Brents Corrigan and Everett Reunite For New Year’s Eve Make-Out Session


Oh my God.

The last time I saw them this into each other, it was in 2004′s controversial Schoolboy Crush. Seven years later, gay porn’s most popular twunks came together for a New Year’s Eve club appearance at Splash in NYC. Other than the part where Brent Corrigan nearly decapitates a fan with a DVD, this is the hottest video of 2012, so far!

Judging by their body language, which of the Brents do you think was more “into it”?

Which Brent got paid more to appear: Corrigan or Everett?

Which Brent is the better dancer?


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14 Responses to “Brents Corrigan and Everett Reunite For New Year’s Eve Make-Out Session”

  1. Fred says:

    Brent Corrigan #1 from far to the 3 question. He is really into it; he knows how to move his body and having him in this event cost more because he is no longer on the porn business (but not really gar).
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mr. Corrigan!

  2. Wow, I was really drunk but you can see I was having a whole lot of fun! And I swear I’m not THAT flaming, I was just extremely animated :-P I joked with Steve that I had better get the Gay Mafia on this and have it extinguished because it was not going to reflect well on my part!

    Brent Everett was a bit nervous so I think I was trying too hard to get him to become comfortable. That part is very clear from watching the video. Although I will definitely say that by the two of us keeping a bit of “distance” this last few years we’ve been able to keep things pretty sexually charged when it’s the right time! We were definitely growing in our skivvies!

    I had a blast! So did Brent and Steve. That much is clear! You can see much more pictures of us posted to my @BrentCorrigan twitter feed as well as my Fanbook Page, including my Happy New Year Shout Out!

    Much Love,
    Brent Corrigan

  3. Adam Dunn says:

    Didn’t Corrigan stop doing porn to be taken seriously as an “actor”. Is that dream over now? Can we get more porn?

    • Don’t be dense. I quit doing porn but I didn’t die! I still do appearances (Gotta pay the bills, and they’re fun!) under the Brent Corrigan name.

      PS, Maybe Everett wasn’t into it but judging by what was happening downstairs “Big Brent” definitely was on board :-P.

      • Adam Dunn says:

        Sorry Brent, didn’t mean to be dense. You’re hot and I miss the porn is all. And I did notice your erection, that was good for me :)

        Is there not a perfect world where we could have Brent Corrigan the actor AND Brent Corrigan porn?

      • Brent Everett's Penis says:

        Viagra tbh

      • dazzer says:

        I missed out on ‘Brent Corrigan’ and only got to know via Sean Paul Lockhart. Please keep up the acting career, Mr Lockhart. You’ve got masses of potential and turned in a damn fine performance in Judas Kiss. As I first got to know you as an actor and then only made the connection to your porn star status afterwards (yeah, I know. I like porn but somehow I missed actually seing a ‘Brent Corrigan’ movie – I know, I’m dense – sorry), I’m sticking with my original impression that Sean Paul Lockhart is an exciting young actor who deserves a long and successful career.
        That said, please keep on – it fulfils some dirty old man fantasies {sigh}

  4. T-Bird says:

    Brent Corrigan seemed way more into showing the people a good time, more into the music and the performance.
    Everett did not seem to be into anything at all.

    • sxg says:

      Agreed personally I think it’s because he was not into being near B. Corrigan. As soon as the MC walked onto the stage he seemed to have gotten genuinely excited. Also it could be that he doesn’t really like to do these types of appearances, but I guess it’s kind of a necessity in order to keep your name alive out there. Love Brent Everett in videos, but here he did seem bored.

  5. Zach2 says:

    I’m going with Corrigan for all three.

  6. Falki says:

    Who is the hot guy hosting?

  7. Richard says:

    The club was just packed, too hot and I didn’t get a fleshjack. The guys were nice. The sex show between Steve and the husband Brent Everett was hot. It was ok. Just wish I was able to grab a fleshjack. Oh well.

    • sxg says:

      sex show??? you mean there was actual physical penetration??? I would have loved to see that! so, is did Steve bottom or were they both versatile?

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