED in court. You have won default judgements and coerced people into settlements but you have not had to present evidence before a court.

    You certainly are welcome to not take my advice. Since you really don’t seem to think you have ANY culpability in the tarnished reputation of the company then, by all means, continue on.

    • Andrew says:

      And as for the underage kids, you are again missing the point. You can argue all you want about there being no underage kids on your lists (which stands to reason since you’re going after account holders) and that it was all speculation by a “lonely” blogger, but the ISSUE (for me anyway) was your corporate response (via Randazza) at the time. Were any of these well thought out “we’re no different from the sword” etc arguments used then? Nope. The company allowed Randazza to speak for and represent the official corporate line that, if there were any, those “thieving little shits” will get exactly what they deserve.

      • B says:

        Actually I’d say you’re again wrong there. CF’s GC made the (admittedly irresponsible) “thieving little shits” comment quite early on in the process. The context of the comment was subsequently explained in numerous venues (that context being the comment came during the course of an extended exchange between Randazza and a blogger who was pretending to be the mother of an underage person; a simple google search revealed the “mother’s” email address belonged to the operator of the blog and not an actual mother and the blogger was making stuff up; Randazza called the blogger out on pretending to be someone they weren’t, fabricating controversy, and let loose with that comment). Now, anyone would agree it was nonetheless very unwise to make the comment (believe it or not, those at CF would probably feel that way most of all because almost any traction gained by all of the fabricated controversy subsequent to that comment can be traced to the comment itself. The entire issue would have rightfully faded away in to nothingness had that comment not been made). Regardless, it’s worth noting the context within which it was made.

        That was addressed here on The Sword in statements and commentary; it was addressed by the company in a statement released to the public at large; it was reiterated in interviews given with numerous outlets. If you follow the timeline on things, you’ll find a notable lack of commentary from CF’s general counsel after that comment was made, and numerous instances in which CF stated it was not representative of the company’s views and was an irresponsible comment (but that the context in which it was made also deserved consideration).

        You’ll find one of the main reasons in which there are so many instances default judgements can be pointed to is because defendants realize they engaged in unlawful activity, could not conceal that fact, and felt it best to settle. You seem to feel there being a lack of non default judgement cases as evidence the suits are flawed; I’d suggest the frequency with which default judgements and settlements have come about is that people were aware they were busted and had no hope of disproving that, and so gave up. What would lead me to that conclusion?
        - A number of cases in which people have attempted to fight motions initially and get them thrown out; when their motions were rejected by judges, they then realized they had no chance of victory in court. This does not produce a final judgement that would satisfy you, but it does point to someone engaging in the court action (often to considerable degrees).
        - A number of cases in which individuals have admitted they engaged in the illegal distribution of copyrighted material, and felt it worthless to try and deny it once presented with evidence they’d been caught.
        - A number of cases in which individuals have essentially said, “Yes, I did it… but good luck trying to find and collect from me!”.

        I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts on things, and appreciate you seem to at least have a more informed perspective than someone who would state CF is suing kids for fun.

        Again, it is entirely understood some would not approve of, and take a negative view of, CF’s legal policies. Oftentimes, decisions come down to weighing pros and cons, though. So, consider the following:

        - When weighing the cost of not pursuing torrenters at all, and allowing them to continue their activities uninterrupted and unobstructed vs. the cost of potential negative PR from it…
        - When weighing actual experience and evidence gathered from years of civil actions involving thousands of individuals, none of which ever turned out to be underage vs. suggestions by some random blogger that kids would inevitably get outed…

        … it’s very well possible someone might come to different conclusions than your own. Further, from what I can see much of what you have said can be attributed to being quite misinformed.

        • Andrew says:

          Well I was about to say thank you for the informed and polite response. Until, that is, I got to that doozy of a final sentence! You were so nice up until then! I don’t feel that I am misinformed but I appreciate that you do and I have to accept that. Take care.

          • B says:

            The final part about being misinformed wasn’t intended to be a shot. No doubt, some of the information I contend you’re unaware of, you can’t be expected to know. We can’t really reveal every aspect of settlements or default judgements that would make it quite clear to many observers the defendants were indeed guilty and admitted guilt; statements or responses to particular things don’t consistently get presented on the same outlets (for instance, someone exposed to things said here might not be aware of other responses provided on other sites). Further, I’d really not expect anyone to be fully informed when it comes to all of the (what I’d say is) nonsense re: the torrent suits and underage people. Different blogs posted different things, oftentimes things were passed on 3rd, 4th, 5th+ hand; sometimes CF intentionally chooses to not engage on certain issues or provide comment, and so people are left to draw their own conclusions.

