Because His Wife Got Fat, Cliff Jensen Turns To Austin Wilde

They say if you’re new to bottoming (which Austin Wilde is, at least on camera!) you should find the biggest dick you can. Small ones, so I’m told, just make it feel like you’re being annoyingly needled with, well, a needle dick. So, good job in letting Cliff Jensen do the honors.

Off camera, Jensen and Wilde have been shamelessly flaunting a bit of a showmance lately by tweeting pics of them sleeping, cuddling, and playing basketball together. I don’t believe for a second that they’re a couple, but I’m willing to play along if it means they keep showing me pictures of their dicks.



And here’s the much-hyped Austin Wilde bottoming scene for the ridiculously titled but hot “I’m A Married Man” site.

[I'm A Married Man]

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18 Responses to “Because His Wife Got Fat, Cliff Jensen Turns To Austin Wilde”

  1. nhuixnhuix says:

    Just like Harry Louis’s bottoming scene for Lucas has been so annoyingly but wrongly hyped as his first bottoming scene, Austin Wylde has already bottomed twice on film before this scene – and that’s only the two that I know of. He sure as hell ain’t new at bottoming on camera.
    I think you should be able to call studios’ BS as well as you call the performers’.

    • Zach Sire says:

      Nowhere do I or Suite 703 say this is his “first” bottoming scene, because it’s not. Read more carefully.

      • nhuixnhuix says:

        No but that’s what “new to bottoming” seem to imply. Since I noticed the mistake with Harry Louis the other day, I thought it was worth mentioning. No problem!

        • Zach Sire says:

          There was no mistake made with regard to Harry Louis either.

          • nhuixnhuix says:

            I just checked again and there sure was. You call his scene in Trapped his “inaugural bottoming” scene which it wasn’t (you also say this is the first time you saw him bottoming which I guess is literally true). He had already bottomed for Kristen Bjorn’s website. Once again, not a criticism of you but of Lucas who has been selling the scene as his first which isn’t true. I am sure you genuinely think mispelling Austin’s porn name makes me ignorant (!) but I can read. Once again, not a criticism of you at all – but of the PR department of studios who keep doing this.

          • Zach Sire says:

            For me, it was his inaugural bottoming.

          • nhuixnhuix says:

            The mistake was made on other sites which is a clear sign the misconception was coming from Lucas. And maybe I misread you, but if you read the comments there you see that I am not the only one who interpreted your item that way – including our beloved Diesel Washington! I am a very faithful reader Zach and I love your writing. I can’t believe that with all the bile from so many commenters, it is my benign remark that would create a kerfuffle. I swear it wasn’t intended to be directed at you in any way. Sorry!

          • Zach Sire says:

            It’s OK.

    • Austin Wilde says:

      1) Spell my fucking name correctly. Thanks. 2) Nobody claimed this was my first, second or even third bottoming scene. It’s my 4th. My 4th in almost 3 years. Hence the reason it says “new to bottoming…on camera”. Any other uneducated speculations you’d like to make?

      • nhuixnhuix says:

        Well, first sorry for the mispelling of your porn name. And why are you getting mad? Where was I speculating anywhere? I said you had bottomed on camera before so it was hardly you were new at it. All true. There was no criticism of you anywhere. Surprised at how angry this makes you lol I for one am glad you are open to being versatile on camera. I just resent the way studios hype some scenes as the “First” when they are not, that’s all. And it seems suite703 didn’t in this case so there you go. This reaction was hardly warranted.

        • Alan says:

          Yes, Austin’s reaction is completely over the top – it’s kind of like an anonymous person writing into a porn blog objecting to the characterization of someone’s first bottoming experience when the blog said no such thing! The NERVE of some people…

          • nhuixnhuix says:

            Not to belabor the point but I was making a serious remark about the PR of some studios being misleading – nothing over-the-top. There was nothing emotional, angry or mean in my post! At worse, I was wrong – big whoop.
            This is just absurd. We are all anonymous commentors agreeing or objecting to things that have no importance!

          • Adelsauce says:

            This is a porn blog everyone…. Just enjoy the sex, mmmmkay?

  2. BigMack says:

    Who cares how many times Austin bottoms. He is kicking off his own site. The latest pic’s of Austin shows how hard he is working out and has the potential to be a giant in the industry top or bottom. I give him Kudo’s. Harry Louis has a fat dick, not the persona or muscles or attaction that Austin has. I just hope they let Austin cross over into more mainstream media outlets. He has the potential and brains to be a voice of the Gay Community in the future if he chooses. We need anybody but Michael Lucus and his ego of patting him self on the back all the time out on the front.

  3. lol says:

    two words: flaccid penis.

    • Showoff says:

      NO kidding. If you can’t stay hard when you’re bottoming, don’t be in video. Fucking is supposed to turn you ON not off. Soft bottoms always make me think they’re taking it but faking it. Lame.

  4. Moody says:

    i agree with showoff. i dont watch porn to see soft penis. at least tell your dick to fake it on screen so we can all enjoy ourselves.

  5. Spongey says:

    Pretend boyfriends or not, they sure look cute together. :D

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