Conner Habib: If You Voted For Obama, You’re Responsible For Murder And Terror


Conner Habib voted yesterday, but for whom?

Regardless of who wins this election: It’s time to start viewing politics in the same way many of us view religion. Political structures are outdated, hopelessly out of touch, murderous, deceitful, and broken beyond repair. We may have our own political feelings and thoughts, but just as our spirituality is no longer represented by religious institutions, neither are any of our political feelings represented by politicians or our existing political structures.

A vote for Obama is ultimately inconsequential, even if he wins. He’s still engaged in murder, terror, torture, war, coercion, and lies. If you vote for him, you’re MORE responsible for his actions, not less, since you supported him (the same, of course, goes for Romney). Our responsibility now is not merely to vote, it’s to see through the shallow controlling structures that envelope our lives, and to ACT, to work to make a better world.

Right now, voting is necessary, but it’s a small act. People sometimes hide behind voting, but it’s not large enough to conceal their lack of effort after the voting is done. Freedom depends on effort every day, not merely the short moments behind the curtain.

If you really care about freedom, vote for it every day with all your actions, words, and thoughts. Otherwise your official, government-sanctioned vote is shallow and all but worthless.

Conner Habib, missing the big picture.

And it’s not just that he’s missed the big picture about Obama (a president who, while flawed, has done more for the vast majority of underprivileged and underrepresented Americans than any other president in the past 40 years), it’s also that he’s failed to grasp the big picture about electoral consequences in general. Our votes for Obama were of huge consequence. Not voting for Obama or casting a vote for his opponent would have reversed the policies of the past four years, halted the country’s slow but steady shift to progressivism, and no doubt brought back a political climate and a social environment less conducive to the change, actions, and thoughts that Conner Habib is longing for.

American elections and politicians aren’t going away, so let’s make them work to our advantage. Obama isn’t just the lesser of two evils, he’s the greatest shot Conner Habib ever had.


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49 Responses to “Conner Habib: If You Voted For Obama, You’re Responsible For Murder And Terror”

  1. bruce says:

    Conner Habib is an idiot. No smarter than Rod Daily or Spencer Fox. He can keep riding on the coattails of his VERY brief “teaching” stint at that university…

  2. TWEWY says:

    If he thinks he so smart why is he doing porn and not…oh fuck it he’s just an idiot.
    You couldn’t pay me to watch something with him in it.

  3. Luke says:

    His political sense makes as much sense as his barebacking sense

  4. Brandon says:

    We have to begin trying to think outside of this the two party industrial complex we have built for ourselves. Obama’s record on national security- including the killing of 3 Americans, daily drone bombings in Pakistan and ‘crippling’ sanctions against Iran- do result in the killing and torture of people on a daily basis. And these policies do not bode well for our presence on the world stage going forward.
    Gay’s seem over joyed about his ‘support’ for gay marriage, but he has proposed no federal legislation to actually implement the policy on a national scale. This is not how bold leadership works. No on remembers Lincoln because he ‘supported’ the end of slavery, and no one remembers Johnson because he ‘supported’ the civil-rights and voting act, these presidents actually championed those causes at the cost of their own political capital because it was the right thing to do. They got the legislation passed! Even George W. proposed a constitutional amendment trying to ban gay marriage, because it was what he believed in.
    And for anyone that thinks the inclusion of gays in the military as some sort of civil-rights victory, then that’s a pretty sick definition of a civil rights triumph. Should gays be clamoring to fly 6,000 miles away to kill brown people that have never attacked us? And for all of the talk about women’s rights, Obama’s record remains suspect on that issue as well ( Abortion restrictions have actually increased since he has gotten into office! And if he’s such a defender of Roe v. Wade then why is the only vote on the SCOTUS stopping that case from being overturned an 85-year-old cancer survivor???

    Of course a Romney presidency would have been a disaster. But it’s hypocritical for Obama supporters to only hold Republican’s feet to the fire when they do something bad. Democrats are a part of the same corporate big party machine, and they need to be held accountable for their sins as well. The two party system is killing us all. And Habib is right, if we only think that democracy takes place one day every four years then we are all doomed.

