Cliff Jensen Fucks, Then Pranks Steven Daigle


Aside from smoking weed, eating pizza, and watching cartoons, what else do porn stars do once they’ve finished their shoots for the day and are back in their hotel rooms?

Cliff Jensen and Steven Daigle spent the week shooting for Next Door, and here’s an oddly sized iPhone video (next time, turn the phone sideways while filming) of Cliff giving sleepy Steven the only kind of facial he doesn’t like (one that isn’t cum).


And here’s Cliff Jensen and Steven Daigle fighting some more, tickling each other, and fucking.

[NextDoorBuddies: Cliff Jensen Fucks Steven Daigle]

And speaking of tickling…I can’t.

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9 Responses to “Cliff Jensen Fucks, Then Pranks Steven Daigle”

  1. Cliff Jensen has spent almost the entire month of April in hysterics about “a smoking incident” that could take him out of commission for two years. THAT you ignore and this you write about? Oh, if only “hard news” was part of the buddyprofits network.

    • Zach says:

      I cover what is interesting (or at least mildly amusing) to me. Cliff Jensen’s tweets about violating probation (which I’ve seen) aren’t interesting to me.

  2. SweetBread says:

    So sick of Steve Daigle. Can’t he just go away for awhile?

  3. Chris Porter says:

    @Peter Honestly someones legal struggles with marijuana is not something that is interesting. C’mon that shit is boring. happens every day. @Sweetbreads Steven is actually a great guy and doesn’t deserve all the shit he gets, so if you don’t want to see him just turn off your computer ;).

  4. Raul says:


  5. TJ Johnson says:

    Steven Daigle punches like a girl…
    Although gay porn’s dabble into MMA is a hot concept, some of these boys should have spent a little more time practicing as to not look “ladies” when throwing a punch.

  6. Austin Wilde says:

    So wait, if you turn the phone sideways, it makes it not so “oddly sized”? Hm, my bad, I guess? Ya learn something new everyday. Next time I record porn stars in the wild, I’ll remember that. Thanks Zach!

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