Contest: Pick A Top For Christian Wilde


I’ve decided to start a rumor that Christian Wilde—who throughout his entire gay porn career has NEVER bottomed—is going to get fucked for the first time on camera. Tell me who you think should be the FIRST gay porn star to ever top Christian Wilde, and I will give you a whole bunch of stuff. Then, Christian Wilde will finally give up his sweet virgin ass. Maybe.

Regardless of whether or not this rumor is true or if Christian Wilde ever bottoms, one of you will still win the following:

—NakedSword Originals DVD box set
—Free 30-day membership to the all new
—Two free passes to the legendary Nob Hill Theater, where NakedSword filmed the entire Grindhouse series

Christian Wilde makes a great top (as evidenced by his recent Grindhouse episode), but will he make a good bottom? I think so! But I need you to tell me who would be the BEST top to fuck Christian for the first time.

Here’s all you have to do:

In 100 words or less, leave a comment below and tell me which gay porn star you think should top Christian Wilde and WHY you think that gay porn star would be the best choice. I will pick the best five responses and submit them to Christian Wilde himself. Whichever one of the five Christian is most turned on by will win! And who knows, maybe your filthy ideas can persuade Christian to actually bottom and one of your picks will end up being the one who gets Christian to go end up?

Contest ends this Sunday, November 11th at 10 p.m. Leave your responses using a valid email address below (only I can see the email addresses btw). Good luck, and please be as explicit as possible.


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61 Responses to “Contest: Pick A Top For Christian Wilde”

  1. Josh says:

    It’ll be Anthony Romero because Christian wants him bad

  2. John says:

    I think it should Be Anthony Romero. There’re chemistry would be so amazing hot!! And they can Flip Fuck each other!! Please make this happen!!!

  3. Eric says:

    Johnny Rapid

  4. Oskar says:

    I like Cliff Jensen flip flop, both are top, or maybe Rocco Reed is starting in the gay porn also a flip flop too, what do you think?

  5. Phoenix Monroe says:

    Austin Wilde & Anthony Romero are the ones to do it. The way all 3 of them have flirted with the idea for the last year, the chemistry in the scene would be explosive. Of course Christian would also top Austin & Anthony, all 3 would flip flop. Taking turns being in the middle, after many positions all three would blow their loads on Christian. Much pleasure had by all.

  6. Effie's Big Dinner says:

    Either Paul Ryan or Just-In Beaver.

  7. Dancing in the Dark says:

    .Oh please, please, please make it Anthony Romero, that would be my dream pair-up. I can’t even bring myself to be explicit about it, just ………..can’t

  8. simonsand says:

    sugar paddy like spencer reed or tom wolf
    i just want to see his twink side
    and i prefer him do bottom only
    (i hate top’s ego when they did bottom debut than they fuck who top them return)

    • DD says:

      Agreed, unless it’s Adam Killian. There’s something hot about fucking the shit out of someone and then getting off yourself by having a dick in your ass. It doesn’t work for me but it’s hot to watch!

  9. Luis says:

    a tear starts to fall down my cheek and I look up and scream: “Christian Wilde needs to bottom, and the best guy is Dylan Roberts, it would be like the sequel of “Wilde Road”, and would be called “Wilde Road: this road goes both ways”


  10. Alex says:

    First, I thought Christian said he had never bottomed “on camera” but he has in his private life.

    Second, I agree with Josh and think he needs to be sandwiched between Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde.

    Third, since I now need to think of my own scene partner, I going to go with Tommy Defendi. He doesn’t get to top nearly enough

  11. wowboy says:

    I want to see Dylan Roberts! The chemistry was amazing in Wilde Road, and Dylan is such a good top. I’m sure it would be just as hot!

  12. G says:

    I think it should be Leo Forte. They both have great chemistry together, and just imagine watching Leo’s brown skin penetrating Christian’s body. Well, that’s worth the price of admission alone!

    Plus, they both seem like guys who are sexually open and curious; willing to enjoy hot sex. I can imagine hearing them talk each other through a flip flop scene.

    Basically I think Leo would fuck him like a king.

    I’m a fan of you Mr. Wilde!

  13. ceem says:

    Christian never convinced me as a top. He would make a great bottom bitch! Just like D.O. who was a top-only and now can’t have enough of the dick.

  14. chris says:

    It should be Gabriel Clark and they shouldn’t be allowed to shave their chests for at least two weeks.

  15. Olivier says:

    For me is Cliff Jensen the best. The both are dynamite and it can to be a great moment of the gay porn. I love you, Christian. Kisses and hugs.

  16. the looker says:

    i will love to see austin wilde fuck christian Wilde,they make some great chemistry on they will make some great chemistry on film

  17. Justin says:

    I would pay good money to see Erynn Vaehne fuck him with a strap on, that’d be intense. If any woman should be considered a gay man that needs to be in porn, it’d be her.

  18. Marko says:

    Most top-only performers seem like straight trade douchebags but Christian makes a good top. That said, I wanna see him flipflop with Jimmy Fanz (in my bedroom, before I join in).

  19. half porco says:

    Daddy Mugs

  20. now says:

    Jimmy durano, Charlie Harding, arpad miklos, will helm, edji da Silva, Spencer reed

  21. herbert says:

    in my opinion, Spencer Reed, DO, TRSTAN JAXX, WILL HELM, PADDI O BRIEN

  22. Ltlantnee says:

    Cody Cummings

  23. Karl says:

    I believe that Christian Wilde should bottom first to Landon Conrad. It will be such a good paring plus he can totally manage to fuck a virgin ass.