    Thank you Habib for stating the case for the actual left in this country.

    Thanks for being super hot too ;-)

    • nhuixnhuixh says:

      You can criticize Obama for not being enough to the left (although you are delusional if you think anyone could be elected being much more liberal than he is in a country like ours). But the choice is not between an ideal and what we have. We have only two candidates with a real chance to be elected. Sometimes it is time to be responsible, put your big boy pants and make an actual choice instead of deluding yourself and clinging to some fantasies of what a perfect world should be.

  5. I understand what he means…but THAT is the role of the president its a thankless job where there is a lot of bloodshed. He is elected to this position because no sane living person could handle the pressure of the outcome of his decisions.. Bombings, economy terrorism all a part of the job. Sometimes people are not ready for the truth nor do they want to hear the truth.

    My only problem with the statement is that he comes off smug and pretentious, having book knowledge one thing. Its another when u rub my nose in ur books. I tend to live life through trial and error as opposed to statistics, analysis…

    Still love ya you smug bastard

    • SkittleFits says:

      Hey Diesel, you’re quite smug and pretentious yourself. I’m surprised you didn’t take the time in this thread to complain about the lack of men of color over at Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, NextDoorMale, etc. Just because they DON’T WANT TO HIRE YOU, doesn’t mean that they’re racist. It just means customers don’t want to pay to see black guys, asian guys, latino guys, etc. over there. There are other sites that cater to those preferences. I don’t see you complaining that Thugmart and Putbill Productions won’t hire any pasty blue-eyed, blonde-haired skinny white jocks.

      • Okay Skittlesfit(Whatever)

        I’m really tired of your bullshit, you always have something to say about Me. I’m going to shut you down right now… Using the “Angry Black Man” ranting against Me is crap.

        Hey Diesel, you’re quite smug and pretentious yourself. I’m surprised you didn’t take the time in this thread to complain about the lack of men of color over at Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, NextDoorMale, etc. Just because they DON’T WANT TO HIRE YOU, doesn’t mean that they’re racist. It just means customers don’t want to pay to see black guys, asian guys, latino guys, etc. over there. There are other sites that cater to those preferences. I don’t see you complaining that Thugmart and Putbill Productions won’t hire any pasty blue-eyed, blonde-haired skinny white jocks.

        What does hiring Me have anything to do with this thread huh?? Nothing…

        But since you did bring it up, customers dont have to pay to see black guys, asian guys, latino guys. I complain about these so called equal opportunity companies…

        If you check each of these sites, on their model application page they say they are Equal Opportunity. Come on lets be real, why have a model application that says Equal Opportunity when they are really not. I have talked to agents and Industry insiders and all these companies turn away any talent that is not White or a light skinned latin. So dont use that “Angry Black Man” bullshit with Me. You have no clue how this business works so just sit there keep your FUCKING mouth shut. And jerk off like everybody else.

        You Random/Nameless Troll…

        • SkittleFits says:

          You certainly just proved the stereotype correct. With an attitude like that, no wonder you’re under-employed. I wish you well in your fledgling career!

  6. Mark Taint says:

    “He doesn’t share my opinion, so he must be nothing more than an idiot.” (It’s funny how that works.)

    • nhuixnhuixh says:

      There is something more to it though than that. Don’t use straw men.
      I disagree with many conservatives but I don’t think a vision of society with a smaller state with less taxes but less services is “idiotic”. I disagree with it but I can have a discussion

      It becomes idiotic when you take a stance whose effect is the complete opposite of what you are claiming you want to achieve.
      Sorry but now that we have gone through the 2000 election, anyone of the left who claims more can be achieved with third parties or abstention is a complete profound idiot. Remember when those same people told us Al Gore and George Bush were Tweedledum and Tweedledee?
      So, yeah, that’s a stupid rationale.

      • Gnormie says:

        finally someone with some sense. Obama is not a genie. He has done more for gays than any other president ever has and that’s one of the very reasons he alienated half the country.

