Before He Moved To Greece, Chris Porter Fucked This Hot Man


He might have moved half way around the world, but he left us a surprise…

Before leaving earlier this week, Samuel Colt and Chris Porter filmed a few scenes here in the states (and don’t worry, they’ll still be filming for various companies in Europe) with Cocksure Men and Randy Blue, respectively, that will be out in the coming weeks. And here is one today, with Chris and muscle hunk Derek Atlas.

When I asked Chris if he thought Derek was straight or gay (only in gay porn would that kind of question be asked about a man who is fucking another man in the ass!), he told me, “He’s a really cool guy. I think he might be gay…I mean, the way he fucked me, I could tell he was really into it; he got really rough with me and I could tell he liked it. I loved it.”

Sounds gay enough to me.


[Randy Blue: Derek Atlas Fucks Chris Porter]

[Miss you Chris!!!!!!!!!]

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14 Responses to “Before He Moved To Greece, Chris Porter Fucked This Hot Man”

  1. sxg says:

    Derek claims he’s 100% bisexual, and I’m leaning towards believing that. He really does love sex with men, it clearly shows in his videos. Can’t wait to see this scene!

  2. Hal says:

    Derek is bi. “100% BI… I love to fuck men and women, shit preferably one of each at the same time.”

  3. Alex says:

    As the saying goes “Bi now…gay later.” Not that that is always true, but if a guy is a naturally leaning male oriented bisexual then he will eventually stick with men. I’m just glad he isn’t paying the tired old “I’m just sexual/ I don’t like labels” game. If you are truly bisexual then embrace it. Of course, the only thing worse is claiming to be bisexual, when you know you wound never date or be fucking a guy without some kind of monetary gain.

  4. Alex says:

    *wound= would

  5. DPS says:

    I see he added a few more (daddy didn’t love me enough) tattoos.

  6. Christine Marinoni says:

    I know everyone expects me to say this… but I don’t find this at all erotic. What a snooze.

  7. Tommy Breston says:

    omg. I’m gona miss him so much, Chris is the most perfekt porn celebrity ever in history. It’s not fare for him to leave. I know he will still make films over there, but not az many :( fuck any hatters that throw shade at Chris.

  8. Loki says:

    Wasn’t Derek Atlas the one that got fucked on

  9. T-Bird says:

    Always thought Chris was hot as fuck.. and I think sometime he will be back in movies. The same spotlight that and attention that they come to hate is the same one that lets them live they way they want, get them the guys etc.
    Even though I don’t think he ever said the word retirement, I personally think he will be back.

  10. SuperGay says:

    I’m not buying his (bisexual act) after I saw him fucking a woman in a str8-porn video run by a another G4per leeching off of gay men for money.Why do gay men have-to be so stupid when it come to these G4pers selling their lies Derek-Atlas is just another one of them in a interview he gave it was obvious why he stop doing str8-porn and turn to doing gay-porn.The way those bitches mis-treat their male-counter part the fact that they can make more money than the men their the one that get the fame.Derek-A knew were the money was being made for men in gay-porn not str8-porn so he change directions instead pretending he didn’t like the str8-porn experiences and beside it wasn’t making a enough money for him the only bad thing about it is he has all you guys fool end of story.

    • Asenath says:

      You know, that’s pretty much the dictionary definition of a bisexual – someone who is all about sex acts with people of both genders. Also, stop calling female porn performers ‘bitches’, please & thank you. Good night.

  11. jack says:

    What a great going away present!

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