  24. Blackjack says:

    I am in agreement with all of the Austin & Anthony ( Austony ) Christian combo but what would really get my motor running is a poker match between Christian & Tyler Torro with the loser ( Christian ) LOSING his cherry in a NO MERCY CHERRY POPPING FUCK FEST !!!

    • luizaeo says:

      That’s the best idea so far: Whay not let the chemistry effect work? I mean when putting Christian and Tyler all alone. Including Haigan Seance would be terrrrific!

    • luizaeo says:

      That’s the best idea so far: Whay not let the chemistry effect work? I mean when putting Christian and Tyler all alone but including Haigan Seance.

  25. luizaeo says:

    Please, let Jimmy Durano make the honor. He knows how to dominate a top (see Brandon Bangs). Topher Dimaggio is another option.

    • ceem says:

      3 way flip-plop with all three of them would be better. Somebody needs to fuck the shit of Jimmy Durano’s bubble butt ASAP!

  26. The scene would go something like this- We, I mean THEY would choke on each others’ cocks for about 12 minutes. Then I, I mean AUSTIN would go balls deep for about another 12 minutes until Christian came all over himself (probably in his own face/mouth) due to his prostate being pounded away. Then we, I mean THEY would high-five and go eat cheeseburgers. The end.

  27. uk-jonny says:

    Bambi, with a strap on.

  28. A.C. says:

    Though it may be a tad unorthodox, I would like to see a pairing between Mr. Wilde and Tyler Saint. I believe that the contrasts in aesthetics, age, and temperament would be visually dynamic. I also think that Mr. Saint has proven that he can be affectionate and patient, which would be a must for a first time bottom in Mr. Wilde. My only request is that they not default to the massage fantasy but possibly a step father step son scenario where there has been crackling sexual tension between Mr. Saint and his step son that ignites one day when Mr. Wilde’s father goes away for business. I believe that a soapy confrontation in the bathroom shower after a long day of practice for Mr. Wilde would do the trick. Of course this is just a way for me to see Mr. Saint, Mr. Wilde does nothing for me. If all else fails we could always pair him with Cayden Ross – the physical embodiment of aesthetic perfection. That pairing is sure to make Mr. Wilde question his decision to be a strict top.

  29. Spongey says:

    Antonio Biaggi, so he can wreck that white boys ass! LOL! Also, he needs to ravage Cliff Jensen’s ass too.

  30. Lukes says:

    Can I say whom I do NOT want just to make a difference?
    No Austony, no Cliff Jensen (please!), no Spencer Reed.

    Oh well ok, I’ll give a name too… for me Gabriel Clark. But tommy Defendi wouldn’t be that bad :P

  31. Thomas says:

    I gotta say Dylan Roberts, he’s fucked him so many times I think it’s Dylan’s turn, although Christian makes a fantastic top!

  32. Max says:

    Paddy O’Brien

  33. Fred says:

    Someone who never did bareback! (Rafael Carreras could be good at it, but he moved on the wrong side).
    What about a power bottom like Mike Colucci to flip-flop or Jay Roberts or Jimmy Durano? It must be a rimming champion!

    Or Jeff Stryker for his come-back?

  34. WriterBear says:

    I’d like to nominate Paul Wagner. Paul’s hirsute, beefy body offers a nice visual contrast to Christian’s lean, tattooed frame. Being versatile, Paul understands both sides of the anal equation, which should make him a compassionate top for an inexperienced bottom. The scene with Paul could be shot as a flip flop, which always gives an audience the most “bang for their buck” in my humble opinion.

  35. PickMe says:

    Jake Genesis.
    Simplely because they both are beautiful,sexy and make my dream come true.

  36. half porco says:

    Zach did I win??
    I nominated Daddy Mugs because I think his sexy fat belly could be a great contrast with Christian’s tall lean frame . In fact before the fucking I would have Christian bounce and tickle Daddy Mugs’ belly .
    Daddy mugs would then stick a his foot in Christian’s mouth and tell him to suk it like it was a Cody cumming dick .
    ONLY THEN would Christian come back dressed in fishnets with a butt plug in his ass and tell Daddy Mugs to crush him with his belly and wreck his little white boy’s ass .
    Daddy Mugs would start by pouring beer into Christian’s hole ( butt chugging ) to numb the pain and make him happy . Then he would slowly slide his 40something old dick in and Christian would smile like a happy bottom .

  37. asswipe says:

    Nobody. Christian should remain a top. No flip-flops, Nothing. He does everything a great as is.

  38. Peter says:

    Logan Mccree. However they want to go at it. I wanna see Christian moan.

  39. Snapper says:

    There’s only one man for this job – Harley Everett. You need a BIG man to convincingly dominate a previously total dominant top. My second choice would be Spencer Reed, and for the same reason.

  40. Eric says:

    I say Jessy Ares, Colby Jensen or Rafael Alencar. Or just all of em taggin Christian. Jum

  41. Pal says:

    Cody Cummings obviously. He never fucks anyone. (Because it’s GAY. boohoohoo, Anal sex is scary…) He and Christian Wilde can then be at one with their no-going, aloof faggotry.

  42. alex says:

    I want to be the one, but its ok, i will choose “Logan Mccree” both tattooed and in a leather and nasty scene will be awesome!

  43. Abel Holguin says:

    I would love to know if this will ever happen if Christian Wilde would ever let another guy top him. I know Im late to enter but i would really like to see Bill Bailey he is a straight porn star top Christian Wilde. Would love to know the results. Thank you.
    say hi to Christian fro me. big fan

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