        Stop being so me, me, me guys and get out of your self absorbed little bubble that you’ve built for yourselves and see that there are other people in this country who have problems as well and they may not believe in what you believe in. Obama is trying to help as many people as he can and yeah sorry but our gay rights kind of take a backseat to terrorism, health care, the environment and immigration issues…as half of the country has just shown us. I’m way more worried about what happens if I need cancer treatments then whether my marriage is recognized by the law.

        Accept that Obama can only do so much working with people who are diametrically opposed to his liberal agendas. He has done a lot more than anyone else ever has. Instead of bitching about how half-hearted his help has been maybe we should all get on our knees and thank him for giving us that much…no one else ever did.

  7. ril0 says:

    He’s just bitter because he was a flash in the pan and now he can barely get arrested in the porn industry. That guy needs to check into a mental institution.

  8. Jai says:

    Conner is generally a smart guy but come on. You can’t take a few facts and make gross blanket statements like this, it defies reason, practicality, and common sense. This country is not perfect, but neither are any of us in any country. We are definitely on the road to improvement and I damn sure will continue to live, vote, and do as I please here without some blow-hard talking down to me. Voting for Obama is voting for murder!? WTF? If you want to sit back and proselytize and oversimplify this the country for protecting it’s self and it’s interests in the name of pacifism I’d say you are a fool. I’m sorry but I don’t recall Obama starting any wars in Afganistan, or Iraq. I do know he is trying to reduce our involvement. So what are we to do? I’m not moving to Switzerland, or Sweden, and I doubt Habib will either. Under his flawed logic one could argue that merely living here is condoning murder. I could be so much worse for you, at least here you can make money fucking a guy on camera and speak out against what you don’t like about the government. There are a few places Conner and Brandon are indirectly referencing where they would be more than happy to cut off your head or parade your homosexual corpse down the street for those actions. “Wars” are a reality in this world in every sense of the word and this will never change and I for one applaud murder in the name of self defense in every sense, and I won’t feel bad about it.

  9. Eddie says:

    ” … spirituality is no longer represented by religious institutions,…: Yes, it still is. Try to say this for a catholic.
    ” … neither are any of our political feelings represented by politicians or our existing political structures. “: People that voted don’t need to ” see through the shallow controlling structures that envelop our lives ” because they trust in these structures.
    “… and to act, to work to make a better world.” : For who? Americans? What about Islam where religion and politics mingle…
    “… voting is a small act…Freedom depends on effort every day, not marely the short moments behind the curtain” …your official, government sanctioned vote is shallow and all but worthless ” : Those like me that lived 21 years without democracy know how ‘ worthless ‘ it is.
    Nonsense… There is no La-la-land.

  10. T-Bird says:

    I think he is kinda cute and nice little body and cock. If I was or interested in a porn star I would not want to discuss politics. how to live my life or take advice on managing money. I’m in it for the dick not his opinions.

  11. mark says:

    He is right, the ancient families in Europe once again think they own us.. The federal reserve is a private bank. Ron Paul was our only hope for real change and establishment backed revolution. We live in a corporate dictatorship. Smile, they are listening.

    • JJ says:

      Thanks for illustrating why I hate the Ron Paul flying monkey brigade even more than Republicans. But keep up the good fight: save us from the lizard overlords of the NWO! Down with the Jews and the Fed, etc. Ron Paul, a 100 year old gynecologist, will deliver us!

      This porn star is a fucking idiot, and anyone who risked allowing Romney to become president is just as bad. But if it makes you feel smug and intellectual, have at it.

      • mark says:

        Simple disinformation works par examplar…… Cono Habib is hot as hell and most of the videos I’ve seen of him speaking demonstrate a very enlightened, intellectual individual. Your anger reminds me of a closet case denying reality.

        Educate yourself on the federal reserve and why Kennedy tried to stop it before being shot ya damn sheep.

  12. Max says:

    Oh right, I’m really going to listen to the moral opinion of a streetwalker, hooker!

    • Olaf says:

      Thank you so much. Thankfully few I believe determine their political views from the opinions of sex workers and prostitutes

  13. Gnormie says:

    Of course he is. That’s WHY I voted him.