            There are certain things that are very real to me and others at CF, but that we can’t necessarily expect others to be aware of. The cost of piracy and copyright infringement is very real. The lack of any evidence or even hint underage people had ever popped up, or ever would, during any discoveries re: torrent cases was very real. The considerable costs involved in producing and distributing our content is very real. The actual details and circumstances of a great many past and ongoing legal actions are very real to us. Given that, one might understand CF would be less than inclined to take unsubstantiated hypotheticals baselessly thrown out by random bloggers as enough to base very important, significant business decisions on.

            I suspect you can probably appreciate why a company might be less than willing to engage on certain issues, and just allow people to draw their own conclusions. For every 100 people out there, the majority will either be completely unaware there’s any issue at all, or simply not care either way. Out of the minority left over, then, most have probably made up their mind about the issue and nothing anyone would say from either side would have any impact. Ultimately, you’re left with a tiny handful of people genuinely interested in drawing informed conclusions, and thus seeking out the information to be able to do so. Is it always worth the time and energy to engage with that tiny handful? Sometimes, quite frankly, it isn’t. The acknowledgement nothing could be said that would make any difference with the overwhelming majority is enough to not bother saying anything at all; as a result, people like you are left having to find information where you can, some of which would likely be inaccurate. So, saying you’re misinformed isn’t meant as an insult. It’s an acknowledgement sometimes we don’t do enough to inform people, and sometimes other sources are spreading misinformation.

            Quite frankly… why am I even here posting comments? “You’re a CF PR goon!”. Let’s be honest… posting here does nothing for PR. For every 100 people that read Connor’s interview, 95 of them likely won’t even read the comments at all. Out of the remaining five, 2 were going to post positive, pro-CF comments regardless, and 2 were going to post anti-CF comments regardless. There are far more productive ways I could spend my time than attempting to sway the one reader remaining. More often not, we don’t bother with that one remaining. Why? Because it is way, way more productive continuing to provide material for that first group of 95, as well as the 2 supporters. That’s just the honest truth.

        • Rocco says:

          Default judgements come from people not wanting to be outed!

          As far as the underage thing – their parents/guardian or whomever is paying for the internet service were served – which means they were outed (even if the plantiff listed is some generic front for Liberty)!

          CF and NDS are run and staffed by the same type of people – the only difference is CF does a better job at “controlling” the help!

          -CF not being mysterious with their models – they are simply trying to keep under control the negative press that come from the models speaking their true feelings.

          ex. this PR snow-job of an interview with Connor – he’s “str8″ (why didn’t he list the girls)?

          -”Corbin” and “Sirard” don’t mind subsidizing pussy for these guys as long as they’re getting some on the side – as evidenced by the series of “models” they end up dating/keeping

          - The one thing I could say about Jake Cruise is – at least he was honest about his intentions of hooking-up with the guys – instead the underhanded “quid pro quo” situation at CF and NDS – where towing the company line

          Does Liberty still own the Braves? I wonder how people would react to them being outed as owning a gay porn company? Or better yet, how would the conservative owners of MLB feel about being associated with CF?
          I mean MLB broadcasting did just sign on to stream/broadcast GBtv – (that’s Glenn Beck TV)? I bet he’d have a field day with this!

  39. Estelle says:

    Is “B” the mysterious Brian Lowderman?

  40. Bull says:

    WOW, I take a few days away from the computer and I miss ALL the fun! But I must say, these days away have given me a different perspective.

    I miss the fact that I believed all the models were gay. I really do.

    I miss the fact that condomless sex was all pre HIV awareness. I really do.

    And most of all, I miss actually being aroused by porn. When I watch now, all I can think, is the model g4p, did they have to heavily edit it, because their cocks wouldn’t stay hard and they had to rush to watch pussy to get it up again, If the model is g4p, is he secretly homophobic, a time bomb that can have a Boham meltdown moment at anytime, why did they cut to a different camera angle after 5 seconds, oh, and that’s the same “fuck me” I heard 5 seconds ago. I know, 99% of the models are probably none of the above(except the g4p), but what if that one I’m watching is?

    I’m not being sarcastic, this is actually what goes thru my head, and much much more.

    I find myself turning more to the amature camsites where the performers are doing it for the joy of showing off. And most of them identify as gay or bisexual(btw, I’ve noticed that many who identify as str8, talk about wanting and liking cock)

    I’m very sure that I am in a very small minority. Sadly that means the porn made will not be directed towards me, but to larger market.

    If there was a porn company that produced quality movies with actual gay performers and used condoms, then I’d definately sign up, assuming it wasn’t cost prohibitive. However they would probably have to charge a very high membership fee because the actual number of subscribers would be low.

    I’ll probably be a blog lurker and not comment as much as I did. Why bother? It won’t affect change. Only revenues will do that.

  41. Billy Red says:

    Since he describes himself as “straight” he doesn’t care of sending a wrong message to a comunity(the gay people)that he dosn’t belong.

