Cheyenne Jackson Maybe Made a Jerkoff Vid


Is this a jerkoff video that Cheyenne Jackson recently made for his new young boyfriend while he was out of town? According to a Sword tipster and a glimpse of arm tattoo, it is!

Some of you may be familiar with Jackson, the Broadway hunk who rose to quick fame in the last decade, landing the lead in Xanadu, landing a recurring role on 30 Rock, and recently appearing in both Behind the Candelabra on HBO and a quick-to-close Broadway play about a fictional porn awards ceremony opposite Alicia Silverstone. You may also, if you’re keeping tabs, be aware that Jackson recently announced he was divorcing his partner of 13 years, Monte Lapka, whom he legally married in New York two years ago.

Recently, Jackson’s been seen out in gay L.A. with a shaved head, handlebar mustache, some new tattoos, and a new young boyfriend whom he reportedly was moving in with. We’re guessing that’s who Jackson made this for since it looks like he is, in fact, in New York right now. At the bottom right of the screen you can get a glimpse of the identifying, older tattoos on his inner forearm, but, alas, we can not date this video or confirm the identity of the masturbator. But we’d point the finger at the new, Millennial boyfriend, though, for sending the video to a friend’s phone, or otherwise letting it leak.

Without further preamble, here’s a clip of what *might* be Cheyenne Jackson jerking off. You’ll see he shows just half his face at the end and says, “Clearly, I need mah boyfriend here.”:

And some of you may already be familiar with Jackson’s ample, curvy cock, which leaked onto the internet airwaves about four years ago via what we believe was a homosexual social networking site. Look familiar?

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41 Responses to “Cheyenne Jackson Maybe Made a Jerkoff Vid”

  1. TonyLA says:

    Sorry Jack, that isn’t Cheyenne Jackson–in either the video or the photo-shopped pic.

  2. DD says:

    Is this post really questioning the identity when it’s clearly Cheyenne evidenced not by any tattoos but by his face looking directly in the camera at the end of the video and if you pause it just right you can see his ENTIRE face. I’m not sure why, besides the fact that I’m a big fan of his and even purchased his latest album I Am, Blue Skies, but this is upsetting and disappointing.

    • You bought that album, and you read this site on the regular in search of just this sort of thing, so I find both your music taste and disappointment kind of disappointing.

      • DD says:

        First, you don’t know what my disappointment stems from. Second, I do not check this site on the regular for sex tapes of Cheyenne Jackson but rather commentary and updates on actual porn. I like Cheyenne’s music and I’m not apologizing for that.

  3. Mattheq says:

    What a just terrible leaky looking cock. Blah.

  4. jj says:

    Nice jackoff video, but the face…clearly it’s not him. He has a much longer forehead and a different nose.

    • Real says:

      No that’s him. Same five o’clock shadow he’s had before the weird mustache, same eyebrow arch, same curved dick. The nose looks the same too. The forehead does look shorter but I think that’s because his head or the camera was tilted when he filmed this.

  5. stranded says:

    if it’s him, hot. If it’s not him, still hot. It’s not the most perfect of dicks, but, whether in fantasy or real life, a cute face means more.

    the face shot is really fast, and i can’t pause it clearly on whatever player it’s on. But the eyes are kind of identical.

  6. Mikey says:

    The arm tattoo doesn’t match Cheyenne’s. Do a comparison side by side.

  7. Anders says:

    .. what’s disturbing me more in this clip is seeing a hefty dark wart like growth on the person’s balls in this clip.. looks like it’s already been lanced before

  8. Anders says:

    pause at 00.44

  9. john says:

    That is Cheyenne Jackson. Sorry, that cock and video are about as sexy as a two day old tuna fish sandwich. ewwwww!

  10. milo says:

    lol, clearly it’s him. Look at the freckle pattern on his nose, then google some ultra hi-res pics of him on google, exactly the same.

    • TonyLA says:

      LOL, clearly it’s not him.

    • Judge Judy says:

      I agree that it it definitely Cheyenne. Compare the nose to this photo:

      And compare the markings at the top of his wrist at the 0:40 mark of the video to this photo:

      The Verdick: Guilty As Charged

  11. The same thing happened with Ben Affleck, also a jack off video, only half of his face was shown, and I bet Matt Damon was the camera man. As for Cheyenne Jackson, I don’t think it’ll hurt his career, we live in an age where Kim Kardashian shows EVERYTHING in a sex-tape and she gets a reality show, and a clothing line, and appears on billboard ads, now she’s mega-famous. The man in this video showed half his face, so I think this video will be forgotten about in a week or a month at the most.

  12. AJ says:

    It isn’t him. The tattoo they are using as reference is on the outside of his arm, not the inside where this guy’s tattoo is. The face at the end doesn’t look like him either.

  13. blizzaes22 says:

    It’s 1000% him, please stop saying it isn’t, there’s PLENTY more of them out there, he gets “messy” late at night…

  14. J says:

    Have you all lost your minds? It’s ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY him. This is the EXACT person in this picture:

  15. Thats totally him and it’s totally hot.

  16. blow_me says:

    .Is it just me or does this dude have a British accent? Cheyenne Jackson is American. Too bad we didn’t have some former lover of his come forward and say “I recognize that dick!”

  17. Succubus says:

    Omg! Indeed! It is a big wart on the shaft clearly visible right at the end of the video!! Ewww! Please for the sake of mankind, hv it removed immediately. It’s contagious!

  18. Anders says:

    Omg Lukes, you’re right! …the dark hefty wart Is on the shaft not his balls … why wouldn’t you get that seen to??

  19. Anusnymous says:

    Is there I way I could download that video? For future use?

  20. JDR says:

    Really! That is soooo NOT Cheyenne. Doesn’t even look like his face.. and Cheyenne does not sound like that either!

  21. Skip Intro says:

    Sarah McLachlan should sing a sad song about that dick.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Did now one notice the Wart on his cock at the 52 second mark?

    • Anders says:

      I did notice .. It has disturbed me actually as I was a Fan.. I agree now = Never meet your Idol … I went to see him in Xanadu .. his long legs, so sexy.. he wanted from memory to charge $25 US dollars for a pic with him for charity on the night I was there.. I was so into him.. He doesn’t look after himself .. that mega wart like growth is a complete turn off … One fan less

  23. AndreaZ1 says:

    while I watched the video I noticed a detail that caught my attention, the shape of the thumb of his hand.
    On the lower part of the nail there is a very evident half-moon.
    I made a comparison with another high-definition photos where you can clearly see his hands.

    based on this comparison, I’m 99% sure that the man in the video is CJ

  24. dumbnhung says:

    Yep its him


  25. JAKE says:


  26. BroadwayBaby2014 says:

    Soooo, to those who doubt, it’s HIM! To those who KNOW, whoa, our Chey Chey is pretty much being himself in PUBLIC. Those of us who enjoyed the All Shook Up after-parties know the drill. Taking my curtain call now, and by curtain call I mean party bottom Twister…

  27. Jimmy says:

    I actually met Cheyenne and got a picture of me and him putting his arm around me. He is very sweet and handsome, and a great singer. My friend said that I should have asked him.

  28. J says:

    Him. To the guy that said his voice was British… Just, no. The half of his face, the fingers, the fingernail, the curvature of his bottom lip and the flakes in the pupil of his eye. All of these point to him.

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