  14. samwise says:

    I’m so glad that Conner is hot and knows how to perform in the sack. He’s truly useless otherwise. Seriously, he needs to read, you know, a US history book. He might learn something.

  15. LOLwhut says:


  16. Mike says:

    I don’t want to hear his philosophy on government.
    Stick to what you’re good at Connor Habib….getting fucked in porn!

  17. A.C. says:

    I personally believe that Mr. Habib’s viewpoint is decidedly beneficial to our political discussion, and to dismiss it for any reason works to our detriment. If I understand Mr. Habib’s point correctly, it is immoral and hypocritical for the queer community to demand equal treatment under the law and yet remain conspicuously silent while the President we laud for his advocacy authorizes the creation of kill lists, green lights acts of rendition, and unilaterally engages in military operations that often harm the very minority populations the President portends to support. I personally prefer my Presidents to have a greater than expected degree of latitude when it comes to matters of national security and believe that President Obama, and President Bush before him, were and are on solid constitutional grounds with regard to these issues. That notwithstanding, Mr. Habib’s criticism is nonetheless valid. If you read Mr. Habib’s statement and ultimately conclude that it is a rebuke of President Obama instead of a critique of the seeming conflict between our stated values and our expressed policies then I think that you miss the point of the critique. This type of criticism is always necessary to call our attention to instances where we might be suffering a lapse in our collective moral or ethical consciousness. By playing the role of the consummate contrarian he gives us reason to question the government and contributes to the healthy sense of cynicism that we should all have toward our leadership. I do not agree with Mr. Habib in total because I find his rather static interpretation of civil rights to be hopelessly impracticable, but his personal political philosophy has merit. I also think that the implication of his message is far more noteworthy than the statement itself – if enough of the citizenry took a far more active role in politics instead of believing that voting was enough there would and could be more real change.

  18. teeMDV says:

    While noble, I find your criticism to be woefully naive given the world we live in. While we might hope for a World without conflict, and of course whirled peas is what we all desire, given the challenges shoved down our throats, it’s not always possible or reasonable. I applaud Obama for his sensible approach to difficult military situations, his withdrawal from a senseless Iraq war and his handling of troops in Afghanistan. The cold hard facts are we have enemies who are not so enlightened, and I believe our President is dealing with them in the most prudent and self-preserving manner possible.

  19. Spenace the Menace says:

    I agree with Conner. And I think a lot of people here miss his point. As he says, “voting is necessary.” His point is that to solve the big problems we have, voting is not enough. People need to put effort into getting results on a daily basis and in many cases, politicians and the things they can and cannot accomplish are irrelevant.

  20. teeMDV says:

    PS – Conner Habib just lost my vote (and I’m a liberal Dem)

  21. ceem says:

    I think Conner has a right to his opinion. And Obama is definately not a saint. But saying those who voted for him are responisble for deaths and conflicts abroad is very stupid. It’s like saying every American is responisble for it. USA is a superpower and it has to protect it’s status, no matter who the president is. Of course it would be better if America abandoned it’s imperialism but that is unlikely in near future.

  22. sxg says:

    This is why big-mouthed hipsters should not be in porn. That and they’re only averagely hot.

  23. Mark Parry says:

    Some good points & some bad/wrong If I take out the extreme crap it kind of makes sense that we should be voting everyday so to speak not just every 4yrs. Governments should be scared of the people not the people scared of Governments.

  24. Trey says:

    I think Zach and many commenters may have missed Conners point. Not that you were wrong to vote for Obama, but regardless of your vote, the organizations behind it have much farther reaching consequences than the couple reasons you may have used to choose your vote for whoever you voted for. And there is alot more you can be doing than just voting. The gay community as with pretty much every community are becoming more self involved and selfish when there are alot of other concerns out there that we all could be doing alot better to help out with (including myself). And nobody can honestly say the electoral system, not just in the US, is a broken system that could use alot of reform. Billions were spent on this election, billions that could have been used much better for say education, or feeding hungry american children. And forget getting into the government to do your part to help out if your not rich. Obama was easily the better choice out of the two in my opinion. Considering the opposition he faces in the senate to get what he needs done, many government reps as well as Obama himself said he needed the publics help to get stuff done. God knows the right wing nut jobs are good at whipping people into a frenzy when they oppose necessary change, so there is more that we all could be doing to help make things better. I think that is Conner’s main point, is that we shouldn’t just vote and say, there I’ve done all that I can do, I’ve done my part forever, but that if we all get more involved then maybe we can inspire change and very slowly fix a broken electoral system.

