Can Gay Hookers Afford Ass Implants?

In the first episode of Hooker Stories 2, Jake Genesis pays to fuck the unbelievable and unreal ass of hooker JD Phoenix, the Coco of gay porn. I think this hooker has ass implants, but judge for yourself:

On second thought, at around $300 an hour, it doesn’t seem likely that an escort could afford ass implants. This can only mean one thing: JD Phoenix’s ass is real. It also means that my biggest mistake of 2013 (so far) is not including him on the Top 40 Best Asses list. I’m sorry, JD! At least you got to fuck Jake Genesis.

[Hooker Stories 2: Jake Genesis Fucks JD Phoenix]


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32 Responses to “Can Gay Hookers Afford Ass Implants?”

  1. observer says:

    I dunno if those are butt implants, but I sure know a well-worn hole when I see one! And good for him.

    • mr. Pam says:

      OMG… JD’s ass is totally real! (Our darling Zach is just stirring up trouble again.)

      I do all the photography and retouching for the NakedSword Originals productions and trust me, I don’t have the time or the skills to enlarge JD’s perfect ass. Its all in the camera angle. Shooting low = bigger ass.

      Disclaimer: JD had 2 small scratches on his left buttcheek from when I had him sitting on a chair before I took the ass shots, so I removed them in photoshop, but other than that…. this is all real kids! woohoo!

      Happy Humping & thanks for watching…
      mr. Pam
      Director, Hooker Stories 2

  2. ceem says:

    Is JD still dating that “girlfriend”?

  3. robotsmith says:

    No, that’s a real ass. 100% BEEF
    Ass, like breast implants, can be spotted a mile away.

  4. Tony says:

    I don’t think JD has implants. It might be a matter of photo re-touches

  5. JD Phoenix says:

    Hey Boys lol Check out my twitter. Little to no ass re-touches! @itsjustmeJD I have many home-made shots that I’ve tooken so check me out and BTW I loved working with Naked Sword, Mr. Pam and so lucky to get fucked by the amazing Jake Genesis! Muah Love you guys keep the comments coming Positive or Negative! Its great to know what I should work on or embrace!

  6. Derek says:

    Looks fake in some photos but real in others.

  7. fred says:

    it’s a splendid ass indeed and looks natural to me, why no kissing though, love this hooker theme a lot, coz once in a while i hire them too, is angelo marconi ‘up for sale’?

  8. LadyBoyBunny says:

    I really like Hooker Stories. It has some hot performers with some great scenes. My problem lies with how realistic these “clients” are. If you’re going to showcase clients/johns at least make it somewhat believable. Jake Genesis is NOT the typical guy buying escorts .

  9. Marty says:

    JD is HOT with a nice ass

    Jake… no comment

  10. sxg says:

    I think in some photos it has some slight retouch. But I can’t really tell unless he’s standing straight instead of bent over.

  11. Lein says:

    There was a photo from this scene that saw I another site. It showed the “hooker” standing and leaning against Jake… his ass didn’t look nearly as a plump and luscious as it does in these pics. But regardless, fake or not, it looks fantastic and worthy of a pounding. I’ll dl it.

  12. Eddie says:

    Doing the math: $300 per hour; 3 “johns ” per day = $900; working from Monday to Friday (*) = $4.500. He can earn $18.000 per month. So, yes he can afford an ass implant. or…
    … $300 per hour; 2 ” johns ” = $ 600; five days = 3.000; one month = $ 12.000. Aswer: Yes he can…
    (*) Or from Friday to Tuesday to get ” Friday night and Saturday night ”

    I think even whith one john per day and working only 5 days per week if the hooker know whow to save money it’s possible to pay for the surgery: $300 per day…$ 6000 per month.

    • Eddie says:

      BTW: It’s said that Simon Dexter had 8 or 9 clients per day when in L.A.
      I didn’t see scars in his buttcrack in the preview.

      • JD Phoenix says:

        There not scars. Just winking my hole…. ect. There are many other pics of my hole that u can judge from, Seancody, Men, Gayroom, Manroyale, Hothouse, Cockyboys, Falcon in the up in coming winter movie with Jack King!

  13. Wonderer says:

    Jake is hot but his ass is kind of flat…

  14. DD says:

    I have never heard of JD until this post but his ass is gold and I am now a fan!

  15. Chris says:

    The Roman nose, the bedroom eyes, and sweet baby jebus that ass, that ass, that ass. Saw this scene with Jake Genesis the first time today, and it is scorching hot. (Did I mention that ass?) Didn’t know Mr. Pam shot it, but the way it is shot is exceptional. Lots of good hole views, with Jake Genesis rimming and fucking. This boy JD…I just don’t have the words.

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