  42. James says:

    I guess his stance on bareback porn is fair enough (at least for his own personal tastes) but I still won’t be watching anything without condoms. No Sir! Also, he forgets that young men his age will watch his movies and probably try to emulate his behaviors, which is a very unpleasant thing to think about. I am glad that I am a little older and wiser than a lot of young guys out there now. I’m in my late 20s, but, hey, I must have some kind of life experience if I know that condoms are what will usually keep you safe.

  43. Brad says:

    Love it that this company is finally doing bareback, now I’m definitely joining

  44. Dickless says:

    How inane.

  45. Josh says:

    Holy shit too many of you take this WAYYYYYYYYYYY to seriously! Its just a fucking porn interview and CF is just another porn site……watch it, get hard, get off and be done with it.

  46. the.judge.25 says:

    “I’d imagine the most sterile, controlled environment anyone my age could have sex in would be our sets because of the strict testing”

    We are in 2012 and the people still don’t know that a possible HIV infection can appear on laboratory analysis after more than 6 months…

    And we all know that this actors have a sexual life …also out of the CF studios ;-)

    …But in our stupid, superficial world is seam that you dont need more than a six pack for being perfect…who need a nice personality?…or a university degree…when the guy have a 11″ cock?….

    grow up people!!!

  47. jack says:

    Connor is a Celtic god. From his feet all the way up his muscular body to his handsome face, he is AWESOME!Leonardo should be so lucky to be compared to Connor. Leonardo is a poor man’s Connor.

    • marty says:

      sure if you like gay for pay performers. Yeah he is good looking but i would rather spend my money watching two gay guys enjoying it rather than pretending to enjoy it. I used to be a member, never used to care about gay for pay but after reading a number of blogs, I have to say I feel cheated and decided thats it, no more gay for pay. It’s true Porn is a fantasy , but when you know that the performers actually do not enjoy the sex, it kills the fantasy right? Maybe thats just me :)

  48. rrussell says:

    I feel the same way as sky and marty. I have to admit, though, there are moments in other scenes (more than a few, though perhaps not with Conner) when the performers genuinely look like they’re having fun. Now, it’s certainly not the electric connection I see between partners (shallow or not) who are both gay and into each other, with and beyond the body – and it bugs the hell out of me that these CF guys don’t go to town on each others nipples (I know that’s totally just me because I love nipples and these boys’ chest and nipples are fantastic). Sorry, I digress. Anyway, while I’m willing to admit gullability here, I still really like those moments where I see the performers having fun.
    I’ve listened to some of the commentary on “Pete’s Attic.” It’s kind of interesting to hear them talk about what they’re doing – especially when I syncronize the commentary to the scene. In line with those moments when performeres look like they’re enjoying themselves, the performers comment sometimes and say, “now there…that was real” or “that felt great.” But mostly, their talk is all very matter-of-fact, which leaves me kind of limp. And I rarely (if ever) hear any relational talk betweent he performers in the commentary, not even shallow “you’re hot” kind of talk. Mostly just commenting like the actors of an old sit com. Eh. So I’m subscribe for short time here and there – those rare expressions of the joy of sex are worth the occassional visit.

    Anyway, just felt like writing this – I’m in agreement with sky and marty.

  49. SS says:

    A few years back I did some modeling for CF. One weekend and only did a straight and solo scene. I can tell you first hand that “our testing is second to none” is complete bullshit. Their testing is no different than any other studio. I tested in San Diego three days before I even flew to Florida to shoot for CF. I think that if I wanted to I could have found some risky behavior to get into within those three days. I can also tell you from experience that Connor is a conceited asshole of epic proportions and that he was most likely not the person who wrote these responses, being that when he does speak to you, the only thing you can really think about is how big of an idiot he is. He has an incredibly low IQ and I can tell you that he is in only line of work he could ever hope to find success in. He’s a fucking moron and a genuinely not good person and that is the consensus amongst most all the CF models and insiders, except for THE CF himself. Take it from somebody who knows. Shady guy, shady company.turned me off from performing ever again.

    • I know a guy says:

      So who is the bigger conceited asshole? You or Connor? I honestly can’t tell without knowing who you are. (Just an observation not a request for information.)

  50. no says:

    i like Connor, but this B guy is seriously annoying. Reminds me of Amy’s Baking Company…

  51. von says:

    Not using condoms= HIV

  52. jesse says:

    I thought CF meant cystic fibrosis when I read the post on facebook. Whoops!

  53. chum says:

    Wow… He and all the rest are such a disgusting bunch of man-whores. Anything for a buck, I guess. All of their mothers and fathers must be so proud of their children being “performers” of pornography. They call all just rot. They all simply horrible and little more than human trash. Quit all your gushing, pervs.

  54. Jeff says:

    “Gay for Pay” makes it even into mainstream TV-shows and YouTube.

    Money, in this system, can – obviously – glorify everything.

    US males cannot commit that they act gay.
    They have to reason that they make money (to finance their kids… etc.).

    I want to comment on “Aiden & Ashley take control on Rudy”:

    For me this is divine beauty, as 90% of CF´s productions.

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