  25. Jesse says:

    Ugh. I feel like he feels so proud of himself after every tweet he sends.

  26. watbetch says:

    Why is he talking?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Conner’s an attention-seeking narcissist. He is of reasonable intelligence, but nothing special. It’ll be fun watching him age and lose his sex appeal… He’ll realize (or probably not) that he really is just another unremarkable human among billions of others. I unfriended him on Facebook when he condescendingly dismissed gays seeking marriage equality as just average queens rallying around a banal cause, but he was ” glad they had something to cling to”. Whatever. Keep gazing at your own navel while stitching big words together, thinking you’re exceptional. Time will take care of that, queen.

  28. Hugh says:

    Awwww no. I really liked him when he did those sexpert vlogs, but this was just a smug mess. He went from nihilistic to impractically idealistic, with no buffer in between.
    I’d like to think that he was really high when he wrote this, yea…

    … Smoking the good shit on top of his really high pedestal, Conner Habib looks down at the plebes below. He’s wearing free trade hemp clothing, and listens to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ on an Iphone that no Chinese person suffered to make. He squints his eyes in judgement and comes to the conclusion that “Yes, I am better than you.”
    At that moment, Sarah Maclachlan stops petting the malnutritioned dog she just rescued. She looks out into the distance, sensing a disturbance. “There’s someone out there more morally pandering than I”, she says. She takes out her equally, virtuously-made Android phone and calls her agent. “Book a commercial shoot for tomorrow,” she says. “I need to make more of those dog commercials.” She hangs up and throws a challenging glare into the distance. “Your move Conner Habib…”

  29. SkittleFits says:

    With a last name like Habib, this certainly isn’t Kosher!

  30. Robert says:

    Well I like the way he is being so democratic with his values by takng big dicks
    up his ass and in his mouth.Show us all how to save the world your way.Your getting
    double penetrated will stop terrorism and torture Im sure of it

  31. Alex says:

    I’m sorry but Conner Habib lost my respect after his defense of Girth Brooks.

    Where was this rightous indignation when Conner had to keep his sexuality secret and listen to the homophobic comments of Girth Brooks’ father when he went to shooting with Girth and Berke Banks in Florida?

    Where was his sense of honesty and intergrity when he was waiting for them to caverject thier dicks?

    No he didn’t make a stand or even say after the fact is was mistake. He made excuses and bullshit explanations on “complex” human sexuality.

    He wants people to take a stand for what is right but he isn’t even willing to stand up to two gay4payers on a half assed porn shoot.

    It might not be the same as ignoring murder but it still shows a lack of principles with a whole lot less ambigious information.

  32. seaguy says:

    What a tool. So I guess he would rather have a war mongering GOP president who will do like Bush and send our soldiars and billions to some middle eastern country that the people hate us in? I am boycotting his videos from now on.

  33. Anonymous says:

    @alex: brilliantly said. Thank you.

  34. D says:

    His message is about the actions we take personally in our daily lives with regards to freedom. I don’t understand the correlation to Obama. It sounds like he has negative feelings about Obama, but Obama has nothing to do with his overall message. Get it together Conner.

  35. linda says:

    Obama may not be perfect, but there was simply no other choice this time around. It wasn’t so much about giving him a second term, but about keeping Romney/Ryan OUT of the White House!
    Good God! This country dodged a fucking bullet, people! It still gives me the horrors…thinking of the Tea Party getting to choose a couple of Supreme Court justices, who serve for life…
    I NEVER want to get that close again. The Handmaid’s Tale was a great book, but who wants to live it?

  36. Kyle says:

    His idiocracy makes him hideous. I won’t be buying a film with him in it EVER again.

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